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  1. Hello. Possible stupid question but here goes... I have mods installed via A3 Launcher so if I install A3Sync will A3Sync redownload them or can it find them from my HD? Cheers
  2. Hi All, I have a new PC and am in the process of installing mods. After I subscribed to a Mod in Steam, I see duplicate downloads in the launcher which has never happened before? Please take a look at the image for reference. https://imgur.com/sgtnekF Cheers
  3. al Hassan

    Duplicate Mods downloaded

    Wait! I "fixed" it! It was because I had the same folder as a "watched" folder so the laucher was auto included mods. Thanks for you time anyway mate. Cheers
  4. al Hassan

    Duplicate Mods downloaded

    Hmmm. It seems as if they are both in the same place. This is the 2 folders I get from open file location in launcher. https://imgur.com/kR33hYK Obviously I'm concerned if I have duplicate mods but I'm also wondering why this is happening. As I said this is a new pc that has never had Arma on. Cheers
  5. al Hassan

    Duplicate Mods downloaded

    Ah. I thought so. Why is that happening do you think as I really don't need copies of all my mods? When I try to delete the duplicates in the Launcher it just reloads them. Cheers
  6. al Hassan

    United States Air Force Mod (2019)

    Fantastic mods and huge thanks for the time and effort by the team. I was wondering, is anyone one else having issues locking on to GPS targets in the F22 and A10 as I am? I'm probably doing it wrong but am doing just as the tutorial says. Cheers
  7. al Hassan

    Kicked from Every Multiplayer Server

    I fixed it! It was the DAA.pbo key causing the problem. After I removed it...Great Success! I joined different servers. Thanks for your help. I found the error in the RPT file. Cheers!
  8. al Hassan

    Kicked from Every Multiplayer Server

    Hi Stanhope, Thanks for the response. Please see answers and RPT link below: Verified your local files YES Made sure your firewall doesn't block needed connections - TURNED FIREWALL OFF Made sure your antivirus isn't blocking certain needed things - TURNED AV OFF Reinstalled battleye - DONE Tried connecting to any of the official servers without mods - TRIED THIS https://pastebin.com/GYNgEMDn I'd really appreciate any assistance you can provide as I really miss playing online. Cheers
  9. al Hassan

    Kicked from Every Multiplayer Server

    Hi Bohemia, Rather than start a new thread, I'll just piggy back this one. Since the Tac Ops update, I cannot join any server. I just get the message "You have been kicked from the server" every single time. I tried every method listed above to no avail. I actually got frustrated and uninstalled the game but as I love it so much I downloaded the thing again today from Steam only to find the problem still exists. Is there anything I can do to get online again or am I to be doomed to SP only? HALP!
  10. al Hassan

    Ultra Simple Helicopter Request

    Does exactly what it says on the tin! Simple but amazing. Thanks. PS. On my laptop the "delete" key works as hot key.