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  1. Donald Flatulence

    AI execute players all time

    Thanks stanhope, looks like BI were ahead of us on this one!
  2. Donald Flatulence

    AI execute players all time

    Had a look and the behaviour is the same for me, maybe chalk it up to battle adrenaline and hope BI also notice it...
  3. Donald Flatulence

    AI execute players all time

    What's the mission you are playing in multiplayer? I can't imagine why this happened but fixing it should be possible by editing the mission's revive scripts, unless it's the built in revive system.
  4. Donald Flatulence

    Reinforcement help (Activate or Delete)

    You were almost there I think! Easiest thing to do is to add in another condition to check whether reinforcements have been called, so your triggers would look like this: Condition: !alive tower && !reinforcements On Activation can stay the same, the above means "If the tower is not alive (destroyed) and the reinforcements have not been called (reinforcements = false), then activate the trigger (delete the reinforcements)" To make this work, edit the trigger used to call the reinforcements so it includes the simple statement: [Your code to call the reinforcements]; reinforcements = true; and add in the "init" section of your reinforcements' vehicle: reinforcements = false; This works as follows: At the start of the mission, reinforcements = false If the player then destroys the tower without being detected, !alive tower = true and !reinforcements = true (as the ! is the opposite of the current value), so the reinforcements are deleted If the player is detected, reinforcements gets changed to true, so even if the tower is destroyed and !alive tower = true, !reinforcements will now be false, and the trigger will not delete the reinforcements. Hope that helps!
  5. Here's an odd one for you, I am using skipTime in an external script which is called via a trigger. For some reason the script seems to cause all enemy vehicles to explode?! Even when using "allowDamage false" on the vehicles, the crew still die?! The worst part, is that this is totally random - sometimes it works fine and other times everything dies! Has anyone experienced this before, or know how I can make the crew invincible during the script as well as the vehicles? Thanks in advance Its almost like time travel is dangerous or something...
  6. Donald Flatulence

    New Mission Featuring a Unique AI System - Last Stand Kavala

    Awesome, I will do! I'll also post when we release a new mission, with a link to the new thread - likely to be a few weeks after the upcoming Eden update.
  7. Donald Flatulence

    New Mission Featuring a Unique AI System - Last Stand Kavala

    Dammit Microsoft! According to their page on file sharing with OneDrive, you shouldn't need to sign in for a "Get a link -> View only" link: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Share-files-and-folders-and-change-permissions-9fcc2f7d-de0c-4cec-93b0-a82024800c07 Maybe there is a place you can click to not have to sign in - if I open the link in a browser that doesn't sign me in I can just see the file and nothing else? Sorry for the trouble. Edit: Thanks Richie, much obliged.
  8. Donald Flatulence

    New Mission Featuring a Unique AI System - Last Stand Kavala

    Interesting to note, based on this I have added a link to directly download the .pbo above.
  9. Donald Flatulence

    New Mission Featuring a Unique AI System - Last Stand Kavala

    Thanks for the info, is there a particular problem with Steam workshop?
  10. Hi all, We recently released a new mission - Last Stand: Kavala Features: /Squad Leader has full access to the Zeus interface (Press Y in game) //Revive system and dynamic respawn points //Virtual arsenals at all key locations - including a controllable UGV //Unique AI system - fast paced relentless combat like never before //A selection of the best music from Arma 3's soundtrack //A hidden Easter egg in Castle Kastro that really blows... We would love to see more people give it a try, if you want to join the 1000+ people that already have check it out via the link below: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=603109334 (Please leave a rating on the workshop for us!) Or https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=4ED2B8655B077EDB!568618&authkey=!AA7pOOfZXgn4gjA&ithint=file%2cpbo Feel free to leave feedback for us on the workshop or post something here - we read every comment we get, so you won't be ignored.
  11. Donald Flatulence

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for adding the Autocombat AI control feature, I may redesign an entire mission if it works as I expect; currently, the mission linked below uses AI with numerous modified behaviours in an attempt to produce similar responses to the behaviour this feature should produce. So thanks BIS, much appreciated! If anyone would like to check out and compare my now (possibly) outdated AI modification, here it is: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=603109334
  12. Donald Flatulence

    Extreme shadow bug in Arma 3

    Thanks for the replies, I am using a NVIDIA GTX 850, I'll try rolling back the drivers although I bet this will create issues with other games, might be a lose lose until updates just end up fixing this, if its driver related :P
  13. Donald Flatulence

    Extreme shadow bug in Arma 3

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=603876301 Hey all, Please see the above link/photo Put simply, my shadows are being drawn in an absolutely random manner, with lots of rapid spiking. I really can't think of anything more than updating my drivers and modifying my video settings, so has anyone got any other ideas? Note this is a vanilla install, no mods. Thank you far any and all suggestions, Ed
  14. Donald Flatulence

    Respawn type change?

    Hi yuval, As far as I am aware changing respawn type in game is impossible, but I'm sure there is a way around this, let me know if the following gets you anywhere. For some reason I am getting a "502 bad gateway" error trying to access the wiki right now, but its possible using an "onplayerkilled.sqf" script will allow you to accomplish this, for now though... Try using the "old" respawn system (markers named respawn_west, respawn_west_2 etc.) So you probably have this all set up already but the description.ext needs to contain: respawn = "BASE"; Place a marker named R1 on the base, where you want the respawn point to be once the base is captured. Then place a trigger in your mission that is activated when the Base is captured, with an OnActivation field of: createMarker [""respawn_west"", (getMarkerPos ""R1"")]; This will create a respawn point on R1, if this is the only respawn point units will always spawn on it from then on. Hope it helps, Ed
  15. Donald Flatulence

    Cannot name mission due to unknown cause...

    Weird... I tried the same with out any luck - I must have broken it more :huh: :P