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Speaking of frying GPUs, Amazon's New World MMO is reportedly doing just that. It's suspected that it has to do with game not having any limitations on the power draw, letting GPUs run on max all the time, even in menus. Video exploring the situation below but I also wonder, why is this still not considered and taken into account to this day. It took AMD and NVIDIA something like I dunno, 15, 20 years? to come up with driver level FPS limit.

Now there is also the fact that average Joe has no idea that they have those levers available to them and that they really should look into using them. I'm not sure we can expect that from users though, not this way, not at this level of attention. For now, this probably out to be up to developers to take preventative measures either on engine level or through warnings and perhaps enforcing/promoting different defaults.

This also shows that making games is a bit beyond just throwing bunch of money into an office building and expect a game to be conjured up in return.



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