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  1. Weapon tests

    you should mention, that unlike Koth, the EUTW mission only saves your equipment and money for the currently running layout. so no saving money for later games. but also no tanks and jets when the mission starts.
  2. did i miss something? he asked which CPU (aka processor) he should get and you tell him which PSU he should get. on topic: Idk, how well Arma servers use cores, but in case, they do well... maybe a Ryzen Threadripper... maybe even a Ryzen R7 2700X. CPU clocks are pretty much the same as with the i7 7820X, but the TDP is lower.. in case servers need fast RAM, the i7 7820X should be the better choice. Ryzens (and Threadrippers) don't support Ram faster than 3600Mhz, while Intel gets up to 4600Mhz. but if the server does need more single core performance and fast Ram you will have to go for the i7 8700k. now it all depends on what Arma servers need... has any1 even tested this properly? i'm also quite interested in this, because i should get FTTH soon(ish). (only problem with that, is that i only get 1 dynamic IPv6 IP)
  3. the thing with cases is, that it's hard to tell what is good, just by looking at the specs. (maybe search at amazon and check the comments) i'd say, the case you have selected should work, unless you want to put a dvd/bd drive in it at some point. that case has no 5.25" bays, so you would have to use an external one. just from looking at the cheaper prices, this might also be something: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/bqxfrH/thermaltake-case-ca1b200m1wn00 oh and the PSU you selected... it's non-modular, so if you get a case with a window, you will probably see the not-needed cables. i'd suggest you get a fully modular one: "only" 550W (should be more than enough), but a bit cheaper than the one you have selected and fully modular: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/sMM323/evga-supernova-g3-550w-80-gold-certified-fully-modular-atx-power-supply-220-g3-0550 https://pcpartpicker.com/product/bkp323/seasonic-focus-plus-gold-550w-80-gold-certified-fully-modular-atx-power-supply-ssr-550fx or 650W and the same price, but at least semi-modular: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/qn7v6h/seasonic-focus-gold-650w-80-gold-certified-semi-modular-atx-power-supply-ssr-650fm Ram: this one should be as fast, but a few bucks cheaper: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/4n648d/gskill-tridentz-series-16gb-2-x-8gb-ddr4-3200-memory-f4-3200c16d-16gtzkw in case you find cheaper ram you and want to ensure compatibility with the MB. for the Asus Prime Z370-A you can use this list: http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/LGA1151/PRIME_Z370-A/PRIME_Z370-A_memory_QVL_report0118.pdf?_ga=2.83581846.1419162780.1524670961-96542582.1524670961 you can find similar lists for all mainboards, so in case you select a different one you might have to check again.
  4. @oldbear i knew that Ryzen 2000 series is a slightly optimized version of the initial Ryzen CPUs. But i thought i had read, that things like Precison Boost 2.0 worked only with the new chipsets. But i tried to look it up where i read it, and it seems like i misunderstood that passage. (if i understood it correctly this time :) ) So you are right, B350 should work just as fine.
  5. @GuthixAwesome what are you planning to use that PC for? mostly Arma3 or other games, maybe programs (video editing/encoding)? btw: what are you using now? would it be possible to reuse some parts (case, HDD, monitor)? my first thoughts: CPU: good CPU for a low price. it also has 4 cores/8 threads, so a good multithreading performance. RAM: as fast as it gets for this Mobo. Heck the Ram is even on the memory QVL for this board (often overseen) 16Gb would be better, but since you have a price limit, you should be fine. Mobo: nothing fancy, but should do the job CPU cooler: get a normal CPU cooler. you can filter for noise level. (+10dBa=2x the noise) you should find coolers with a lower noise level for half the price. SSD: you will fill up your 250Gb in no time. and you will have to keep some space for updates (steam is a female dog) so better go for 500gb+ i found the WD Blue SSDs had a good price. if you get a "cheaper" SSD you might want to go for the 2.5" version instead of a M2 version. speed is around the same, and you can keep the slot for an upgrade. PSU: better go for a 80+Titanium PSU. i saw at the site you used, that the "SeaSonic - FOCUS Plus Platinum 750W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply" costs only 17$ more, but it should save some energy (= less money and less heat). Monitor: cheap monitors, hard to find a good one. i would pick the "Dell - SE2417HG 23.6" ", because it's bigger, and i once had a Dell monitor, and i liked it. no idea how the quality is for that one, but i guess it's around the same as from the one you have selected. GPU: looks quite noisy, maybe look for one with 2 fans (but they cost at least like 30-40$ more). @oldbear i would agree, that a R5 2600X would be the better choice, but you should also get a mobo with a 400 series chipset, and those are only available as X470. so even if it's only +30$ for the CPU and you save the money for the cooler (if you even want that thing), you still pay around 50$ more. (i even have problems finding matching 8Gb kits of ram (3200Mhz) for the x470 mobo i selected) over the limit: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/6WRp8Y but it has everything i didn't like fixed
  6. General Discussion (dev branch)

