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WW4mod25 plus HandgunMP mod

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WW4mod25_plus_HandgunMP is a OFP/ACWA modification which adds the ability to have 3D ironsights for handguns by using the 3D model of a handgun itself and custom animations for aiming.
ww4mod25_plus_HandgunMP mod is designed to be Multiplayer compatible with ww4mod25 mod, so you can play at servers that use the regular ww4mod25 mod. All soldier units from ww4mod25 now have the ability to use pistols with 3D ironsights.This mod uses no scripts, only custom animations and models.


As an added bonus ww4mod25_plus_HandgunMP mod include extra configuration file that allows this mod to be used toghether with ECP mod.







ww4mod25_plus_HandgunMP is based on Arma Licensed Data Pack.

  1. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_Licensed_Data_Pack#Cold_War_Crisis


ww4mod25_plus_HandgunMP falls under the Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA).



ww4mod25_plus_HandgunMP makes use of:


Thanks to:
Sanctuary, for recources and help.
DanAk47, for advices.
Vektorboson, for the RTM-JSON script.
Faguss, for advices.
STGN, for advices.

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