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  1. BuDDiovitcH

    Feedback Thread

    Sorry for my bad english, I must not have been understood correctly. :) "LIM-85" is a kind of very efficient LMG with almost no recoil and that is already doing rampage/slaughtering/ kill streak on LINK mod. It's too efficiency, and it doesn't need to have a "silencer" item to make it even more deadly. This point of view is especially about LINK mod, because of short range battle. But you're right, I can take LIM85 weapon as well, and this is exactly what I'm doing all the tim: because of its efficiency. Some players here think, and so do I,that it might be a "problem"...because of those features I talked about just before and make this weapon (lim85) too much efficient. It "outclass" the other weapon. The argument goes the same for CLASH mod with DMR3 silencer, with a weapon like SPAR 16 (the long range with higher calibre) can kill with almost one shot or two. A sniper can easily kill somebody from far distance without behind heard so it might take a time for the opponent to know where the shot come from. This is also mean your supressing fire, considering you finally know where is the guy who shot you from, may be pointless against a sniper 400 meters away. It's not really a problem of having sniper or LMG in the game, the problem is that silencer equipement should not be available for weapon like LIM 85 or spar- 16 dmr 3 in order to improve balancement between wepon uses, and gameplay diversity. Well, this is actually what we think about it. Other players may not care about it and they may be right, if we look to the past it never has been a priority... Some examples: OFP (Operation Flashpoint from Bohemia& codemaster) with G36 weapon (one shot kill), the M249 in Armed Assault (no recoil), G36/AK in ArmA II,and so on...
  2. BuDDiovitcH

    Feedback Thread

    Actually I'm lvl 16 and only I've been playing with LIM85 LMG since lvl 3 and later with silencer on LINK. Seddrik may be right about the reliability of using DMR gun instead of LMG on CLASH mod considering the long range battles... But not that much when it is to be RAID or especially LINK mod. Here's why I quote "Lt.Master": LIM are too efficient: 200 bullets, You can do 10 kill streak without reloading, and once you're having duel with an enemy he just can't get off his cover if you suppress fire every corners. It may not be a very powerfull guns, but its rate of fire and almost recoil less is deadly. But even that, to put things into perspective, let us consider that and AKM or AK 12 already do a lot of damage and so against good players with AK12 I sometimes get trouble in duels: if we're fast together and accuraced, he might win by shooting less bullets than I do, so It may force me to headshot him first. But, you see here are some details about guns who seems to be advantaged at first sight compared to another, but at least may found its "bête noire" (pete hate ?) on some occasions and contribute to have something more or less balanced at the end. At least, I think DMR3 and all LMG should not be available with silencer. The first one is too deadly from long range side and gives advantage too much to campers, and the 2nd one is doing rampage on LINK to have the opportunity to be granted such "gift". THOSE weapons may not be able to be LOUDLESS.
  3. BuDDiovitcH

    Feedback Thread

    Honestly I don't think this is an issue right now, I hardly can see more than 10 players playing on premium servers... I've got "supporter pack" and I still play public server because this is where I find 99% of the player community. Still, recently I've just had the opportunity to play on a premium and the good thing is that those who play on premium are most of the times high level. Premium servers are not a problem right now, believe me.
  4. BuDDiovitcH


    Hahaha!! I haven't thought about it yet but hooo man that's why I hardly hear a litlle "sry" when a teammate lvl 1 shoot me in the back ! :O You're right, human behavior can be rude sometimes...survival instinct ^^ !
  5. BuDDiovitcH

    Feedback Thread

    Yes, you're right...it was my second thought and indeed, it may do the same proportionaly on smaller scale ^^. I think the most important setting that could be added to deal with the unfair unbalancing game at first is to set up a classic auto-balance: if 2vs4, the game prevent you to join the team composed of 4 players and only give you the choice to join the team of 2 players.
  6. BuDDiovitcH


    Cool ! my bad, thanks for noticing it to me ^^ !
  7. BuDDiovitcH

    Feedback Thread

    +1 with Seddrik, there seems to be so much players who just care about winning at all cost instead of playing fairly. I also play with a mate and even as being 2 "high" levels in the same team, some signle and high player still join our team instead of balancing the game. hiding lvls after 5 in-game shall be a good option, perhaps it will reduce unbalancing game abuse.
  8. BuDDiovitcH


