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  1. Heks

    OFP Addon request thread

    Anyone still has LIBMOD with it's Patches ?
  2. Heks

    OFP Addon request thread

    Does anyone have the old crouch leanup animation that was used in BINMOD_075 ?
  3. Heks

    Extended Effects

    Hey including mod configs for SLX Mod or Binmod ? the 2 mods are pretty good and enhances AI a lot too
  4. Heks

    Extended Effects

    Here are some more bugs i found : There's no walking / running grenade throw animation When jets passes by my character i get this error: ww4ext_cw_tx\ea\emer1.paa not found
  5. Heks

    Extended Effects

    Yeah but that option exist , and removing the voices for tanks can be a great addition for the "some" option
  6. Heks

    Extended Effects

    No the radio works for vehicles , just it needs to be disabled for faster AI response xD
  7. Heks

    Extended Effects

    Yes but the "some" file can have it too, like SLX Mod , it has radio voices for infantries , but in vehicules there's none for faster response and for the "engaging" you can hear the buffering like it's not disabled completely
  8. Heks

    Extended Effects

    The mod seems really good and fun, and AI reacts really quick just like playing PVP with players, some missions could get really hard with them even some simple ones, and the DSAI is just perfect. The gameplay was really smooth and the effects really respects the old engine but i want to point out some things that are some bugs and some that could enhance the mod a bit more. -I did like the white screen you get when you get hit but it could be better with some sound where you can't hear anything for some seconds ? like when a grenade hits you and you can't hear anymore and then later the sound gets back ,and only thing you could hear is the heartbeating ? -And how about adding reload animation while running + walking animations ? like Binmod's ? Or disabling the tank radio voice for faster response ? Here are the bugs or not really bugs that i'd like to point out: When my character is injured he keeps screaming injured voices without bleeding , not sure if it's intentional or not the "ENGAGING" radio voice is disabled, also not sure if it's intentional or not but all you can hear when someone pulls off the "ENGAGING" voice is the radio buffering , like the voice is not found at all. That's all i could get for now, i'll report something else if i find and i really loved the feature where when a tree falls it blocks the AIs view, really great mod!
  9. Heks

    Extended Effects

    Ah i didn't see your first comment , i only saw the second one you made xD But hey thanks for telling me that , now i got it working thanks
  10. Heks

    Extended Effects

    I just came across your new mod and logged in this new account just to be able to give you feedback and report any bugs Downloading now :) EDIT: i got the preprocessor failed on file resource.cpp - error 1 , i tried the -nomap thing but i still get it , do i need the ww4 mod or something ?
  11. I didn't mean any of this ^^ Try a mod called Binmod when an AT Soldier dies Their teammates take the AT without any orders It's a script or something in Binmod I would like to add it in the nomod OFP
  12. No i did not mean't that ^^ What i meant is i want to make AI manually take RPGs from dead bodies When you play tank missions , once you kill the RPG soldiers , the others stands still , this feature exists in Binmod if you have tried it.
  13. I'm wondering if there is a way to make AI take RPGs or AT4 from their dead teammates Because in tank missions once you kill the RPG soldiers All other AIs stand still they do nothing.
  14. Heks

    Binmod Release Thread

    Is there a way to make crosshair enabled in it ?
  15. Heks

    GL3 Addon + Vanilla OFP

    Yeah that one ^^ Because in SLX Mod the player is always tired of the running So it might be good if the GL3 addon was in vanilla ofp or maybe in another mod But not the whole mod with another mod or something ^^