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  1. Axel Horh

    Military Aviation

    Very good mod. But have some problems with landing AI. How about to add rockets Harm and Harpoon. I will be wait news from you))
  2. Axel Horh

    Heli fight

    Technical demo 0.1.0 need addons: SAP AIR Map EU RH Pistol
  3. Axel Horh

    Heli fight

    Good day all memebers of forum. I have idea about long term mission for ARMA 1. This will be mission type of Captue City, but by helicopters and infantry. In this mission I'm planing use EXP and money for update ammunition and vehicles. If this mission will be interested of memebers of forum and gamers, I would like to see comments from you. Have a nice day! Start Base Road Map: Link Start Base
  4. Axel Horh

    [SP] War 1950

    Good day. For old school players i prepared new mission. This War on the Sahrani. Needs: RH Aks Vilas WW2 Liberation mod East Weapons Pack West Weapons Pack Enjoy! link: version 0.5 https://i.imgur.com/yuUhWCE.jpg
  5. Spix114, good day. Send message to Vilas. He can help you.
  6. Axel Horh

    Project A

    In the summer of 2050 the Earth began to be on the edge of self-destruction. Civil wars, a battle for resources, poverty and hunger plunged the world into chaos. Before pressing the red button there were only a few days ... A year before these events, scientist Andrew Scott received a new element of Galaxios in the hadronic collider. This substance is the basis of all non-biological compounds. It became the basis of the new 3d printer, which Andrew Scott invented six months later. In the Azores he continued his research and created an autonomous dome with a capacity of 20 people. His fellow scientist Adam Horch created a teleporter. They gathered a group of enthusiasts and made a teleport to the Moon. After 150 years, their descendants received a radio signal from the Earth. Downloading the remnants of Galaxios in the teleporter they sent the expedition to the Earth. Start of project 04.06.2018. 11/06/2018 WIP 30/06/2018 WIP
  7. Axel Horh

    Short Filmes

    Hello all. I like work with editor ARMA III. A liitle video for you Thank you for watching. Have a nice day! Barbarians
  8. Ok. Thank you. In progress. The Slung part II... Text for correcting.
  9. Hello, macedoniaisgreek. Unfortunately it's true. I can to send texts for correcting.
  10. This video for mission. https://youtu.be/AJBGiALKir4
  11. Hello. Let me introduce my first mission for ARMA III. Version 0.8.0 russian and 0.8.0 english. This is a liitle mission with intro and outro. Sounds: russian. Island - Stratis. INTRO: The party was not over else when Alex Kate became feel badly. He asked a friend to take him to home, but it not happened... He needs to survive on the island ... Download: Russian version. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8mlGAUEJyqLN2pkNEFFbm0tT2c/view?usp=sharing English version. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8mlGAUEJyqLQXlySXZHeWdwdG8/view?usp=sharing Link 2 https://depositfiles.com/files/ellvc4yxc
  12. Axel Horh

    War in Greece (short film)

    Hello to all. This is my first film on base of the Arma 3. Enjoy the watching https://youtu.be/LzKGfYnwwF8 Next parts will be translated soon https://youtu.be/Fx9YybCraM4 https://youtu.be/tvN_jLi4g0Q [youtube] [/youtube]
  13. Axel Horh

    Mission "CVN 68"

    Modifications for a Marine Corps A-10 "Sea Hog" should only require folding wings, a tail hook, and a catapult attachment point. The Air Force is currently upgrading its fleet of A-10s with better electronics and targeting equipment, so there would be no development costs as the Marines simply join in the Air Force program. The A-10 uses the same TF34-GE turbofan non-afterburning engine as the Navy S-3 carrier aircraft now used primarily as refuelers. This Navy supported engine produces less noise and heat, which is advantageous for an attack aircraft. The A-10s straight wings allow slower flight, making them ideal for carrier operations. The heavily armored A-10 was built to operate from primitive airfields, so it already has strengthen landing gear.
  14. Axel Horh

    Mission "CVN 68"

    Second trailer.
  15. Axel Horh

    Mission "CVN 68"

    Trailer for my new mission "CVN 68"