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  1. Ability to glue the mask terrains is present? I lost the initial files of the island. And manually sticking files is very long and tedious. Other options are not found. Can you tell me how to glue the mask in one file? 8192x8192
  2. A huge request to make a step by step video lesson. How not to harmonize the mask is constantly some kind of error.
  3. 3ZUB


    The game ARMA 3 is outdated and not a prenes of such an atmosphere of the simulator. Our group came to the conclusion that it will not continue production of the island's mods. And we stop all actions. July 3, 2018. Very sorry!
  4. 3ZUB

    Arma 3 Tools Wont extract game data

    What's wrong with this bulldozer? The camera in (buldozer.exe or buldozer_x64.exe) does not move. Do not move at all. Help please
  5. 3ZUB

    Arma 3 Tools Wont extract game data

    Updating 1.82 is a horror for Arma 3 Tools. It did not work properly to get reinvented. And now (Extract Game Data) does not extract all the files. For example from the folder (Addons). Retrieves only all files from (Argo - Heli -Jets-Mark) how to fix it.
  6. Объединил все острова в один мод. Скоро я отправлю его в пар . Этот мод включает в себя острова: ОСТРОВ ТАТАВИН Остров Ухао CLA CLAFGHAN
  7. 3ZUB

    Chernarus Plus as DLC for ArmA3?

    And where it is written that you can not use the island of Chernarus Plus? Officially! And what are the consequences of using this island?
  8. 3ZUB

    Enhanced Movement

    How to set up the jump button (space bar).
  9. Excellent work on this masterpiece. But forgive to FPS from 120 to 25!
  10. The Ukrainian innovations in mechanical engineering. You don't manage to make model as new model already in production! To take only a 2016. = Булат - БТР-3Е1 - КрÐЗ-5233 - КрÐЗ-Спартан - Когуар - Козак-2 - Дозор-Б - БТР-3Е - Скиф - Оплот - Ðзовец. All equipment is developed and improved all for 2 years. I wait for this of mod too. I understand that in it not easy time is very heavy.
  11. 3ZUB

    Eden Objects

    I wanted to ask you . You can lay out a training mission with the scripts as you to use the camera. And animation for the bots , at the controls .
  12. 3ZUB


    мне Ñто нравитÑÑ [ru] :D I like it [en]
  13. Excellent work. So long I waited for this district. Also I hope that work on Orshanets is continued.