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  1. Real Light 8 is live http://sh8.videopilot.link Have fun and let me know what you think!
  2. You'll be able to download it yourself soon. Will announce the go live here.
  3. On the surface it can be enough for some people in terms of settings but it is actually limited in contrast to the lut system real light uses. So I must disagree, it is not the same when it comes to details. Luts are more versatile and can achieve way more than just simple sliders for the 3 main colors, contrast and saturation. Don't get me wrong, it's great work but not the same.
  4. Hey You can find a download on our discord server: https://discord.gg/jQPEUH Unfortunately the website broke cause old php or something. I am currently working on RL8. Stay tuned - release will be soon. Sneak peek on discord as well
  5. The unzip is the "install" yes - I don't know if you can go with two versions of reshade at the same time nowadays. I really don't In my LUT Section of the page there is the little manual for changing LUTs - by default it loads rl7.png - this of course is changable to your fav LUT if you find one so it loads that instead all the time. But as I said you can change it while the game is running to check them all out if you like to. Nope - whenever you like Just delete everything you got from the zip of my website - use it as an Index so to speak of what to get rid of maybe this can help:
  6. You could try to enable the Reshade Bloom to fake that behavior. But anything else would need to be adressed to the core of the game itself.
  7. Real Light is a preset for Reshade. So you don't combine anything. You just use my preset. What it gives you is a LUT based color altering which is impossible to achieve with the build in color processing stuff and any other mods so far. Because it uses LUTs. You can look it up - It is called Look Up Table I don't know at this point since possibilities arent't changing much - only the way to produce presets. I guess you can but I didn't tried it out myself. Now with Reshade 3 two things happened. They use a differente LUT Space and they are able to swap lut files in their UI. With the version of Reshade which I use for Real Light to work you have to swap LUTs manually. It looks like code at first maybe but all you do is changing locations in the config for the LUTs png. You can change the config while Ingame and try the LUTs out or swap contextually as you like. No need to restart the game. I sticked to an older version of Reshade because I never liked the install process of reshade til then. I don't know how well it works today but I had many question about the process from users all the time. So I finally got the permission of the creator of reshade and the creator of the LUT feature to provide this as a easy to install all in one package. So what users now had and have to do is just unzip my download into the arma main folder and thats it. No guessing which bit architecture and so forth. Don't get me started on the newer folder structure system. It is so confusing for Users. Reshade is really mighty but the structure is by coder for coder. Not customer in that sense which it should be. Anyway. Long story short. I checked with Reshade 3 and saw that the "LUT swap feature" wasn't key bindable so It seemed useless for me to adapt my preset to the newer reshade because its the same effort of changing Luts. Not worth the work imo. Hope I could answer all your questions. Best regards
  8. What do you mean by RS? I didn´t tweaked anything engine related. I use the third party tool Reshade.
  9. Hi @everyone Just updated the LUT section with the newest entry called "Rich". Rich in colors and contrast. Enjoy and leave some feedback here if you like. Would like to link images into the post but it wont work. Comparision as always on my site. Impression and Download http://sh8.videopilot.link/luts/#rich Regards Solano
  10. @All Arma x64 is going live now and to enjoy Real Light with the upcoming update you need to do the following: If you are already a user of Real Light 7: Just download the x64 Version here: http://sh8.videopilot.link/real-light-7/#download and swap the dxgi.dll and the reshade.fx with your current one in the main arma folder. All your settings and LUTs will stay the same. Go to reshade / profiles in your main arma folder and rename the folder Arma3 to Arma3_x64 If you are new to Real Light 7: Unzip Real Light 7 x64 into your game main directory where the game.exe is. Done. Start the game and enjoy! Greets Solano EDIT: Updated
  11. Hi Prison Mike, I think I never emphasized Takistan especially. I worked on a special Chernarus LUT which is finished and available. And I tried to fix the look of Taunus but thats still WIP. Unfortunately I am full of real life work atm still and I can´t do much now - but we are set for the upcoming x64 bit architecture. So make sure to switch real light accordingly once arma gets the update out. Stay tuned for future updates here or on our discord server. Regards Solano
  12. Solano

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    Hey, I just wanted to know if you have any plans for changing the actual look for Taunus 1.0 in the next patches or so. If not - I would like to create a Real Light preset for it. Work would just be obsolete if you change your config for the visual apearance in the near future. Regards
  13. Solano

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    What the hell! I am running 1.64 for some unknown reason! Will fix this immediately - thank you very much silola.
  14. Solano

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    Yes I have. Is this a problem? I tried every source from this thread. But I still get exactly the same error. I installed the full 11gig cup thing as well last night but no cure... If I can get this solved by myself somehow I let you guys know of course but so far I am out of ideas really.
  15. Solano

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    What can I do about this: I redownloaded and unpacked a few times to make sure the package is ok. But still I get this. I use CUP from Steam - is that the error?