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  1. batis4

    OFP Addon request thread

    Hi, I sent you a PM.
  2. batis4

    Cold War Enhanced

    Thanks for your post. Mod doesn't work with 1.96 right now. 1) Not at the moment. Three original OFP missions in this version are converted though. 2) Yeah. Magazine ammunition checking is still in through the caps lock menu, and you can check how many magazines you have in the Gear section in map. 3) There isn't a config like this. Vehicles are still vanilla though, except BRDM-2. Infantry and armament are optimized good, better than in for ex. Binmod. Performance is one of the things we've taken note off. Still, you got to sacrifice performance through some of the new features implemented. 4) In our opinion 3D sights are much better and a nice major feature we've added. Detailed 2D scopes have a problem with the lighting, too light, washed out white textures shine brightly in the dark. The original "black-cardboard-like" sights are better than detailed 2Ds IMO. We had those (detailed 2Ds) in our previous mod, Binmod and honestly, they weren't good at all. 5) There isn't much to configurate. If certain people don't remember to change these settings then that's their problem. This mod automatically modifies the UserInfo.cfg to adapt the correct aspect ratio for modern widescreens and such, but doesn't touch the advanced graphical configurations. 6) I'll add a video soon to the second post.
  3. batis4

    Cold War Enhanced

    The A.I? Yes.
  4. batis4

    Cold War Enhanced

    Thank you gents! @bennysouthst: All of your listed bugs/annoyances are noted, and we are aware of these. There are some new things you need to take note of when using Cold War Enhanced. We are slowly making guides to the wiki how to avoid these problems while playing the mod, and fixing these deficiencies. Luckily, almost all of these are fixable. I'll be answering to some of these for you in this post, my answers to you are in bold text: Thank you for replying!
  5. batis4

    Cold War Enhanced

    A "nostalgic" type of gameplay trailer for CWE: Visit CWE's Imgur picture gallery, with .webms (including sound) showing the mod in action!
  6. Cold War Enhanced 0.91 Beta - by SJ-Studios - Work in progress For Arma: Cold War Assault v. 1.99 and Operation Flashpoint Resistance v. 1.96 Information and download links at: cwemod.com This mod is still unfinished, and you may (read: probably will) encounter errors, missing features or resources while playing. Key features: Perfectly balanced A.I. behavior, the correlation between gameplay and realism noted well of (realistic engaging ranges, intelligent behavior etc.) The best 1985 infantry and armament throughout the years of OFP modding by the community replaced with the original ones Aligned 3D sights for all weapons (except scoped weapons) An external Dynamic Sound Engine (DSE) program to playback weapon sounds at different ranges properly, without performance loss, exceeding OFP engine limitations Perfected positional sound environment to create a unique atmosphere in the warzone (sonic cracks, echoes, death cries etc.) Bullet ballistic & behavior system (depending on events such as wind changes, bullet drop, material penetration, ricochets, bullet caliber, muzzle temperature etc.) Remade effects of different kinds (smoke generation, fire, explosions, blood etc.) to emphasize the mayhem that is war and many, many more…
  7. batis4

    Airborne Instant Action

    Thanks for providing a mission for OFP! They are sure getting scarcer nowadays. I tested the mission with our W.I.P. mod CWE and despite our mod's distant engagement ranges compared to vanilla it worked quite well, although the mission was really short, the ranges made it quite difficult, especially when trying to mow those tanks down. My bloody gun got seriously jammed in a crucial situation when a tank tried to hunt me in a cat and mouse situation down in the middle of the town and most of my squad dead. It was quite memorable. Please work on it and try to add more things to it and make things more interesting, like L.K. suggested. I'll rate it a 6.5/10! Cheers!
  8. batis4

    US Desert Marines

    Hey man, nice to see new contributors for the OFP scene and thanks for using Binmod! Best of luck on your mod.
  9. batis4

    Binmod Release Thread

    There shouldn't be any replacing of any files. The mod should show as a folder "Binmod" in your main Cold War Assault folder. Have you made a proper shortcut of the game? Create a shortcut of the fwatch.exe on your desktop, right-click on the shortcut, select Properties and in the end of the target line add: "-mod=Binmod -nomap" without the quotation marks.
  10. batis4

    Binmod Release Thread

    In the mod's "bin" folder, open file "Resource.cpp". After that, navigate to class RscUnitInfoSoldier > class ammo. Change all x, y, w values to zero (0). Click the spoiler tag for help to understand the outline for which to change. We aren't developing the mod anymore, so we aren't going to implement anything to it anymore. Ammo or gun info IMO in OFP is a must as it helps you to know which ammo type or weapon you are using. The space bar selection is kinda wonky. The vehicle position change indoors is a pretty good idea, although unpractical in gameplay terms. You would have to see about it yourself, feel free to do so. You can always disable 3rd person view from the game's settings. Alas, you can exploit it to see over & around things and whatnot, but when not exploiting it, it can really add a good dimension to gameplay as it helps to create bodily awareness when used correctly. Good luck if you plan to take an insight into modding!
  11. batis4

    Binmod Release Thread

    Yeah, sure thing. Oh yeah, also, importing other addons may not work correctly, most definitely will not work correctly, especially if the desired import addon uses its own scripts, as it probably will conflict with Binmod's scripts.
  12. Yeah. I would be most interested how well would the player movements be interpreted. Hopefully all goes well.
  13. Yes, you do that and I hope you succeed in it! OFP's movement solutions are maybe the first, maybe even the only things I would be concerned about; they are what prevents many mod ideas to be created. I have been very interested in a Thief-like mod since the beginning of the OFP modding scene, but that wouldn't work very well now would it? Anyhow, keep on doing what you do.
  14. I'm a fan of the System Shock series, preferring the first one to the 2nd, both being equally masterpieces from the legendary LGS. Not to talk about Thief, belongs in my top 10 games any day. The company truly was something great. What can be seen in the previous videos, especially in the latest one, you have made excellent progress with your project, and it looks really good! I especially love the sound environment atmosphere, please continue the style you have when you create the levels! It's fascinating to await and see how well you can transfer it to the Real Virtuality. Count me in as the very interested! Now, just to have as fluid mouse & character movement as in Dark Engine...
  15. batis4

    Binmod Release Thread

    Thanks guys, I updated the OP + added the links for you to download. Oh, and if anyone is curious about the CWE, just ask! I'll try to respond with more haste.