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  1. Yep, based on the real thing. second ref
  2. Is there any sign of this coming back? it was the single most important checkbox in the whole game.
  3. Looks like an awesome list of updates, great work. ps: The download on steam is going to improve the player base a lot, good stuff on working towards that!!
  4. Well from my expierience of building huge cave systems, FOBs and just large missions being played with 30-40 players. Simple objects was the main reason it was possible, it's not now. Because I cant make everthing a simple object the fps is just way to low to enjoy the game. So this whole talk of it only affects objects that need it and it doesn't actually have a performance benefit is total bs. Went from +50 average to -30fps during ops now.
  5. Still doesn't work, I can always still add the objects into zeus. It's literally been removed for everything except vehicles.
  6. Means you have to name 1000's of objects instead of just clicking a checkbox or editing the mission.sqm
  7. 100% agree, I will never understand the reason for messing with such an amazing function. I have used it in every single mission I make and is probably the most important option out of everything. When people say it only applies to objects that "need" it obviously have never played on a mission with 40 other people travelling through an EDEN made cave system with nearly 1000 massive cave rocks or attacked a whole EDEN made oil facility or underground complex. Literally my unit cannot do these type of missions anymore all because of this one option being removed, it has forced us to deal with very bad fps compared to usual and forced us to calm down when making missions which just limits the whole mil-sim group from doing its usual events. There is no such thing as "only applies to objects that need it". Laws of War brought some cluster mines and vans but absolutely destroyed zeus with the new memory leak in the map screen and taken away all possibility to make objects simple, great!
  8. Hopefully they port the runway/road textures over, they were one of the best things in the pack. When a map didn't have an airport I just threw some airport textures over a flat area outside the perimeter. Add some buildings and there you have it.