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  1. Asaayu's Custom Cover Asaayu's Custom Cover is a mod that allows player to create personalized cover with a predefined list of models that can be placed by players while in a mission. This mod uses 'credits' which are gained / lost through the creation and deconstruction of objects stopping players from creating an immense amount of objects. This mod also creates object as simple objects to allow alot of objects without a large effect on server and player performance. Server admins and mission creators can add the following to their description.ext to customize the items and credit amounts for their mission. Each line includes a comment explaining the use case of that variable. class CfgCustomCover { startCredits = 15; //== Number of credits per player when they join the mission items[] = {{"Land_BagFence_End_F",1},{"Land_BagFence_Corner_F",2},{"Land_BagFence_Long_F",4},{"Land_BagFence_Round_F",4},{"Land_BagFence_Short_F",2},{"Land_BagFence_01_end_green_F",1},{"Land_BagFence_01_corner_green_F",2},{"Land_BagFence_01_long_green_F",4},{"Land_BagFence_01_round_green_F",4},{"Land_BagFence_01_short_green_F",2},{"Land_SandbagBarricade_01_half_F",5},{"Land_SandbagBarricade_01_F",10},{"Land_SandbagBarricade_01_hole_F",9},{"Land_Plank_01_4m_F",1}}; //== Use an array with the item & the credit cost eg. {"item_className",3} allowPlacedItemPickup = 1; //== 1- Any object placed in the mission and is in the list can be collected for credits //== 0 - Only player placed items can be collected for credits }; More info about the mod an to contact me have a look at the Steam Workshop item. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1618663060 Please let me know if you have any suggestions or have found a bug.
  2. @poweredbypot The script does not remove items placed by players when they disconnect. JIP should be able to tear down objects previously placed. The script uses the variable "customCover_credits", you can add/remove from that number to change the number of credits for each player.
  3. Funnily enough there are also items in the virtual arsenal that are labeled as being vanilla when they are from a DLC, they even show adverts when worn.
  4. Asaayu


    I've noticed when playing on a locally hosted server the average number of sqf scripts running is between 360-415ish. When investigating further there appears to be a lot of "BIS_fnc_WLSectorsSetup" and "BIS_fnc_WLSectorsCommonInit" functions running. Is this considered normal for Warlords as it seems like an excessive amount of scripts? Here's a pastebin of the active scripts returned: https://pastebin.com/DKCkPppA I'm also getting a lot of RPT spam with "soldier[XXX]:Some of magazines weren't stored in soldier Vest or Uniform?" This is mainly happening for units with the Independent prefix aka. I_Soldier_AR_F, I_Soldier_AA_F, I_Soldier_GL_F etc. There is also the following spammed when starting the mission. "Inventory item with given name: [XXX] not found" and it appears to go through every gun available in the game including guns with attachments. Finally I'm getting the following "mission.sqm/Mission/Entities/XXXXXX/Entities/Item3.type: Unknown enum value SeekAndDestroy" when starting. XXXXX rising from item 315-483.
  5. This mod adds announcer audio for the following languages, CZECH, ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, ITALIAN, KOREAN, RUSSIAN, SPANISH & TURKISH. This mod will automatically work once enabled in the launcher and will work on all servers with the correct key installed! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1576121350 If you encounter any errors in translation or audio please contact me ASAP (The key can be found in the workshop files)
  6. Show off your skills with Miller, Kerry and James in this original remake of the 2017 April Fools SwitchMove DLC! Based off the 2017 April Fools reveal . This mission brings the enjoyment of Just Dance & Guitar Hero to Arma 3. Originally based off the April Fools reveal this mission contains 35 different songs for players to enjoy. Challenge your friends to get 5 stars and share your progress with me and other players through integrated twitter sharing. This mission contains over 1 hour and 36 minutes of music to play along with. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1551815726 Can't wait to see some high scores. If you encounter any issues please let me know on the Steam Workshop
  7. Asaayu

    Arma 3 SwitchMove DLC

    This mission has had multiple updates since release. Main updates include: Players can now use custom keys through an option in the settings menu. Players can use the Arrow keys or WASD and an option in the settings to show the arrow keys rather than WASD. These updates are from suggestions from players. If you have a suggestion feel free to let me know.
  8. Thanks for the info, I've edited the script to move the main functions from the while loops to functions defined outside the wh. Hopefully, this fixes the issue. I can't say that I saw this issue when testing but hopefully, it won't happen anyway. If you have any more info on stuff I may not be aware of please let me know.
  9. I've just released a simple addon that creates a more immersive experience for players playing on snowy terrain. This mod creates breath vapour, character coughing, snowfall and wind particles around the player allowing the player to feel like actually in the terrain rather than Arma's default system. This mod is completely local, therefore it is an optional mod that servers can add and not every player has to use this mod. (Server key is provided in the download) If you find any issues or have suggestions to help increase the 'Immersed Weather' family let me know! Steam workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1512053438
  10. The main reason for the mod was to allow players to use it optionally especially those with not the best of computers, but having it as a script will make it set & forget. Anyway, I've made it into a script that can be added to the mission file. It's pretty self-explanatory hopefully. Github: https://github.com/Asaayu/Immersed-Weather Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1516153601
  11. If there are people who would like this in a script I can quickly whip one up.
  12. "Capture the Flag | Kavala" is a different take on the popular CTF game mode, 3 teams (BLUFOR, OPFOR & INDEPENDENT) fight to capture a flag before time runs out! This mission is different to other capture the flag missions, in this mission, there is only one flag. All 3 teams must try to secure the most flags to either reach the score limit or time limit! This mission is best played with friends, work together and secure your victory, but there's a catch. If there is a tie between the teams when the time reaches 0 then the game moves into OVERTIME! During OVERTIME if 2 teams are ahead, OVERTIME allows the third team to have the ability to catch up to the tie. The first team to get a flag that makes their score the highest during OVERTIME will win the game. This mission allows the user to customize the score limit(1 Point - Unlimited), and time limit (1Min - 6 Hours) allowing the game to last for up to 6 hours! This mission also includes custom UI build specifically for this mission shown in the gif above. At the moment I have tested this mission and haven't found any bugs if you do happen to find any let me know and I will try to fix them ASAP. Thanks for checking out my mission and I hope you do enjoy! Steam Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1320168087 Author's Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/asaayu