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  1. Olympi

    SFP: Sturkö Island

    I like this map, always like when a map is real with 1:1 scale. Make me feel to be realy in combat. The new buildings are ok, make them lttle more durty, and make the window brakeable, that would be awesome :)
  2. Olympi

    Werthles' Headless Module

    Before getting an headache trying to make it works, is your module compatible with the MCC's Gaïa artificial intelligence ?
  3. Olympi

    AI discussion [Any Branch]

    As I cannot create a proper thread, I hope we can talk about AI in any branch and any Add-on in this thread. I have played arma for 6 months in Coop against AI and we played mission where AI is sometimes 10 times more than us. I began to Game Mastering and was desesperate by the AI level. So i thought let's try some AI mod, there descriptions seam promising... Here the results in videos. Country Side: Urban Warfare: I'm looking at the combat behaviour of the units and at the squad tactic, that why the tests are very minimal. Here my general observations for most of the AI mod: - Under fire, they lie on the ground and star firing, instead of fall back and take cover (it's like there life have no value, or fleeing is not one of there possibilities) - they're taking bad cover if any, like bush or road-sign (do they understand the differences ?) - stay in column or cut the fire line - there is no CQB formation, and so get a little lost in the city trying to respect there reverse-V default formation, and in combat get killed one by one. That make me sad, make me thing there is a issue in the Arma AI engine so no AI mod can change basic combat behaviour. I think the formation should be ordered by the squad leader instead of the waypoint, and he should make teams. With that AI can creates some tactics (like human do). For the tests results : Vanilla (balanced), bCombat (aggressive, covering each other), ASR AI 3 (stay still in country, but good in urban). The others : disqualified. Tests done with : CBA and the add-on, two Assault squads spawn with the mission editor, waypoint Move with default values, that it.