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  1. Yes all checked, other Modifications work and also i tested on diffrent missions
  2. Yes I done this, and it also working in Singleplayer but not in the multiplayer greetings Xorpane
  3. Hello together, im currently working on a new vehicle, but now i have a problem which i can´t solve. My vehicle appear correctly in the Editor, Arsenal and if you start a mission in the editor, also in this Zeus it appear, but it didnt appear in Zeus on a dedicated Server. With "appear" i mean not showing up in the Zeus list where you can select which unit/object you want to place. It is working if you spawn the vehicle on the server with the console, with "createVehicle" I hope that someone could help me Greetings Xorpane
  4. Dear People, im sad to say this but this Project is Closed I now received a answer by Frankymann and he is not give me the Permission to unbinarize the Model which i understand. So now I have to cancel the Project because I'm on a step where I can't do more. if you need more Information you can contact me privately. Thanks for your Feedback and all the Support. But this isn't the end, I'm currently working on many things to bring us Vehicles from the "Bundeswehr" to Arma3 Greetings Xorpane
  5. FlaRakSys Roland (FFR) Description: This is the FlaRakSys Roland (FFR) from the "Luftwaffe". More information in german : FlaRakSys Roland (FFR) Currently im working on this project until i get more permissions for my other projects Progress/Problems: - New textur for "Flecktarn" and "Tropentarn" (Currently: 0%) - Support for PIP (Currently: 50%) - Sounds (Currently: 50%) - Animations (Currently: 75%) - Lights (Currently: 0%) - Turret (Currently: 30%) - Driving Model (Currently: 25%) - Geometry Model (Currently: 0%) - Shadow Model (Currently: 0%) - Details in Model (Currently: 10%) Time plan: I don't have a schedule or a release date at the moment. Devs: - Xorpane Contact: @BIS Forum : privat message @ Xorpane TS3: Xorpane @ Credits: BIS - for the great game & the great mod compatibility. Cubus - 3D Model & Textur Media: Greetings Xorpane
  6. Hello together, first sry from me to you all that i didnt give a Response to you And now to my Projects: 1. Yes all the Projects are not closed and I'm working on them 2. Currently I have again to wait to get Permissions, so currently I can't work ok them 3. In Fact of that , that i can't do anything more currently on the Projects I freezed them and now i currently work on a new Project. For my new Project I have all Licenses and it will be made completely by myself ( Just the base 3D Model comes from someone else but I have the Permissions) This new Project will be the "flaraksys roland" I will open a new Thread this weekend with more Information for you until I have the needed Permissions for the other projects, i will work on the Roland Sry for the bad English Greetings Xorpane
  7. Hey, Yes this Project still lives, but still waiting for permissions to unbinarizing the p3ds Greetings Xorpane
  8. @FirstPanic Thanks, i will contact them on this way Because today there was another Clan stealing my testing Files of the TpZ Fuchs i directly removed all links to the tester because this guys shown me again, how bad some people of the arma community are. Greetings Xorpane
  9. Xorpane

    FlakPz Gepard [Arma2 Port]

    Hey, Yes the bullet output is at the moment Not perfect, But im working on it. Yes the engine sound is the same problem like in the TpZ Fuchs Greetings Xorpane
  10. Xorpane

    Mine Detector

    Great! Thanks! Im checking it today Greetings Xorpane
  11. First thanks for your Response, i asked in a Message, Frankyman for explicit permission to unbinarinzing that model, but at the moment i have to wait for his replay. My Problem with the Sound is that, the TpZ Fuchs has at the moment no PhysX model/support so he dont have "RPM" and without that i cant make the engine Sound right. All other Sounds like Crash/Weapon/Underground(Driving Surface) Sounds are already integrated and are functional but at the moment the TpZ Fuchs engine Sound is silent. Greetings Xorpane
  12. Xorpane

    FlakPz Gepard [Arma2 Port]

    Small Update (V 0.2): - Added Keys for this Mod Download-Server-1 (<-- currently Offine) Greetings Xorpane
  13. Xorpane

    FlakPz Gepard [Arma2 Port]

    Hello together, im now releasing the first version of the FlakPz Gepard Port from Arma2, it still has some Bugs(mainly with the Sounds) but im working on it. This is also an Project, where everyone who want, can work with, if you changed something please create a Pull Request on Github and i will try it to check it fast and merge it into the next Version. And here another thanks to Frankyman who allowed me to port his great Vehicle This mod requires BWA3 This mod is released under this License: License Downloads: Github (Mainly for Devs) Download-Server-1 (<-- currently Offine) Greetings Xorpane
  14. Dear Community, At the moment i stuck at a big Problem, Frankyman the maker of the TpZ Fuchs model dosent have anymore the orginal p3ds files, and currently i don´t get response, if he have the Orginal 3d Models, the problem is without the p3d file i can´t add "Engine Sounds" to the vehicle and Arma3 featuers like PiP. But i don´t want to crack(unbinarize) this p3d´s because its not allowed by BIS(i heard/saw this in the Internet) . So that mean for you and me, if no one other has a Idea for me to fix the Sound problem which is my main problem, i have to stop this project. Greetings Xorpane
  15. A small little update. I added a useraction for "folding up" the Waterprotectionshield and a useraction for "building up" the extra protection for the gunner. Here some screen´s: And there is also an new information: I plan now to add a " Radio Operation Center" version of the TpZ Fuchs, which will have a repeater that make your TFAR radio send and recive signals with a higher range. (--> The TpZ Fuchs will also work without TFAR but this special version will than missing) The Idea to this version of the TpZ Fuchs comes from Gameronkel & Dennis. Im currently searching someone who can design an Radiotransmitter model & animation, so if you want to help me in this problem, please write me a message or contact me on Teamspeak. Greetings Xorpane