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team switch - losing supports

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Hi all,

Team switching is one of the weirdest feature in Arma. If you are playing in SP, with several switchable units, some behaviors can be lost.

If you switch, you can loose all supports (BI standard support modules).

Reproducible, Vanilla, 3den:

Add units: player + playable ones

Add an artillery (the support type doesn't matter, it's just an example)

Add the artillery provider module

add the requester module

link the artillery to the provider module, the provider to the requester module, the requester module to all switchable (playable in 3den) units.



Starting as player (the player unit in 3den), gives you the artillery support. No problem.
Starting "as character" from any other playable unit does the trick also. No problem.


But, each time you press "U" (or whatever key for switching menu) and you choose another unit, the support menu disappear.


NB 1: No matter the method used: editor or scripted links with  BIS_fnc_addSupportLink,  the supports are lost on team switching. Only the first unit played at start can call supports.

NB 2: a little workaround, tested but not guaranteed:

addMissionEventHandler ["teamSwitch", {
   BIS_requesterFSM = nil;
  [yourRequestModuleName] execVM "A3\modules_f\supports\init_requester.sqf";

Now if you switch, the support works.... A remaining point I failed to correct: At your first support call after switching, a hint message will say: "provider not available". Which is wrong. The support works.


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