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  1. ProTz

    SPAR17 fast scope

    Spar 17 is already the most accurate DMR. How is a 1 frame ads balancing it?
  2. ProTz

    Argo League / Tournament

    That is the crux of argo wanting to be "competitive". The fact that a higher level translates to better guns, better sights, armour and grenades means that a lvl 6 is not going to be as effective as a lvl 25. Until BI fixes some of the obvious balance issues between high and low level competition is downright impossible. Good luck wigh the tournament, i might be down for some competitive argo in the future, provided some of the balance issues are fixed and we play the king of gamemodes; Clash
  3. ProTz

    SPAR17 fast scope

    Feels like a bug imo
  4. ProTz

    Argo League / Tournament

    Tournamet is raid only? Clash is imho the most interesting choice for a tournament. Have 680hrs on PA, 1 of the 680 was spent playing raid.
  5. ProTz

    Skill Points

    There should be a system that lets you spend your skillpoints differently for each loadout slot. Current system is just dumb imho (no offense BI), the ability to easily swap loadouts and bring different loadouts to different objectives in clash would make the game more enjoyable. Also i feel the default loadouts as they are ruin the experience for a lot of new players. Would love to see some good default loadouts. That way i would not feel as bad when i snipe the lvl 2 player from 550m. :)
  6. ProTz

    Argo League / Tournament

    +1 for this Good idea
  7. ProTz

    Just wondering !

    From what i understand there is no official roadmap for the game and there has not been one since project argo became available in nov 2016. If they say they don't have a roadmap why not just leave it at that? And i am guessing the update will come when it is ready, but it will probably take longer if they have to take time out of their schedule to awnser a bunch of whiny posts every 5 minutes.
  8. ProTz


    Battleeye is included, you need it to play on official servers.
  9. ProTz

    Can you use sights 2 on AR1?

    No, the sight tree is locked untill unlocking a weapon at that level.
  10. ProTz

    Feedback Thread

    Yeah, thats the jist of it
  11. ProTz


    Am i the only one who thinks that suppressors should only be available in lower calibers? I think it kinda ruins the fun of sniping when you can sit on a mountain and fire repeatedly without alerting anyone who is outside a 50m radius. Feels a bit cheaty to me...
  12. ProTz

    Feedback Thread

    Hey BI Still Loving the game but i have a suggestion for the skill tree. Would it be possible to set it up in a way that lets you have different loadouts available without the hassle of disconnecting and resetting your skillpoints? I would love if you could have 3-4 different "skillsets" that let you spend your xp in different ways. Right now i end up using the same loadout on every map as there is no way to change skills on the fly. This is limits my play style as i can only play one role at any given time. Give ppl the possibility of creating multiple characters with different skills, i belive it would make the game more tactical and less repetitive. Keep dem updates commi'n!
  13. ProTz

    Feedback Thread

    Hello again BI Just some more short feedback before bed. One thing that has bothered me from day one of argo is a bug that occurs everytime you switch from scoped to reddot. The peripheral of the players vision stayes blurred as if he was still in scoped, it is reset by toggling out of ADS. Before: After: As you can se the second image is a lot blurrier. Can this be fixed? The second thing i would like to adress is the draw distance. As it is ATM things are not drawn after 6-700m, this is a bit short imho. It would be better if draw distance was around 1km, i ruins a lot of the immersion for me to suddenly see the house you where trying to look at disappear behind some invisible curtain. Looking forward to launch =)
  14. ProTz

    Feedback Thread

    So, ive been playing the new update a lot lately. I am questioning if the m18 and mk18 adr should be in the assault rifle category. Having them in the ar category means they have acces to silencers but they still shoot verry acurayely out to 6-7-800m I mostly snipe, and it feels cheaty atm most of the time when i engage the target has no clue as to where i am shooting from, if I kill my target his teammates have no idea of where the fire was from. TLDR: silencers on 7.62 should not be a thing.
  15. ProTz

    Feedback Thread

    One more thing, the inactivity timer is a nice feature, but i would like to see it upped to 2 or 3 minutes. Sometimes you just have to go pepe or get some coffee, sucks to lose your progression in a match just because you where ten seconds to slow.