    Muting players system would do some real good ! If we can mute some annoying players voices this would be nice, if we could mute some players in ordrer to not see their behavior and disrespectfull talks on text chat that would be even greater Insert other media !
  9. BuDDiovitcH


    Before accusing players be sure to know the bugs and what you're dealing with... Cheaters may spoil the game, but "witch hunting" can be annoying to... :/
  10. BuDDiovitcH


    Man all my respect to you Kelly, I know you're a good player...but seriously I don't think the "autokick" is a real issue to deal about this matter... If 1 min pretending you're "dead" in order to avoid other players detection is a well found and fair trick (considering it's not a bug but an animation movement. Don't get me wrong, I'm not speaking ironically I think seriously it is fair !), still 1 min is far LONG enough to boost a load of points. So why don't you just stay lie down for 55 seconds and then defend it by facing your opponents, man you've got to fight for it. Just deal with it like any other do: yes it's not easy to hold main that's the point, and you are far skilled enough to deal with it even alone against 3 guys on public server. to everybody: Since I play this game, I've never been kicked out by being afk...whatever I'm playing RAID, LINK or CLASH. I'm not fan of camping, but sometime I do it: still no kick off, so I don't know how you get kicked off this way..
  11. BuDDiovitcH

    Can't spawn in Linked

    Yes so have I ! on LINK recently I've been encountering several respawn issues since yesterday: When the next round start, sometimes you just cannot respawn (tickets are available, it's not the problem), it's an annoying bug because it forces you to disconnect and reconnect the game (and loose your exp earned). It's a recent bug, I don't remember anything like this before on LINK.
  12. BuDDiovitcH

    Argo Videos

    Hehe, nice movie and skills (except the girl voice singing is omg so awfull ! ) Here you are at least, mister number 1 ;P ! I'm not surprised of your movie, I would not wait anything less than somebody with 3,41 k/D ratio. And this guy is just showing you what you can do as a lvl4 with a LIM85 and an acog...(okay...lim 85 lvl 6 with silencer if you want... :) ). GROM is a good team, I've encountered your teamates one time on the game and really enjoy exciting, hard and tensed game with them !! Sad you were missing :)
  13. BuDDiovitcH

    Loadouts for private matches

    Yes, it would be great! Also another issue... I know the game is just starting, I'm a NOT asking it right now, but just suggesting it asa futur idea: What would be even greater, is the availability later to set up weapon loadouts on private server for specific clan war and competitive ladder (example, no silencer for LIMG-85, some weapons would be out of use also)
  14. BuDDiovitcH

    Feedback Thread

    I see your points, and agree with a balance system more optimised. Limit access to normal servers seems pretty good idea !! I'm 100 % up for it I agree with unfair players joining a team composed of already 4 players vs 2 to result with 5vs2, just for the purspose to win easily and it annoys me so much also... But about the gap lvl issues...I've encountered players that really dramatize too much with vulgar moaning... COD and battelfield have worked the same so far and those games aren't dead because of players lvl 5 having to face lvl 20. I'm not saying this the way you do of course, but I speak for those who acted like this, and also as a purpose to relativize about this issue. From lvl 4 honestly the way you play just set up mainly how you're deal with other players. Lvl 1 may have shit weapons I agree, but once you get the LIM-85 machingun (easy accuracy, almost no recoil, cheaper in skill and one the best deadly weapon of the game) on lvl 3,then just add an acog lvl 4 and you're able to do whatever you want with it, even against lvl 20. I'm lvl 11 and I'm still using this weapon, even though I recently added a silencer, I still to do the same statistic in-game. When I play against a team like "GROM", even though we may not have so much chance to win I just take it as a challenge and exciting game. Seriously, since February I've played the game alone...was still fun, but a bit tired of being a "lonely wolf" so far. Now it's been 2-3 days I'm playing with another guy on teamspeak on LINK mod...okay... how unlucky it is that! this guy is a good player, may god punish me for this outrageous alliance! And If players complain because of a bunch of 2 or 3 players are playing together and unfortunately win again...so what ? They may not play together anymore and dispatch themselves on other servrs and play alone again ? Or both of them playing against each other, even though they're on teamspeak ? It's nonsense... I just hope the balancing system will be setted up as soon as possible so that everybody may be happy one for good.
  15. BuDDiovitcH

    Do the devs care about the veterans?

    Well, I've been playing since the alpha i know it can be a bit annoying to restart your gears, I see your point. But still the game is already free and it's far enough to me.