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  1. Hello everyone, Is there a way to run a Dev Branch Dedicated Server? I use TADST to run the Stable Branch on a second computer(server) I have. Used steamcmd to have both Stable Branch and Dev Branch on the second computer(server) I would like to do some testing using the DEV Branch. Thank you, Monnie
  2. Hello Everone. My friends and I are getting 60-70FPS with VZone, ambient life, and life range set to max in the WLA Options/parameters. Is there a way to increase visibility: Overall to 5000m Objects to 2500m Thank you, Monnie
  3. Dwarden, Thank you for all the time and effort you put into trying to make Arma the best it can be. Running the TBB 4.4 allocator with SSE Running the arma3client_performance_150_132376_v7.exe YAAB is giving me 37.2(three run average) Default Ultra Setting 1080p(1920x1080) 4960x @ 4.5ghz TitanX@ Stock Thank you, Monnie
  4. MonnieRock

    Domination Redux by Champy and Tankbuster

    Tankbuster, Thank you for the quick reply. line 79 in the description.ext reads the value of 7. save in notepadd++, repacked with PBO manager, loaded file on the server. I even deleted co40_domination_redux.altis.pbo from c:\users\name\appdata\local\arma3\MPMissionsCache on the client machine. Still starts at 12:00hrs noon Thank you, Monnie Rock
  5. MonnieRock

    Domination Redux by Champy and Tankbuster

    Tankbuster, Thank you for all your hard work and attention to detail. I really appreciate it. I am using 1365 build and using PBO Manager to edit the description.ext to make it 07:00hrs. Save, repack, put that on my server(a second computer so friends and I can play), it is still showing 12:00hrs as a start. I tried changing some other parameters(team kill, AI level, etc) and those changes seem to stick and show up on the server. How do I get the mission to start at 07:00hrs? As far as the Artillery(I use it a lot) Laser Guided rounds work really well if you stay painted. Have they changed the Cluster Munitions? I do not run any mods. Only the DLC content from BIS Thank you, Monnie Rock