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  1. Modding and Tools | Eden Editor I would like an ability to save and create selections within Eden that can be saved on file, shared, exported and imported into missions via the Eden editor as Schematics. This would allow players to save their own creations such as Outposts, Camps, Bases, Bunkers, Buildings and Compounds, to place in other missions they make. This could also be improved with the ability to share these schematics with other players on the forums or workshops and lead to a creative and diverse sharing of creations within the Arma 3 community. Edit: This idea is based on the Zeus ability to place a group selection of "EMPTY" items in the form of roadblocks, fighting positions and FOBs. It would be much similar, only the process of creating such selections should be streamlined and not require any mods to save, share and add to missions. ~ Valtros
  2. Really looking forward to this project, I can't lie, I'm mostly hopeful for you guys' JLTV, even though that part of the project has undergone major setbacks. Looking good so far though!