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  1. Here is another topic that describes both Problems, as well as a new one I wasn't aware off regarding Server Client communications. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T72551
  2. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T83026 this is one of the more recent tickets. This issue is known for months though and is easy replicated. Same for the missing stop command for playsound3D. To my knowledge say never had a proper distance command for Sound, only camera Text distance and changing db in description.ext has no effect as well. The main issue we Mission Designers have is that we can't stop or Loop local soundeffects since deleting Sound sources that are using playsound 3d will start multiple times when created again and say-objects are heared over the whole Map.
  3. Since there is no response for a long time regarding this (in my opinion important) issue this is my try to get your attention bohemia: playSound3D can't be stopped say/3D has a range option but it is NOT working. So we have no way to play a sound with locality that can be stopped! please fix at least ONE of those commands! Thank you for reading, and for the community, I'm aware this is not the best way to communicate this but what can we do when the bugtracker gets ignored?!
  4. Using allplayers did the trick! i removed the unnecessary function (I understand now why it was wrong) and check only if the actual target is dead. Thanks for the help guys. I learned a lot from this regardless.
  5. the error explicitly stated undefined variable so I checked for isNil, which includes a contentcheck as well if I'm not mistaken?
  6. hm yes assigning a new unit as long as units from blufor that are players are alive is working fine, i'm concerned only about the situation when all players are dead and noone respawned. That is an unlikley scenario yet i would like to cover the probability. And my problem is when I'm alone on the server, die and respawn the function should "repick" me as new target since im the only one on the server right? yet as soon as _target is undefined once it won't be defined again. I'm using this function to assign new targets, which was working with two players on the server: fn_SelectRandomBlue = { _unit = objNull; _unitsArray = []; _actualtarget = objNull; { if ((side _x == west ) and (isPlayer _x)) then { _unitsArray = _unitsArray + [_x]; } ; }forEach allunits; _unit = _unitsArray call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _actualtarget = _unit; };//end function and this is the if statement to check if assigning a new target is necessary: if (!alive _actualtarget || isNil "_actualtarget") then { [] call fn_SelectRandomBlue; };
  7. Hi, I'm trying to write a script but can't solve this puzzle/problem: 1. At the start of the script I create a variable e.x. _target 2. I pick a random alive player, the script is working with _target beautifully 3. when all players died and they respawn the variable _target is undefined I try to catch that information with something similar to this: if (isNil "_target") then { _target = selectRandom playableUnits; }; Yet the variable remains undefined and I can't figure out why. If anyone wants to look at complete code I can send them a link. cheers, Daishi
  8. Since the latest update whenever I use respawnOnStart = 1; in the description.ext (respawn turned off on eden) and a player has to join in progress he won't finish loading in and is stuck about 90-95 % of the loading progress bar. Can someone confirm/debunk this?
  9. Hi guys, I really like your map and I was planing to create some more missions on it. It would be awesome to know if you make changes to adjust it to the1.60 update. bw Daishi
  10. TyrDaishi

