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  1. Hey there! Just started recently aswell, and I can help you, I guess. (If any of the following is wrong, please be gentle, I'm very new and figured all of that out by myself. Let me know and I'll correct it :) ) Steps to start: Go ahead and download ArmA 3 Tools on Steam: (Click me!) Create a new folder (I think it's best to name it all lower case and with no spaces) In that new folder create a new file named "config.cpp" In this you need a basic structure: I'd recommend adding your script as function (faster engine execution), as for the how; Click me (If that doesn't help, let me know and I'll help further) After that, you open the Addon Builder in ArmA3Tools. In the first line you put the path to the folder you created in Step 2. In the second line you put the Path to the folder you'll be uploading to the SteamWorkshop and the addons folder in there. (For example: "C:\\Path\to\this\@ModName\addons") As for the Checkboxes: The first is obvious. The second would sign your addon(optional, but recommended, if needed I'll post an explanation). The third will binarize the file which in turn makes the file smaller (You might need to add *.sqf files in the options) Then you can press "PACK". Now start your game and add this mod as local mod in the launcher (so add this folder: "C:\\Path\to\this\@ModName") Test if you can call your function and if it works as intended. If not: Check the steps, or post the error. If yes: Go into the @ModName folder and add a "mod.cpp". Haven't really read into that yet, but here's the documentation: Click Me Start the Publisher tool from Arma3Tools In the first line you put the Path to the mod folder ("C:\\Path\to\this\@ModName") The rest should be self explanatory, if not, let me know Publish the mod, and use it as other mods! That should be it, as stated before, I'm new aswell so please let me know if you spot any errors (@all reading this). For further questions, either post here or add me on Steam! -Dj P.S.: If you find any Spelling mistakes, you can keep them :P
  2. Hmm, this doesn't work for me. Did this change over time?
  3. Hello, I was making a custom Helicopter (A retexture of the Hummingbird) in my Mod, and wondered if I could configure the Heli to withstand rougher landings. In the Advanced Flight Model you can Land pretty hard, so I thought it must be doable in the config somewhere. I tried some different things: impactEffectSpeedLimit epeImpulseDamageCoef And making a custom RTDConfig (just upped "thresholdLoad") But nothing worked like we wanted. The "epeImpulseDamageCoef" however changes the vertical landing damage, but doesn't really affect the normal (not just coming down vertically) landings. Is there even a possibillity to change that? -Dj
  4. Hmm, I've been playing around with namespaces and just noticed JIP players do not get the missionNameSpace synced? How do I sync that?
  5. Not between server restarts, don't want to use a DB, or is the "profileNamespace" able to save things between game restarts(client)? That'd be pretty neat to save some other things...
  6. MrDj200

    Player Loaded into Game

    Thought about that aswell, however I never worked with dialogs and I'm Kinda scared of them :D. But I haven't checked them out in years, and I heard there are some tools nowadays, that make everything easy. Might try it. But still would be nice to have an implemented function for this..
  7. MrDj200

    Player Loaded into Game

    Hmm, my Intros are mostly starting in vehicles. So checking if the player is moving is a nogo (As the vehcle stands still UNTIL all players are loaded in..) The Cursor method could work, but do you even have a proper cursor when in no menus?
  8. MrDj200

    Player Loaded into Game

    Isn't it loaded before the loading screen ends? If not; how would I achieve this? :D
  9. MrDj200

    Player Loaded into Game

    I think I tried that one already. The state 10 is activated once the player clicked on Continue. The loading screen after that is ignored :/
  10. MrDj200

    Player Loaded into Game

    Hmm, was doing that aswell, but was really hoping to have some function or so. SOme people have really slow PC's.... :D Thanks for the reply!
  11. MrDj200

    Script based mod

    Hello, I'm in a similar situation rn. What do you mean with "use CfgMissions"? Does that mean I need to put my missions in the addon to get a script running? No way to run something in a mission not from me? Any help appreciated! -Dj
  12. MrDj200

    Player Loaded into Game

    I'd like to know this aswell and tried finishMissionInit, however it seems like it's not doing anything. And the loading screen family is for starting your own loading screen. Any other ideas? -Dj
  13. Hello, I need some help with this. I want to save a players position, loadout and maybe group when a player leaves the server. As we have some problems with people crashing or having IP resets or just needing to restart, this would be really neat. I looked at onPlayerDisonnected and the EH PlayerDisconnected, but I don't really know where to save the data, and how to get the position. Any help would be appreciated! -Dj
  14. Hello o7, I have a question: I have a script for my arma group where every player can send me a .png file that will be shown as their unit insignia. But I fear that, when I get more players in the group, the mission files will be pretty big as I'm currently having all the pictures and the script in the missions themselves. Now I got the Idea to make a little mod with all the common scripts and other files I use in my missions, that way the mission download at the start of the mission won't take ages. So now the Question(s): Does this even make sense, or is there a better way to achieve this? How would I do that? I hope someone can help me! -Dj
  15. MrDj200

    Key Frame Animation

    Hmm, I tried it now, however the Live view does not work. I can't see the animation in 3den but ingame it works fine. Any tips on that?