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  1. germanske_norge

    What is your favourite game mode?

    Clash, easily, very dynamic and free flowing gameplay. No boundaries, no set in stone objectives, lots of room for flanking, sniping, stealth, etc. It's the Arma experience that I've always wanted that Arma 3 never satisfied but ARGO does.
  2. germanske_norge

    Bring back easy/normal modes

    The merging of easy/normal mode was an excellent move in my opinion. The playerbase is more consolidated and unified now, as the developer pointed out a marker for friendlies is now available but only when aiming at one, meaning players still have to learn how to distinguish teams, and will eventually do so. The only other real training wheel aspect of easy mode was the crosshair and that simply had to go in a competitive game like this. New players now play with other new players and utilize the minimal training wheels to have a much easier transition against higher level players.
  3. Try quitting the game, validating your game files, then re launching after. It seems like a no brainer but I couldn't log on 3 times tonight, then validated my files and was able to get in on my account.
  4. germanske_norge

    Internal Server Error

    I'm having the same issue as well, but I can login as guest and when I go to the Server Browser there are indeed non guests playing.
  5. germanske_norge

    Free insults for my gameplay style

    Nothing wrong with that OP so long as you're contributing, I do it all the time too with my Mk-I EMR and SPAR 17 with a bipod and Scope 4. A lot of people don't expect players to cautiously run down the flanks and end up behind them on some hill 400m away popping people, that's the beauty of this game and the clash gamemode specifically. I LOVE that there's no bullcrap "out of bounds" boundaries or anything like that, the entire map is there for you to use and exploit how you see fit, I love it when people insult me over my "campy" playstyle, it means I'm doing something right.
  6. germanske_norge

    Show ur Clash mode stat's

    How can you find these?
  7. germanske_norge

    Dev Streams

    Ghetto repeatedly creates topics over and over for the simplest of things, instead of posting in the official forum for reporting players he feels the need to create a new topic everytime he suspects a player is walking funny or lagging or exploiting a glitch. He always states he has video evidence but instead of posting it all in the official forum to make things easier he simply withholds it. He also asks a million questions and they get answered almost every single time by a forum mod or dev but in spite of this he still feels the need to shout that no one is paying attention to him again and again. The result is a clogged forum with the same user bringing in a bad attitude over and over
  8. germanske_norge

    Project Argo player number increase

    Steam Charts Glad to see this game getting some player numbers increase, it's a great game especially since there's yet to be any pay to win or pay to progress elements
  9. germanske_norge

    Feedback Thread

    I completely agree.
  10. germanske_norge

    19.4mb Argo Update 7/17/17?

    News Page: Hello Mercenaries, we are adding small hotfix to address the issue some of our players are experiencing with loging in. Hotfix Size: 19.4 MB What will happen now is that if you are unable to login you will receive a message saying why. Also a disclaimer, we are aware that Leadeboards are "frozen" at this point, and it is so on purpose as we are working on them. We are now working hard on delivering the next big update. Stay tuned!
  11. germanske_norge

    Loadouts - the problems

    I don't think everything is horrible, I think the game is overall fun, I enjoy the progression system which many people seem to hate or find unbalanced, I just think the game isn't retaining players very well (which is a fact) due to engine limitations, and I think the game is plagued with bugs (which is a fact) which can be frustrating and even game breaking. I will fully admit me calling the developers incompetent was venting and not how I really feel, and as such will apologize. I don't think the developers are incompetent at all.
  12. germanske_norge

    Loadouts - the problems

    Same problem, I can't believe this hasn't been fixed yet, this game is buggy as hell and the developers incompetent
  13. germanske_norge

    Feedback Thread

    The first rung of DMR's are definitely great, they play like Assault Rifles that can reach out and 2-3 hit kill people across the map
  14. germanske_norge

    Can't spawn in Linked

    Photo evidence As you can see my team has 11 tickets and despite this I cannot spawn, it was like that for the entire remaining round, I was told the only way to fix it was to disconnect, but that would wipe out my score, what a shame. One of many, many bugs
  15. germanske_norge

    Feedback Thread

    There is no point, this game will be dead in a month and a half