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  1. ViperAleks

    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    I have Installed Arma 2, Arma 2 OA, BAF via Steam on Windows 10 Pro. I cannot start BAF DLC with the error "You have no access rights to install the application". I am under Administrator account and have all permissions. What can I do to install BAF?
  2. In showcase scenario If I do not kill the spotter then mortar fire kills me instantly in 2 minutes. There is no way to escape from mortar fire just driving by zig-zaging. I cannot believe in such precise mortar fire in real life.
  3. ViperAleks

    MP and hosting broken

    Are there BattleEye problems? Have you tried to launch game with BattleEye disabled?
  4. ViperAleks

    VTOL handling after Jets DLC...?

    I have a problem to control VTOL vehicle in VTOL showcase mission. I can take off and speed it up. I can land VTOL and control it in the air when speed is below 200. After this speed I cannot control the vehicle very well. I cannot turn left and right. I try to turn by rolling left and right and pull joystick - almost no effect. Pedals do not work on high speed. It is extremely difficult to gather altitude - I pull joystick maximum on speed 500 but there is almost no effect. I cannot drop speed for VTOL airplane. After setting throttle to 0 I can fly few minutes without loosing the speed what makes it difficult to land. Are there any special tricks to control VTOL aircraft? I have no problem to control the planes and helicopters. I use CH Fightstick, CH Pedals, CH Throttle controllers.
  5. I also have this issue on my 4k monitor. But I recently played Prey game and had similar issues. Monitor does not turn off but game switches to desktop. Pressing Alt-Tab returns it back.
  6. ViperAleks

    Massive FPS Drops

    I assume it might be GPU drivers crash. Check this page from Substance Painter documentation and try to adjust TDR (Timeout Detection Recovery) in Windows Registry. https://support.allegorithmic.com/documentation/display/SPDOC/GPU+drivers+crash+with+long+computations The TDR is a Windows mechanism built to detect and recover from situations in which the computer can freeze and require reboot.
  7. I have found that Battleye doesn't like one of my programs running in background - ABBY Lingvo (dictionary). If I close this program or disable Battleye then Arma3 64 works fine. I am in contact with Battleye tech support now.
  8. I don't want any limitations for players until such limitations will be applied to AI characters.
  9. ViperAleks

    Blurry scope

    I think, if you disable Depth of Field in game video settings (where you have Motion Blur and Bloom) then you will get what you want. I am not sure though.
  10. My second computer stopped to launch 64bit game same as the first one (see my previous post). 32bit works fine. This computer has Windows 10 pro Creators update, latest Nvidia drivers. Update: I have found that Battleye causing problem on 64bit version start. If I disable Battleye then game starts fast. If I enable Battleye that it take 3-4 mins to start and sometimes game doesn't start at all. I don't know how to fix this issue.
  11. ViperAleks

    HDD bottleneck

    Spreading the game data files between couple of HDDs and using mklink command will definitely help you to increase data transfer performance for ARMA3 game. See my post here.
  12. I am also experiencing similar problem on one of the three PCs. The oldest PC stopped to launch game in 64bit mode after the latest update. When I launch the game using ARMA3 launcher I see only black screen. I have to terminate ARMA3 using Ctrl-Alt-Del and Task Manager. It worked fine right before the latest update. 32bit version works fine but launch time has been increased. That PC has Gforce 670 video card and Windows 7 pro. I have updated video drivers to the latest version but it didn't help.
  13. ViperAleks

    Graphical bug...

    If you have not had such problem before with your hardware then what you could do is to check your monitor video settings. Try to change video resolution. Try to reinstall video drivers.
  14. ViperAleks

    ArmA 3 Performance Tweaks and Settings Guide

    It is obvious that SSD drive is faster than HDD drive and it is better to have ARMA3 data files on SSD drive for fast loading objects and textures. But installing the whole ARMA3 game with mods on SSD will take a lot of drive space. There is a trick. I do not use SSD for ARM3A installation. I have Steam with all games installed on HDD drive. Then I move ARMA3 data files ( ARMA3\Addons and ARMA3\Expansion) to SSD drive into ARMA3_cache folder. After that I use windows command mklink to make a link from HDD drive\Steam\ARMA3\Addons to my SSD drive\ARMA3_cache\Addons with the moved ARMA3 files. Now I have all ARMA3 data files located on SSD drive for the fast read operations but game thinks that they are located on my HDD drive. When Steam updates data files they are actually updated on my SSD drive. Using this approach I can control myself how much data I want to locate on SSD drive rather than install the whole game to SSD drive. Example: mklink /d "h:\GAMES\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\Addons" "c:\Arma3_cache\Addons" H: - HDD C: - SSD
  15. ViperAleks

    ArmA 3 Performance Tweaks and Settings Guide

    Check monitor video settings which are accessed by the controls on monitor panel. For my 40" Philips monitor I had an option in video settings to eliminate or improve ghosting for the fast moving objects on the screen. The problem is that when I enabled this feature I had very bad motion blur with everything moving on the screen. Lucky me that I have found that I had to disable that feature to return back the monitor to working condition because I was already close to return it back. So, if you have a similar problem with all moving objects on the screen and not only for ARMA 3 then check your monitor settings. Update: I have checked the manual for this monitor. There is Trace Free feature in monitor Image settings (adjusts the response time of the monitor). Try to change this value (60 in manual).