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  1. As a cold war vet, I'd like to say that missions like border skirmishes like the one in the Berlin 27th and 28th OCT 1961 would be cool. I'm not versed in mission creation. life has kept my busy with family recently as my wife had surgery and I nursed her to health Link: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2011/oct/24/berlin-crisis-standoff-checkpoint-charlie
  2. that's possible with a little longer reload time. I never really liked the TOW actually. After I got out of the Army, 1996, the Army came out sometime after with the javelin. no guide wires. If they could build a javelin into that launcher, it would probably do better. roughly the same size and less combersome. oh yeah there there's also more Cold War era vehicles. I'll list them since I don't see them in any mods M163 VADS M901 ITV the defunct vehicle that was pretty common M1064 Those were the ones I know of and saw personally due to my units TO&E. the Tow M901's were obsolete due to the TOW launchers on every M2 Bradley. @slatts feel free to hit me up man. I'm medically retired(retarded in military speak). I'd love to help where I can
  3. would it be feasible in an update to create an M2 Bradley IFV with a working TOW launcher? even if we have to use the same sight at the Bushmaster 25MM. talk about adding the correct edge to an otherwise beautiful vehicle. perhaps use the "F" key to toggle through the systems to the TOW and use the gun sight to acquire the target? As a former Ms Bradley crewman, I can say with 100% accuracy that, after shooting both TOW's, you have to turn your turret a bit and have someone through the troop hatch insert new rounds. dangerous but using a loader timing like the M1 Abrams main gun reloading could add some realistic aspects to the mission.
  4. M1 Abrams service date The M1 Abrams entered U.S. service in 1980, ultimately replacing the M60 tank.[15] The M1 remains the principal main battle tank of the United States Army and Marine Corps, and the armies of Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Australia and Iraq. so 1983 isn't beyond reason. *** My only issue with the M1's I've used is, they're too weak. I put 5 &-72's late 80's era and they wiped out my M1's in a matter of minutes despite their bad guys not losing any tanks.
  5. Some units had the M1A1ASA MBT's about 1985 or earlier. It was put into service in the early 1980's. on my base, we had 3/8 with M113A2's and listed 5/8 with M2 Bradley's. so you can get away with the mod "as is."
  6. I understand. I just want to help simplify things. But yeah OFP is your source data of course. Should you desire, 3rd Armor Division, 8th Infantry Division, 11th ACR and others in support. But I found a definitive website with History of units involved with the Fulda Gap mission. I was in at the tail end of the Cold war. I was with Charlie Company 3rd Battalion 8th Infantry Division(mechanized) from Jan 1989- Jul 1991. If you want to create a massive multiplayer and singleplayer missions for this event, here's the URL for the website Military History and it is pretty comprehensive about units and area involved. I visited there once in early 1989 and our sergeants took us there by German bus to see our "would be" fighting positions, mine was against a particular tree with a pretty damn good view of the entire area of battle, had it happened. Also, in Aug/Sept 1987, we traded in our M16A1's for the new M16A2's. So 1987 was surely a good point to tinker with ARMAments. We had the M1A1ASA Abrams MBT's and the best Soviet tank was the T72 and then T80's circa 1988/1989 and so on.
  7. Perhaps, if they continue to mod this, they could do according to time periods: Conflict 1985 (since they're busting their humps to make this) Conflict 1944- 1970 (then people can relive actual incidents, Checkpoint charlie, and other incidents) Conflict 1970-1990
  8. thank you, fellas, for the reply. I'm going to get to work on it.
  9. If you need some advice on the equipment of the time, tactics and such, hit me up. I have mechanized infantry skills and we always had a platoon of tanks (4) attached to us when we trained.
  10. I didn't see mention of this but, We in Europe had the M2 Bradley's during the 1980's.
  11. I rather enjoy the BI missions. so much so, sometimes I like thinking outside of the box and wonder, what if... what if I put a tank or two, here, here or there? could BI release the original mission files or make we users able to open the file, add/remove things and make derivatives of the missions? We'll add the code for our changes that we make.
  12. papa6

    Cold War MOD Idea

    I was hoping to spur some interest in the Fulda gap in a "what if" scenario. A "what if" the Soviets had attacked the gap? a full MP or even SP experience where one can experience the sheer, utter hell of what could have been a massive conflict. any of the original content from the original game. But create defilade positions and such. I'm not versed in the coding of missions. As such, anyone who does have experience, I could throw some advice since I ended up closing out the cold war with 8TH ID's C 3/8 INF Jan 1989 - Jul 1991 any takers. I'm using the cold war crisis pack part 3 with all the CUPS requirements. So I have the first 3 or 4 of the versions of the M1. A1, A2 and A3.
  13. I'm a cold war veteran of the 8th Infantry Division Mechanized. I have a mission if any modder has an inclination to create a Cold War mod of epic proportions hit me up at jacksonchris1968@aol.com and put as the title of your email "mod idea". I was part of a mission of such immense proportions, had it actually happened, the battle was going to be tremendous. a couple of units in the mission were 11th ACR (Armored Cav regiment) and 8th ID Mechanized. let me know. hope to hear from someone soon. -Papa6
  14. Thanks. check back every so often. This is a campaign in progress
  15. I'm in the midst of creating a SP/MP campaign and my next issue is, is there a resource to adding the screen to show the objectives of the mission?