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  1. KappyTheLimey

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Hello, I understand that StalkerGB no longer has the UBACS uniform however, are their plans on working on a new uniform or a collaboration with MPX on the Virtus gear? It is a crying shame that we have all the additional kit for the British yet we still are missing the basic proper uniform. Kind Regards,
  2. KappyTheLimey

    Armed Forces:UK Virtus Body Armour

    Hello, Progress is looking great! I cannot wait to see the final release. I have linked two images related to the 4th Infantry Brigade Yorkshire Regiment TRF. The images are huge so some re-scaling is needed or if you prefer, could you list the dimensions of the absolute max a TRF can get to on your uniform? Cheers. Left Right
  3. KappyTheLimey

    Armed Forces:UK Virtus Body Armour

    General question, would you be adding TRFs to the uniform per request or have the file as an open source?
  4. KappyTheLimey

    Armed Forces:UK Virtus Body Armour

    I couldn't find a reference to a brush nor the placement of the equipment on the Virtus Vest but I believe some artistic input wouldn't do no harm considering finding EOD wearing Virtus online seems to be almost an impossible feat. Cheers for the quick response!
  5. KappyTheLimey

    Armed Forces:UK Virtus Body Armour

    Awesome job on the chest rigs so far! I have a small request, could you make a Vest with a few tools, such as pliers, screwdrivers and a brush for ATO? Along with the patch that ATO wear on the front? Cheers!