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  1. 3LGStevo


    You're a diamond, mate! I've been searching for this for weeks to try and get some performance monitoring in place again over my headless clients!
  2. 3LGStevo


    Yeah, not going to lie... haven't a clue what any of that stuff is, or what QT is. Haven't you just got an executable you can distribute after the build?
  3. Dwarden, any ideas about why the new C_Van_02_transport_F and C_Van_02_vehicle_F vans cause severe performance drops on servers? I've just done an update where players can pull these vehicles out now, and aside from the problem that if they touch another vehicle, it sends it flying and causes it to explode, but the server performance plummets to around 5FPS/CPS as well as all clients struggling. Haven't had an issue as severe as this one for a while.
  4. I seem to have a massive issue on my server at the moment since the introduction of the new Vans from Laws of War DLC. For starters, this; https://plays.tv/video/59db9a6ee27b47b31e/boom If you so much as touch one of those vans with another vehicle, you bounce off and explode... ??? Second to that, one players in my server started realising you could use these new vans, and we got more than 4 out at once, absolutely MASSIVE performance drop. The server lagged, the clients lagged... everything lagged and fell on it's arse. Can someone explain to me how these made it into live with severe issues such as these?
  5. 3LGStevo


    The actual application you can monitor the servers with. I have all the other files (I just forgot to backup the executable off my old server), so now I have all the monitoring in place, just no way to actually view it! The ASM.exe file thats on the dayz9998jp location must be an old version, because it doesn't seem to be compatible with my current files. The information is skewed (it says I have 410,000CPS on a headless client).
  6. 3LGStevo


    I don't use 64-bit Arma, so it isn't for me :)
  7. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how to disable an interface button from being interacted with by the "Return" key. I have a server in which players need to be able to type messages, while certain interfaces are open... but in doing so, when they hit "Return" key, to enter the chat, an action is made which shouldn't happen unless the player selects that button... I've tried adding a disabled button as the "Default" interface, but it seems as the button is disabled, the default returns to another button which then gets actioned...
  8. 3LGStevo


    Does anyone have the ASM.exe file they can send me? I have the addon, but don't have the executable anymore and it was a really useful tool to see what was happening on the server.
  9. Players disconnecting my server now leave a body behind. This never happened prior to 1.68, so I need to know what commands have changed that would cause a body to remain where it is. My server is modded so needs to remain using 32-bit since none of the mods are 64-bit capable and I have no idea how to make them 64-bit compatible. The following eventHandler is executed on the server when a client disconnects... _onDisconnect = ["SERV_onClientDisconnect","onPlayerDisconnected",{[_uid,_id,_name] call TON_fnc_clientDisconnect}] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; The following is the "clientDisconnect" function... private["_uid","_name"]; _uid = _this select 0; _name = _this select 2; { _pid = _x getVariable["steam64ID",""]; if(_uid == _pid OR _pid == "" OR owner _x < 3) then { _containers = nearestObjects[_x,["WeaponHolderSimulated"],5]; //Fetch list of containers (Simulated = weapons) {deleteVehicle _x;} foreach _containers; //Delete the containers. deleteVehicle _x; //Get rid of the corpse. }; } foreach allDeadMen; //_uid spawn TON_fnc_houseCleanup; [_uid] remoteExec ["TON_fnc_houseCleanup",HC1,false]; As you can see, in the comments it says "Get rid of the corpse" using the "deleteVehicle" command, but either this no longer executes, or the eventHandler for onPlayerDisconnected no longer works. I don't really know where to start looking here as I've been through the patch notes and can't find what would have changed to cause this...
  10. Any ideas on how we fix this? ASM is extremely useful.
  11. When Players disconnect my server, their bodies are left behind in the server as stationary AI... What has been amended in the latest update for this to start happening? Are there settings in the mission.sqm file that now need to be updated in accordance with something being changed? To clarify, the players bodies used to be deleted on disconnect, now they are not deleted.
  12. So how do I create an invisible unit that gets in the vehicle and pushes the other players' corpses out?
  13. SetPos command isn't working for me on any dead players in vehicles, but it works when they're out of vehicles. I've got the position calculations correct, and if I replace _x with player, when executing the command, the player moves to the location where the body should be ejected to. I've also used } forEach allDeadMen; as for my loop, and checked if the dead man is inside the crew so the object being selected is the dead body, and not the respawned player... The problem I have is, I cannot move the dead body... anyone able to help?
  14. 3LGStevo

    Headless Client help

    For some reason, this issue only seems to be apparent when the "owner" command is used. I'm not sure if my HCs are swapping slots or something during server startup, but the issue doesn't seem to happen when running the remoteExec command against the object instead of ownerID. EDIT: I've seen that "owner" command is actually only a server command, otherwise returns 0 when used on clients (including HCs), which is why everyone was attempting to run the query.
  15. I'm running an Altis Life Server, and when the server has about 40 players in it, the scripts executed on the server pretty much flat-line it because there's simply too much going on for the server executable. I've now split the scripts, database commands and object amendments into three different headless clients, allowing the server to focus on what it should be focusing on, rather than running server-side loops etc... The problem I'm having is; the headless clients connect on start-up, they assign themselves to the headless client slots in a weird order... I've placed the objects in the editor as HC1, HC2, HC3. Yet the headless client that is first to connect will assign itself to any of these slots. So even the HC I've named as HC1, connects in HC2's slot, and then the database requests don't work because (Owner HC1) isn't looking up the right ownerID. In a nutshell: if (!isServer) then { switch (player) do { Case HC1: {//database code}; Case HC2: {//Object/Vehicle code}; Case HC3: {//Intensive Scripts}; }; }; The database request is then done with: [_uid,_side,_sender] remoteExec ["DB_fnc_queryRequest",(owner HC1),false]; ...to which the RPT logs then tell me that the Database specific variables haven't been declared on HC1, because the client (owner HC1) is actually HC3 13:33:51 "lifeServer Init || HC3 is Ready..." 13:40:18 "queryRequest || HC3 Running query request" ^ Pulled from the RPT log in the HC1 user directory. HC1 as a headless client is started 10 seconds prior to HC3, and 5 seconds prior to HC2. It should by all means be the first HC to connect to the server - so why is it connecting in HC3 slot? To clarify what I'm after here... I want to allocate HC1 to the HC1 headless client slot in my server, HC2 to HC2 slot, and HC3 to HC3 slot... this way, when the server powers on, regardless of how long each client takes to connect, they will connect correctly to the slots they are supposed to connect to so that the initial configuration is set up correctly and the HCs are always in their intended positions.