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  1. GameBanana, Arma 2, bought from 3d model stores, personal modeled, re worked, re textured, combined.. All is on really alpha wip right now, so everything from a stock to a muzzle flash can change in the future, so the sources change.
  2. Most of them are ported and combined, but because all are very low poly models, we modify them to add more details, also we make all the textures from scratch since the original ones are not in a good quality.
  3. Some rendered images of the weapons that are already 90% finished and in-game working, hope you enjoy! NEW HK416 MORE POLISHED MODEL MK17 BECAUSE WE ALL LOVE THE 7,62mm LARUE OBR 556 MCMILLAN CS5-T In the next few days I will upload more images in-game, thanks to all who follow this mod closely, we will try to make it public as soon as possible
  4. Some images of the MK18, Happy new year!
  5. I think that is going to be the best solution, thanks for the tip mate, cheers
  6. Yes, I was thinking some hide animation type in the model.cfg with a condition, but it needs to be implemented some way, by the way, some images of the MP7 and AK74 ;)
  7. Of course, the m249 supports Stanag magazines so I do not see why not. And we will see how to make that difference in 3d, not just configs, so you can se a stanag attached to the weapon, cheers mate!
  8. The basic m249 will have vertical grip and the mk46 variant is not on the list but we also plan to do it with vertical grip and different camos. On the other hand, versions with angular grip I have not seen in use. Greetings, thanks for the support
  9. Hello, I am proud to announce this weapon mod in which we are working with our ArmA 3 Team, our general goal is to add weapons that are currently used by different groups of special forces around the world and other more basic which are used by standard enemy forces, all of them developed keeping the best quality and configuration possible. Weapons List: (27-12-17) Sources: (12-01-18) Visit our facebook page for future development news: https://www.facebook.com/directactionsteam WEB PAGE: http://arma3dat.wixsite.com/directactions
  10. Argentine Army and 601° Special Forces Group
  11. ARGENTINE ARMED FORCES PROJECT Hello, i'm very proud to present my mod in which i'am recreating the Argentine Armed Forces, is in beta stage right now, but will soon be available. This will include the three forces and its divisions, Army, Navy and Air Force. + The main objective is to achieve a realistic representation with amazing quality, this includes units, vehicles, aircraft, etc. Pictures: 601° Commando Company Amphibious Commandos United Nations Naval Aviation Command (COAN) Soon I will update the post with more information and more pictures. Greetings to everyone!
  12. I love this mod! it's just perfect, when you think you can release a public version? Keep working, ArmA 3 need a beautiful mod like this!
  13. British SAS on the list! thanks for the info about SAS and SASR!
  14. Dutch M-Squadron added!