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  1. @lennard Thanks for fixing the issue. Still some issues with helmets and weapons, but I am sure that you are aware of that problem. Will contact you on another page, we managed to solve our server problems for the most part :) Merry Christmas!
  2. Omg, I just had some sort of nergasm! Btw, make sure to make the weapons able to take scopes. The German armed forces used a variety for most of their weapons, including MG34/42, Stg44, GW43 etc. Yes, I am knowledgable, and have studied the subject for more than 30 years. I would not hesitate to be help out when it comes to statistics, historical references or other academic qualifications when it comes to historical insight and education. I have studied history at the University of Lund (variations, including economical and military history etc.). I also come from a family with a long and strong German military background. However, I do live (and was borne) in Sweden. I have acess to a vast bulk of historical litterature and other references.
  3. @lennard Hey man, sorry to be a pain in the ass, but as mentioned before, keys are still not matching.
  4. The keys dont match with IFA as for now, so we cant update our server. Could you please look in to this.
  5. von Winter

    Flying Saucer (Reichsflugscheibe)

    NM, I just realised that this is to be implemented in your own mod, not server/client side mods for players.
  6. von Winter

    Flying Saucer (Reichsflugscheibe)

    I wish we could have a version of this without the Swastika, so they would allow it on the A3Launcher ^^
  7. von Winter

    Memory could not read...

    I got this error yesterday, after a crash to desktop. No matter what we have tried, still the same issue persists. We have tried everything, even reinstalling windows. Same issue. ​"Out of memory..."