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  1. EagleByte

    Doubt with the dlc

    You need to sign into your Steam account and have it activated on there. If you purchased on the BI Store then you need to go to your products and redeem it on Steam. You will see on the Argo page in the Steam Library the DLC with a checkmark and the date added when completed.
  2. EagleByte

    Init: Spawn Troubleshooting on Editor Mode.

    You can put down any object (make it an ammo box so it resembles a place where someone would get ammo) and add the following to it's init field: 0 = ["AmmoboxInit",[this,true]] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal;
  3. EagleByte

    Init: Spawn Troubleshooting on Editor Mode.

    You can create an easy spawn by setting the respawn settings to BASE and making an empty marker with the name of "respawn_west" for clouds and "respawn_east" for flames. If you need more details I can help further.
  4. EagleByte

    glicz/bug report

    This is an English speaking forum. Even with the translation, some details are lost.
  5. EagleByte


    This is an English only forum. But you can change your nickname by editing your account details on https://account.bistudio.com/
  6. Have you tried launching the game directly from Steam?
  7. You need to forward the port that you are using (usually 2302). So you need to forward 2302-2305 for it to be seen by people outside your local network.
  8. EagleByte


    Welcome to Argo! Simply click one of the game modes on the right side of the main menu to find a match. If you don't know what the game modes are, open the field manual in the menu and read about how they work to understand.
  9. EagleByte

    Argo Mission template

    Only the vehicles found in the editor are drivable (If you own the supporters pack). Hunters and other things that aren't placable in the editor aren't able to be driven.
  10. EagleByte

    Community Kit

    At the moment there is no place designated to sharing scenarios made for Argo. However, feel free to make a dedicated forum post for it in the most appropriate forum category.
  11. EagleByte


    Did you get a screenshot of their name? You can report the player at the following: https://www.projectargo.net/report-player
  12. EagleByte

    Adaptive Crosshair

    Crosshairs are disabled currently.
  13. EagleByte


    Please report them, with any evidence you have, here: https://www.projectargo.net/report-player
  14. EagleByte

    live. die. repeat

    If you don't want to be considered a cheater, press "escape" and "commit suicide" when this happens to keep it fair for the other team and to avoid getting reported for exploiting a bug, which is exactly what you are doing.
  15. There should be action taken this week sometime, exercise some patience.