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  1. Hate

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    Can I run this with Dynasound and Enhanced Soundscape? Is that what I'm hearing?
  2. To YanYatCheng: It's a prototype, I'm sure the present layout of the airport with change in the coming weeks and months. Edit: Trust me, I'm a doctor.
  3. Sam Fisher on the prowl Aftermath of a skirmish outside Smolensk, 1943
  4. This should go well, they said. Everything will be fine, they said.
  5. Has anyone made custom animations for passengers standing up in vehicles? I'm trying to get a General Patton standing in his jeep thing going. Also, can we get a Guadacanal map now that we have Tanoan assets and IJA assets from FOW?
  6. And these are from IFA3lite Russian tanks on the move Fallschirmjager defending a road in Normandy, 1944 And of course, Snake. (not from IFAlite)
  7. After 200 days of non-Arma, I am back--these are from a mission I made on Tanoa.
  8. Iraqi police and Kurdish Peshmerga defend a police station against ISIS (Diyala/Iraqi-Syrian Conflict) An imprisoned ISIS squad leader ISIS dead
  9. Hate

    Terrain "Pecher"

    I'd love a functional sewer system on this map.
  10. Can we enter rooms and turn overhead lights on or off like in Splinter Cell yet? I haven't played Arma in two months.
  11. I DEMAND a Guadalcanal map using Tanoa assets.
  12. Additional randoms, and my last offerings to this thread for what may be months.
  13. Chernarus: (with RHS) I have no idea what's going on here: