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  1. Brebera

    3den Enhanced

    Yea, thats my problem with it.. there is noticeable performace hit, if you got more than few thousand objects spawned.. plus - for people using Ares/Achilles (and IMO almost every community uses those) is pain in the ass having thousands of unnecessary objects added in Zeus interface, since Ares brings the "Add all objects in mission" option
  2. Brebera

    3den Enhanced

    Hi, I know that listening to all those requests: add this and add this please" but I got one rather .. reasonable request. Could you please add "SimpleObject" option to all objects, not only to those whitelisted by BI? That would be awesome.
  3. Well the problem I have with "Simple object" being removed is, that me and my milsim groups (just as tons of other players and groups) have addon called Ares - which allows Zeus to easily add some or all of the mission objects - even those placed in 3den and not being marked as editable (don't even know how to do that - even though I think a got at least decent experience with Arma scripting, but never needed that - thanks to Ares). I can understand why to you Simple object option may have occurred like unnecessary, but trust me - it is really necessary. For example - I've built huge FOB for my milsim group. In this particular FOB/mission, I have manually placed over 10k objects (most of the are H-Barriers, walls, trees, static props, roads, lights etc..), which is obviously huge FPS drawback since all those objects are simulated - not even mentioning the fact, that when Zeus adds all of those objects, then hen can go make himself a sandwich as well. So please please please... add this fucntion back as its one of the best 3den features for me (: Thanks
  4. I've created a Discord room, to make communication with us easier.. I'm almost always available on Discord, so feel free to discuss, ask, help or whatever you find relevant to talk about here.. https://discord.gg/VKByGMW
  5. So we created this github repository - https://github.com/tenondra/eods . My friend has already made some fixes to APOBS, so it no longer corrupts your mission while having spawned vanilla static HMG's.. you can try it, we will add / fix more, (in the future, I don't have any time for that during summer unfortunately).. feel free to contribute by reporting problems or creating a pull requests of your own fixes (I will always check them first).
  6. Since Katie has released this mod, aka EODS as Open Source, I was thinking about uploading it to GitHub where we, as community could try to fix it. (just like TFAR for example).
  7. Brebera

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    Any reason I don't get any occupied cities spawned? For some reason, after using CBA settings only it just doesnt spawn at all. EDIT: nvm, fixed it.
  8. you got to move that userconfig to userconfig folder in your game's root
  9. Brebera

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    In my opinion it should be up to every server admin, how many occupied locations are possible to spawn. I think our server could handle one big and two or three smaller locations, like it did in the old DCG.
  10. Any Idea when will the automatic transfer function be implemented?
  11. Brebera

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    Is it possible to customize number of enemy towns/villages spawned? And also the number of units spawned in each zone? I know it was possible in previous version via serverconfig.cpp, but its no longer in that userconfig.
  12. Any plans on Discord version of TFAR? I know it will be difficult, but afaik they already have something like 3D sound support and also moddable API. or not?
  13. Brebera

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    Hey, one more question - Does the CBA settings overwrite the serverconfig? Like village unit count etc..
  14. Brebera

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    Maybe someone will even be lucky enough to actually see it on AH.
  15. Brebera

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    Nice, looking forward to next version.