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  1. TacticalTryHard

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Nice attention to detail with the bonefrog and flag.
  2. TacticalTryHard

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Nice to see the Plate Frame coming to Arma. edit: spelling
  3. Any chance of you adding regular tiger textures to the Cryes? edit:
  4. TacticalTryHard

    Zee Identity Pack

    Thanks Zee!
  5. TacticalTryHard

    Zee Identity Pack

    Does that mean the " Vasquez" head is gone? Anyways, great job on the new female head! Pretty big improvement from the earlier versions.
  6. DEVGRU operator in Zargabad Mods:RR 416, Spec4, VSM AOR, Operator Helmet Pack, private mods and retextures, CUP
  7. TacticalTryHard

    USP Patches & Insignias

    Any chance of this patch making it in the next update?
  8. TacticalTryHard

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I'd like to request Patagonia uniforms and Ops-Core LBHs. Patagonia (Two NSW Operators on the right) LBH
  9. TacticalTryHard

    Zee Identity Pack

    Hi Zee, Just wondering if the next update will have the " Vasquez" head that was posted a while back
  10. Looks like the rumors were true mods: Spec4, Roadrunner's gear, FAP, Private mods
  11. DEVGRU Operators in Takistan Addons: Private mods, VSM, Spec4, RHS, SMA, Gearsoc, TAC, Massi USSOCOM, Roadrunner's gear, Military Gear Pack, CUP, Murshun Cigs, Operator Helmet pack
  12. DEVGRU Operator training with COT Operator in Rio prior to the Olympics DEVGRU Operator in Fallujah Moons Out Goons Out Addons:Spec4, Roadrunner's gear and 416, RHS, VSM Gear, Private mods
  13. TacticalTryHard

    Call of Duty Ghost's Headwear

    Good job man. Can you please upload the files? The masks look pretty badass. Edit:Never mind I just saw that you uploaded the files. Thanks