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  1. Hello eaglke, you could fix the handling of the tanks, when I say "fix" I mean the speed, handling, when they change direction, and especially when AI uses them, she can't walk 10m without 5 turns around herself Beautiful mod, i love ww1.
  2. lsk323941

    A3 AI use melee?

    Hello guys, I wish some of you could help me with my quest which is: how to make AI attack at close range, example: I want to make a common AI attack at close range with melee mods.
  3. lsk323941

    How to force AI to holster weapons?

    Hello friend, how do you do AI puts the rifle on his back without it disappearing?
  4. lsk323941

    Black Powder

    Are you still working on it?
  5. lsk323941

    [WIP] Mons 1914 Terrain

    why cant I download the mod?
  6. to use your mod along with Vcom?
  7. Are you going to upgrade the uniforms? Or will you leave them as they are?
  8. lsk323941

    [WIP] Greatcoat WW2

    Hey friend, will you release the mod for download?
  9. Wow, thanks a lot for the answer, I'm really looking forward to it !!!!
  10. This has already been released ???
  11. This mod "Forgotten Fronts: Weltkrieg Retexture Pack" is your forum here
  12. it would be nice to add wood textures, for example leaving the arch more rustic
  13. ok friend I'm just asking this because he has been "adding stuff" for 3 years and nothing even a test for the community. Because of this I ask you a question, can you hope that this mod will be out this year?
  14. do you would realize an test version?
  15. lsk323941

    Max Melee Weapons

    First of all sorry for my English, I'm using "google translator", could you teach me how to do AI attack closely with melee weapons. when I put AI of melee they stay beating long distance
  16. hello buddy, I'm desperately looking for some way to make AI attack closely. Did you get to find the way?