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  1. First curious for my self, second want to create the theme for beginners to safe their time in finding the good.., the thing ) .
  2. Letting you drag bodies and ai. As shown on video working with units under remote control same as with players. 100% working in multiplayer. Can watch after 3:00. https://youtu.be/2ZryL4mE4C0 After the video added range limit, increased " Drop " action priority. v. 0.68 Download. v. 0.69 te. (te - tech (lower information)). Download. Changelog: Added animation for carrying to bodies. For carrying drag then switch stance up and hold " move front "|" move back ". Added ability to kill enemies by hands ( reveal enemy, come < 2.5 meters to it, use action, stay alive 0-2 seconds (according to F.P.S.) ) (compensating game's deficiency). If reexecuting script previous loop will be stopped. Fixed: player was forced to walk after dragging. v. 0.69 te. Added action to recruit units of sides passed in script for dragging. Drag action showing only in range. Core mistake fix. Do not place any attention on "script error"; Installing: File in mission folder, execute the file locally on all clients by \/ . (if need help: Insert in: init.sqf if(!isdedicated)then{[ [east,sideLogic,sideLogic], [west,independent,east] ]execVM"sa.sqf";}; or initplayerlocal.sqf: [ [east,sideLogic,sideLogic], [west,independent,sideLogic] ]execVM"sa.sqf"; the sides can be changed by wish 2-nd 3 - sides which's units to will be added action to drag (civilian side always `(mean bodies too)), 1-st 3 - same for | killing | , can use sidelogic for disabling the slot `'(and repeat same sides `(but 3 and 3 of them need to present)). or copy all from the file to the `|initplayerlocal.sqf|'s bottom (do not forget to uncomment parameters in |settings area|)). settings - inside the script: Forbid moving players. Disabling the ability to kill. The script can be executed midgame unlimited number of times, you can change it's settings or it self and reexecute onplay it will work perfect. Didn't tested in singleplayer, but should work. If leave control of unit didn't dropped carried entity it will stay carried (Working for fix it). In progress: Loading in vehicles. R3F logistic optimization (same instance working). Possible: Impact on fatigue (for work with normal fatigue of course `(use mods to get it)). Welcome any suggestions, work in progress. By request will make version without ability to move alive units. By request will make personally setted up version for better performance. Not perfect, but writed by us what mean it's light and small is possible. New version are a bit lower perfect (sorry, just we are busy now). Only one loop and 1 global variable (uncounting settings- +1 global variable), v. 0.68: + 3 global variables - it's all script. Do not leaving any actions, do not creating any instances (exact of 2 - the actions). Using global variables: aa ; stsea ; asidsea ; sta ; aa1 ; v.0.69 te. ea ; By Ilias and t.a.6.
  3. And one more problem: units have "random start at 2 markers, each marker have own trigger for the units presents, triggers triggering before units 'randomizing'.
  4. Few questions: When game executing content of entities's init fields? Acceptable by editor way to set "presents probability" for 'few' entities for if they'll be created then all. Is it possible to write trigger's name in "condition of presents" field? Appreciate any help.
  5. HI, not sure how "random patrol" is working.
  6. ) , tested, in one place something ununderstanded happening - objects and units - !isnull o1 + units have probability `, objects - 100%`, units creating, objects don't.
  7. Needed few times `|, like now - need to get trigger executing before the condition fields|`, or few times needed script executing before the init fields (better than name units and write scripts for them). ) yep Yeap. just thought it possible to synchronize them some how. (oh and what if unit with condition will 'be executed' before ) )
  8. Thanks but when 'init fields' executing related to each other Point is what they are checked before scripts executing so wanted to make trigger with condition for creating units. Like: if(floor random 3==0)then{true}else{false}; (trigger's condition field) and still: "Acceptable by editor way to set "presents probability" for 'few' entities for if they'll be created then all."
  9. I afraid "drongos artillery" do not working anymore.
  10. `'`` Mean objects, their positions and '"attributes"', cargo, .. porting to eden, but the mission itself reseting. (for: dynamical |, global campings, special gamemodes)
  11. Thank you, will try. Working, thanks.
  12. findDisplay 46 displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown",{ _st=true; if((_this select 1) == 35)then{ //ot=curatorSelected select 0 select 0; systemchat "t"; //_st=false; }; }]; Doesn't working in zeus, but if(!isnull finddisplay 46)then{true} == true; So, if someone could help i would appreciate.
  13. drongo69 Would like to offer help with work for improving, expanding the mod, contact me if you are interesting.
  14. Somewhere already is, but +1: Big deficiency of "arsenal" is unability to see | add all items in | to "containers", hope it will be fixed. Hope after "Apex" B.I. will look in ai commanding. Basically whats missing: 1|'never fire', 1|'fly height', 1|'"loiter" (flying)', 1|land, 'unit|s to new | other group', 'unit | group to your group', |1 for groups too|, Waypoint's types. Commanding system (Example (kind of): GAIA). Stopping game with moving it to eden (getting in the editor game stopped at the moment). Improve UAVs's cameras stabilizing, remove shaking, moving with UAV's movements.
  15. Yeah, interaction, sorry, `do not use "fries" modules
  16. Get |"Ghosthawk" with ai pilot| hovered above ground be in cargo and look in action menu. ``nothing more ```modules.
  17. Suggestions: "Mount" command isn't perfect, if would be some additional menu to choise vehicle in some enough radius or current radius would be 3 | 4.5 times bigger and group would get in closest vehicle would be much more useful (and i couldn't order blufor group enter empty |'scat's' sochor|). Would be nice to have ability to create new group with selected units in squad's interface.
  18. Some parked cars are locked when setting in module are opposite.
  19. I removed "smalarms" and "realisticnames" pbos, but in game: names still changed same as "small arms" characteristics.
  20. t.a.6

    Eden Feature Requests

    Didn't understood at start what you mean, but yeah, that would be useful.
  21. Items - Map , whiteboard with map of current island (Displaying current map what ever "island" it is) (its definitely possible).
  22. Mod with objects like M.R.E. s, watter, .. . ) , would like, not patient to learning modding and object''s creation. The point about adding vehoicle's "black box" item for rolleplaying. Standard "2S9 Sochor". But i rechecked, don't looks like it happening anymore, possible it was civilian's waypoints, and who are liked and repeated the post i guies have problem with that what artillery doesn't providing support (didn't tryed with mortars, but at my system that one does).
  23. ACE 3 have alot nice additions, sad what |alot of them|) isn't ai compatible, by the reason disabling explosive system now.