    Number of Civs Killed > 5 end mission

    Since you count any civilian after initializing the mission it works in alive.
  11. Guys, I'm at a loss. I did the following: 1. Install server from steam (windows) 2. copy tadst into the folder 3. copied mods I want to run the server with from my arma3 client (so they should be 100 % identical) 4. copied the ace_server.pbo from opt to addons in ace 5. added userconfig/ace/serverconfig.hpp to server userconfig 6. changed mod order to what I believe to be correct mod loading order 7. started tadst, setup and run server 8. started client 1. Two instances of the server get started, I have no clue why 2. some mods show up red in the server addon box 3. I get disconnected immediatly after trying to connect Seems to work with loopback? Here are the client and server rpts if anyone wants to take a look: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3UwVAEkxk4TLTFJWHUwbWlxQ1U/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3UwVAEkxk4TWWdrUngtcU1MeVk/view?usp=sharing
  12. So this is what I came up with finally, seems to work like a charm. I even got the animations to work, problem is I would have to add EVERY animation a player can make and match it to a set of movements for the hostage, and I'm not willing to add hundreds of animations to make the hostagemovement look smooth. // Needed file: releasenew.sqf // place this in the init of the unit that is a hostage(called _HVT): _HVT addaction["<t color='#FF0000'>Move _HVT</t>","grabnew.sqf",nil,1,false,true,"","(_target distance _this <3)"]; //Author: TyrDaishi _HVT =_this select 0; _taker =_this select 1; _stance = 0; _lastStance = "UP"; if ((count (attachedObjects _taker))==0) then { //add hostage to _taker and add release _HVT attachto [_taker,[-0.3,0.5,0]]; _index=_taker addaction["Release _HVT","releasenew.sqf"]; while {alive _HVT && (count attachedObjects _taker >0) && (_HVT distance _taker <=4)} do { _HVT EnableAI "FSM"; _HVT disableAI "AUTO"; _HVT disableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _HVT enableAI "Move"; _HVT enableAI "Anim"; _HVT setbehaviour "Careless"; _HVT allowfleeing 0; _HVT setCombatMode "Blue"; //set unit stance according to _taker sleep 0.1; //hint Format["Stance:%1",_stance]; switch (stance _taker) do { case "STAND": {_stance = "UP";sleep 0.2;}; case "CROUCH": {_stance = "MIDDLE";sleep 0.2;}; case "PRONE": {_stance = "DOWN";sleep 0.2;}; case "UNDEFINED": {_stance = _lastStance;sleep 0.2;}; default {_stance = _lastStance;sleep 0.2;}; }; //_HVT setUnitPos _stance; [[_HVT,_stance],"setUnitPos",true,true] call BIS_fnc_MP; //check if player in and near vehicle, add _HVT to vehicle accordingly if (_taker != vehicle _taker) then { _HVT EnableAI "FSM"; detach _HVT; sleep 0.2; _HVT action ["getInCargo",vehicle _taker]; waitUntil{_taker == vehicle _taker && ((count attachedObjects _taker >0) || (count attachedObjects _taker == 0))}; [_HVT,"unassignVehicle",true,true] call BIS_fnc_MP; }; }; _taker removeaction _index; };
  13. You might want to try this: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/164617-extraction-example/Definatly the best script out there, you can order for evac over radio by simple call for it or combine it by poping some smoke nearby or ir strobe. You can control the area where the chopper lands, set some nice variables for the chopper including safe landing positions choosen by algorithm. If setup correctly, it works 100 % reliable for me. You can even choose different helicopters for different sides.
  14. Hi I have a few issues I need a fresh perspective with. My Problems are: 1. The hostage is only sometimes getting in the car, sometimes not. after trying a few times and releasing, taking it works for some reason I can't figure out. 2. The animations are going crazy because of attachto, I need to match the hostage animation with the animation of the player it is attached to. I have a vague Idea how to do this but if someone already did the input would be appreciated. 3. In a local server or dedicated server the Hostage is not matching the stance of the player it is attached to. If anyone wants to give it a try here is a .pbo to test: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3UwVAEkxk4TWUxqSEVnZ1Q1S2c/view?usp=sharing Here is my attempt so far: grabnew.sqf // Needed file: releasenew.sqf // place this in the init of the unit that is a hostage: this addaction["<t color='#FF0000'>Move HVT</t>","grabnew.sqf",nil,1,false,true,"","((_target distance _this)<2"]; _HVT=_this select 0; _taker=_this select 1; if ((count (attachedObjects _taker))==0) then { //add hostage to taker, add him to the players group. detach _HVT; _HVT attachto [_taker,[-0.3,0.5,0]]; _index=_taker addaction["Release HVT","releasenew.sqf"]; _HVT disableAI "FSM"; _HVT disableAI "AUTO"; _HVT disableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _HVT enableAI "Move"; _HVT enableAI "Anim"; _HVT setbehaviour "Careless"; _HVT allowfleeing 0; // [_HVT] joinsilent _taker; //copy player stance while {(count attachedObjects _taker >0)} do { //set unit stance according to _taker sleep 0.1; _stance=stance _taker; //hint Format["Stance:%1",_stance]; _unitpos="up"; if(_stance=="prone") then{ _unitpos="down"; }else{ if(_stance=="crouch") then{ _unitpos="middle"; }; }; _HVT setUnitPos _unitpos; }; _taker removeaction _index; }; //check if player in and near vehicle, add hvt to vehicle accordingly while {alive _HVT && _HVT distance _taker <=4} do { waituntil{vehicle _taker != _taker}; detach _HVT; _HVT assignAsCargo vehicle _taker; _HVT action ["getInCargo",vehicle _taker]; waituntil {vehicle _taker == _taker}; unassignVehicle _HVT; moveOut _HVT; if (true) exitWith {}; }; releasenew.sqf _Taker=_this select 0; _index=_this select 3; _id=_this select 2; _HVT =((attachedObjects _Taker) select 0); detach _HVT; _HVT enableAI "FSM"; _HVT enableAI "AUTO"; _HVT enableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _HVT enableAI "Move"; _HVT enableAI "Anim"; _HVT setbehaviour "Aware"; _HVT allowfleeing 1; //[_HVT] joinsilent grpNull; player removeaction _id; I'm not seeing the tree in the woods here. Tried for quite some time now. I tried to check locality aso. Still not working. Any ideas? bw Daishi
  15. TyrDaishi

    Extraction Example

    I'm trying this on the vietnam map, I can spawn the Helicopter but as soon as it spawned it is climbing where it spawns in and does nothing after that. I tried smoke and default behaviour. I changed the heli to a huey but that shouldn't change anything right? It seems that there is something wrong with updating the position or spawing the helipad? Edit: figured it out, high foliage and object heavy maps need to set way smaller distances in the rube function.