    actually it should be in the game... maybe they broke it. @oukej wrote this a while ago here https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/200467-jets-sensor-overhaul-radars-irs-lazors-pgms/?do=findComment&comment=3262873
  7. Tanks DLC Feedback

    GBUs are lock on after launch (LOAL) now just use CCIP to drop them near the laser, and they will lock the laser when the get close this even allows to enable the laser a few sec before the impact, to minimize the chance of being spotted AP pieces the armor, you could even shoot soldiers behind an APC with APFSDS ammo. the trick is now, to actually hit the vital components of the enemy tanks FCS: aim at the target, press t (or whatever you have bound it to), don't move the turret, voilá, you have the range aim and track a moving target, press or hold t (not 100% sure) and keep tracking it if the target doesn't change it's direction aim and shoot, FCS should do the rest if you want to know more about this stuff, you might want to read the topics in the dev branch section here in the forums.
  8. General Discussion (dev branch)

    it worked. i just had to figure out, that it was actually diag_toggle. night not be clear on the images, but i've only found the ammo penetrator at the first impact. not exactly sure what the ammo name you need is, but i guess "Sh_120mm_HEAT_MP_T_Red" should work to find the correct one. but i guess they shouldn't bounce like
  9. General Discussion (dev branch)

    i've seen HEAT ricocheting (like 1/15 or 1/10) of the ground in VR environment, when i was trying to kill infantry with splash damage. i got one shell to create 4 explosions, but couldn't see if subammunitions were created. so, if disappearing on first impact is the desired behavior, it's not configured correctly.
  10. General Discussion (dev branch)

    since you already mentioned it... i was wondering if you have noticed if ricocheting HEAT shells are creating the penetrating jet, everytime they impact, or only at the first/last time. did you test it or observe something like this already?
  11. just some guesses: 1. maybe because there are functions in the Ram management, that try to keep some memory free, in case a different program needs some. if this is an actual thing, those functions might be non linear (maybe log, or sqrt) so with a significant increase of available memory, there is a relatively small increase of used memory. 2. maybe because of parallelization. so more chips (or ram bars) can provide the data faster.
  12. General Discussion (dev branch)

    the points uavs aim at when locked are stupid for many vehicles (especially stupid for some armored ones) ever tried lasing a Tigris from the side?
  13. Tanks - Vanguard MP Mode

    i think (not sure) i read somewhere that clearing your MPMissonsCache (C:\Users\*username\AppData\Local\Arma 3\MPMissionsCache\ folder can help... at least it should't hurt. maybe make a backup first if i had those problems i would contact Battleye. even if it's a server problem, they might be able to point to a soulution or at least help finding what's going wrong
  14. on the one hand, yes it shouldn't miss the target in the first place on the other hand. i think you are supposed to use the top-down attack mode in that situation. that makes it even possible to shoot from further away.
  15. Tanks - Vanguard MP Mode

    either i was to stupid to use it or it wasn't there: please add dynamic groups by default the mode can only benefit from this, as you could communicate without spamming the side chat or the need to be in the same vehicle/nearby. i played 2 rounds on indfor, and it was totally uncoordinated.