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  1. madpat3

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    you mean i have to seek a radius of 4km, in order to find a hideout?! no hints getting closer like 3000m, 2000m, etc.?! wow, that's some hard stuff! ☠️ ace is good for us ☠️
  2. madpat3

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    and how about the intel for the hideouts? everytime i get new intel, a new marker is placed on map (!). but it is always 4000m.
  3. madpat3

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    well, this doesn't work, or maybe i did it wrong. nevertheless it works with ace, since there is an option to respawn players with equipment they had before dying. (issue closed 😉 question: is the civil-reputation-level stored, or do i have to define it everytime i restart the mission?
  4. madpat3

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    ok, initial spawn (when you first connect to the server) works with the "define_mod.sqf". but when i respawn it doesn't. i want to have certain "acre-radios" in inventory, so i wrote something like this in the "define_mod.sqf": private _radio = ["tf_anprc152", "ACRE_SEM52SL"] select (isClass(configFile >> "cfgPatches" >> "acre_main")); how do i get this into, so it also works with respawned players?
  5. madpat3

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    where can i set inventory of the players, on initial spawn and then on respawn, too?
  6. is this right? because the link on first page leads to a folder called 3.0
  7. madpat3

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    not that i knew of. only if a vehicle is locked up by module and the player is syncronized with it. then the player is automaticaly equipped with the key. and for the vehicle, you can only add spare wheels and spare tracks with the checkboxes in attributes. excellent! this works just fine! thank you for the help. (info: we need the car keys, because we play with Vcom and to prevent the ai from mounting vehicles, we lock them up. and we play with a fuel consumption script, so we need to watch our fuel level as well).
  8. madpat3

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    how about the cargo content. for i put this in the vehicle's init-line: this addItemCargoGlobal ["ACE_key_west",1]; ["Land_CanisterFuel_F", this] call ace_cargo_fnc_loadItem; but in won't be stored, either. i think i have to put it in the "respawn-script", but where and how?
  9. madpat3

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    is there a way to make a vehicle a "medical vehicle"? i did, but when it's wrecked and repaired again, it is no longer a medic vehicle.
  10. how can i change the skills of the ai (aiming, reload speed, etc.)?
  11. madpat3

    Panavia Tornado AWS

    some issues i found so far: -wso can't stabelize target's camera -pilot can't steer the plane with mouse while in pilot's camera. only with W,A,S,D or maybe joystick -weapon pylons for the middle section are mirrored in the wrong direction (should be top to bottom, not left to right) -weapon pylons can't be configured nor rearmed (only repaired/refueled) during mission. -weapon pylons should be capable of loading GBU 24 and GBU 54 as well -and the pylons could be made ace-compatible so you can configure them during mission via ace-interaction. (https://ace3mod.com/wiki/framework/pylons-framework.html)
  12. madpat3

    DUI - Squad Radar

    the thing is, you have to do the settings, while creating your mission (before loading it up onto the server). some settings can't be configured afterwards.
  13. so i tried to put the script version in a mission. it works now. but everytime i attack a vehicle an error massage appears, saying can't find sound xy. where do i put those soundfiles?
  14. madpat3

    EF-2000 Version 7x

    scalp-er has too less power. tested with csat varsuk tank. sometimes it took two of those missiles to destroy it. a missile that big, should always blast a tank to hell.