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  1. kotaco

    Wrong color with .paa files

    If your image isn't proper dimensions it can cause this. Like 256x255 instead of 256x256 (or whatever you're using)
  2. I do, but its still pretty :P but the files for it and some other great ones are available for download to any skilled modder who wants to make dreams come true http://www.deviantart.com/morelikethis/593693983(mediafire download links in the comments of the images)
  3. Will be following, well done.
  4. kotaco

    EricJ Release thread

    Hey there, just wanted to share a few missing files from the latest UH pack in case you missed em. Doesn't seem to affect much either way: UH_60.pbo: In File P:\uh-60\model.cfg: Trailing , in multiple (18) arrays Missing File Summary ej_MH60L.p3d : \uh-60\data\mat\glass.rvmat ej_MH60L.p3d : \uh-60\data\mat\minigun.rvmat ej_MH60L.p3d : \ \a3\data_f\proxies\heli_light_02\cargo01.p3d ej_MH60L.p3d : \ \a3\data_f\proxies\heli_light_02\cargo01.p3d ej_MH60L.p3d : \ \a3\data_f\proxies\heli_light_02\gunner.p3d ej_MH60M.p3d : \uh-60\data\mat\optics_shine.rvmat ej_MH60MDAP16H.p3d : \uh-60\misc\agm114hellfire.p3d ej_MH60MDAP4.p3d : \uh-60\data\agm114hellfire_metal.rvmat ej_MH60MDAP4.p3d : \p:\uh-60\misc\weapons\agm114\agm114hellfire.p3d ej_MH60S.p3d : \a3\data_f\proxies\heli_light_02\cargo01.p3d ej_MH60SI3.p3d : \uh-60\data\ah1z_engines.rvmat ej_MH92.p3d : \ad_helos\data\ch47_monitory.rvmat ej_MH92DAP.p3d : \3\data_f\penetration\armour_plate.rvmat S92Wreck.p3d : \uh-60\data\mat\uh60m_fuselage_destruct.rvmat ej_FlareGun.p3d : \uh-60\data\revolver.rvmat ej_FlareGun.p3d : \uh-60\data\revolver_handle.rvmat UH_60_c.pbo: SOCOM_PVS15_F_ON.p3d SOCOM_PVS15_F_OFF.p3d SOCOM_PVS15_F_ON_D.p3d SOCOM_PVS15_F_OFF_D.p3d All return: p3d error Premature EOF Missing Files: Warning: P:\uh-60_c\NVG\config.cpp Line 84: \uh-60\data\uniforms\mcam_co.paa Warning: P:\uh-60_c\UH60\config.cpp Line 2217: PATHTOEF(medical,UI\icons\medical_cross.paa) Nice work on the mod, love it :)
  5. kotaco

    UK Police Uniform & Vest

    The PBO was obfuscated unfortunately
  6. kotaco

    Searchlight Not Working?

    I've noticed this as well, specifically in the Medium Utility Helicopters mod. Looking to find out what the changes were in that woud affect this since Apex Edit: It's been reported here as well for a month: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T118330
  7. kotaco

    Medium Utility Helicopters

    Trying to get the searchlights working on these and hang no luck yet, anybody know of any updates since this release that would have affected reflectors by chance?
  8. Definitely would be nice to be able to utilize the squad.xml for the unit patch and the insignia for morale patches.
  9. kotaco

    Arma 3 Medals

    The ribbons just need a touch of texture for the fabric, otherwise lovely. Disregard, after the download I see that the actual models do indeed have em, just looked a tad different in the preview :)
  10. kotaco

    Arma 3 FanArt

    photo manip: http://spartac.net/forums/uploads/monthly_2016_06/SPARTACELEMENT.thumb.png.0b2d839e7fcd7097b9c712f15731ca5c.png
  11. Glad to see Tanoa on the radar in the future :)
  12. When you edit a mission with the Kimi HMD mod loaded, it automatically puts a call to patcho_skins.pbo and causes issues if it's not a required mod by the server. Just an editor quirk. Fix is to open mission.sqm and remove the patcho_skins.pbo line (you can find it easily with search) and in the future repeat this step or disable Kimi HMD prior to loading a mission in the editor to avoid it in the first place. Not sure if that's along the lines of your issue, but it was something we ran into when we were working on our server.
  13. Our mission maker prebuilds his missions to deploy on our server at a later date, since 1.6 he says he can place items and units fine, but they are not saving in MCC for some reason. No other changes to mods or the server other than the 1.6 update, worked fine before.