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    Flying Saucer (Reichsflugscheibe)

    Hello, thanks for all the responses! Originally this was intended to be just a "for the lols" weekend project. But I quite like the freedom and wackiness that I have with this here. Also I welcome the positive response for something that silly in a community normally so serious. :) So here's my plan: Make it work with Zeus. No excuse why it shouldn't. Fix the tracer rounds of the gun to be better visible. Possibly more death-ray-ish. I have some ideas here and there. Change the flight model to the floaty-spectator-camera thingy. Make the second texture also available through setObjectTexture Make the saucer AI attack soldiers and aircraft as well. Then Proper scary aliens wearing steel helmets. Maybe with funky space-guns that shoot swastikas or cans of sauerkraut. If you have more suggestions on what to build, let me know. The wackier and weirder the better. And 50s space is my goal. I want this stuff to be non-serious to make up for all the bad symbols and bad taste. :)
  2. Flying Saucer Time to get a much needed hookup with Nazi aliens: It spins, has Third Reich military signs on it and shoots from a big energy cannon. :) My serving suggestion: Sneak this addon into your group's addon repository Have them synch the addon without them knowing Create a regular mission Use the flying saucer as boss-enemy to everyone's surprise Album, check it out for more images: http://imgur.com/a/XcpFf (Warning, contains swastikas) Features Spinning aircraft with powerful energy beam cannon Supports custom skins (template texture included) New custom sounds for cannon and aircraft Two crew seats: Pilot and gunner Articulated automatic landing gear Find it under CSAT > Air > Flying Disk Server sign file + key Cheesy over-the-top cockpit with spinning swastika and flat iron Download (79MB) Google Drive Download