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  1. I guess you don't use ACE 3 because you can attach explosives to vehicles in it, also what kind of camera would be acceptable on late 60's early 70's helicopters??? Use 1st or 3rd person.
  2. Other than the floating stuff I have an issue with this map. I'm sure you've seen the patchy texturework on the ground, snow where snow isn't suppose to be. The cities have this rock all over the place that stands out from the dirt and looks terrible. Plus, some of the beaches have snow on them. The landscape looks great, I'd just wish the close-ups were cleaned up.
  3. The best part about all this older gen content is this also gives a group the ability to do ww2 missions. Great work, this is just really exciting to see a good mod get the attention it deserves.
  4. *sweats* Those guns are beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Very impressive work. TEST FASTER
  5. Bipoding up :/
  6. I can say already there is a stunning amount objects that can be placed in eden that are super helpful in the mod already. Other than that I wondered if you guys have seen the issues with the m72 and its speed. When fired at a target 100m it takes about 2 seconds to reach it. Have you guys reworked this issue in the bravo release?
  7. Considering the content you guys have in this mod, have you thought about putting out the gear and weapons in a standalone pack for communities that would enjoy them for mission making purposes?
  8. Yeah, i personally like the small little map. The weapons are actually really good. But the helmets look too big for arma, is it just me or are they too big? Kudos for putting in metro stuff though.
  9. Can't even wait, I might as well power nap until this comes out.
  10. Was wondering if there was going to be a PJ type MH-60 in the future for this. With the medical systems we have available no one has really touched on a Medical Evac chopper that fits in.
  11. Great Idea, but do you have any examples? Would love to know what type of things to expect from this.