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  1. Addaction with Condition

    What exactly is your question? Since, going by your code ( driver car1 == player ), you already know that you can add a condition directly. Ok, I won't be a smartass: car1 addAction["UNFLIP KART", "flipcar1.sqf", [], 7, true, true, "", "vectorUp car1 == [0,0,-1]"]; Btw it won't work since the vectorUp won't ever be [0,0,-1] but something like [0.002,-0.078,-0.94], so you should instead use vectorUp car1 select 2 < 0 . Why do you even attempt to write your own script (vectorUp in condition, not setVectorUp) when the first Google result soves it for you?
  2. Reviving dead ai

    I have it in my init.sqf file but honestly, if you don't even know how this works, you're better off not using it.
  3. Reviving dead ai

    I've made a zombie script where if your team mates get killed, they resurrect after a while (the script is normally more complicated with random chances of revival and such but I deleted that in this case): { _x addEventHandler ['HandleDamage', { params['_unit', '_selName', '_damage', '_source']; if (_damage > 0.99) then { _damage = 0.99; _unit setUnconscious true; }; _damage }]; _trg = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", getPos _x]; _trg setTriggerArea [0, 0, 0, false]; _trg setTriggerActivation ["NONE", "PRESENT", false]; call compile format [" _trg setTriggerStatements [""lifeState %1 == 'INCAPACITATED'"","" [] spawn { sleep 3; %1 removeAllEventHandlers 'HandleDamage'; sleep (15 + (random 10)); if (alive %1) then { %1 setDamage 0.4; [%1] execVM 'skull.sqf'; //my zombie script sleep (10 + (random 10)); %1 setUnconscious false; } }; deleteVehicle thisTrigger; "",""""]; ", _x call bis_fnc_objectVar]; } forEach ((units group player) - [player]); This will only work one time since you don't un-zombie someone but it's easy to make it repeatable by: removing the trigger deletion, removing the EH deletion and making the trigger repeatable. I'd say that this trigger solution is rather elegant as HandleDamage usually fires multiple times which complicates things but not in this case.
  4. I'd be surprised if _unit = {!isplayer _x} forEach crew _veh; worked as intended. If I understand it correctly from the wiki, it would return only the last AI unit. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/select, alternative syntax 5 should do what you want. Also, use just _unit, preferably renamed to _units, instead of (units _unit). Same thing with vehicle _veh, that's just nonsense.
  5. Add a sleep to the cleanup or use an event handler Reveal the infantry to the jets.
  6. Well, you can at least shrink the code and make it easier to manipulate by doing something like (untested): {(units _x) joinSilent _platoon1} count [_group1, _group2, _group3]; Something like this might work, too: but it would probably be significantly slower than the manual solution.
  7. When worst comes to worst, you can always attach such an object to some simulated object made invisible to circumvent this.
  8. I used @Larrow's amazing script (https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/178184-playsound3d-and-vanilla-sound-list/#comment-3103702) to extract some voice acting to use in my mission but when I try to play it, it plays at about 100x speed. What I have is: //description.ext class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {}; class test1 { name = "test1"; sound[] = {"@a3\dubbing_f_heli\mp_groundsupport\01_PlayerBriefing\mp_groundsupport_01_playerbriefing_BHQ_2.ogg", db+0, 1.0}; titles[] = {0,""}; }; }; //in mission player say3D "test1" Using playSound3D works like it should but then the sound doesn't follow the player. What's the problem with say3D?
  9. Thanks @Aebian, your script paired with BIS_fnc_unitPlay seems like the definitive solution (the sleep seems better left at 10 instead of 14 for me). Disabling AI works for me and if it didn't, then you could just place an invisible cone in front of the plane.
  10. Could we have the luxury of getting just the part you want examined with nice formatting (i.e. indents and all)? I suspect the brackets aren't correct from my few seconds of copying it to Notepad++ (I might be wrong).
  11. Arma 3 Ryan Zombies

    Sure, just find a location near you (many ways to do this, e.g. BIS_fnc_findSafePos), create the unit there and add it to an array (and repeat as many times as needed). Use the array to check the number of units in vicinity for further spawning through an infinite while {} do {} loop and to delete out of sight units to improve performance. That's all you need. You can make it even better by adding some chance for the zombies to make scary sounds on spawn to improve atmosphere.
  12. Lock is ignored but this should work: _vehicle allowCrewInImmobile true;
  13. Maybe the standard solution for uncooperative textures works? (i.e. https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/193518-cfgorbat-map-icon-texture-not-working/)
  14. Close the Aircraft Canopy

    No change with engines on/off. This definitely works. Using the first solution combined with _driver setAnimSpeedCoef 100 makes it nearly instant. It still produces the spool-down sound and closing animation but at least it works. Thanks. What I use: