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H-60 Interactive Blackhawk pack - Patch 0.6 released - Join our discord

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Is there a way to re-enable the default vehicle UI when simple start is turned on?

It's kinda tricky to fly it otherwise when you can't see altitude or airspeed, especially with the monitors not working either. Because all I see is the keybind for hints.


I do love the helo but the realistic launch procedure is a bit of a killer both for me and for my group. So it's nice to see there's a setting to turn it off, but at the same time I'm not really sure if it works like it should.

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Release 0.5 on the workshop now

This might very well be our most ambitious update yet, adding and incredible amount of features and polishing. I want to give a big thanks to our developers in the Hatchet Team and our dedicated testers, it has been a real team effort, meticulously compiling and testing QA builds.

We also want to thank you, the community, for your patience and continued support. With that said, I think we all deserve to relax and play a nice game of pong!





Short changelog:

  • CCFS (Counter Crew Fatigue System / Pong)
  • Full function SFM Autopilot
  • Navigation Display
  • ESIS Boot sequence
  • Engine Cover Art
  • MP Compatibility for waypoint cycling
  • SFM+
  • TAC Overhaul
  • CTAB - JVMF Integration
  • Misc bugfixes and improvements

Full changelog:



**CCFS (Counter Crew Fatigue System / Pong): **
This is a fully functional pong game integrated in to the MFDs.
The CCFS can only be used on the inboard MFDs (number 2 and 3).
The CCFS can be accessed from the PFD page, using the bezel key in the top right. The controls are your TAC map slew up and down controls. It can both be played against other human players, and against a rudimentary AI.


Integrated Vehicle Health Management System. This is a page with debug information inspired by the real blackhawk. It can be accessed through the action menu(if cockpit interaction breaks), or the PFD page through a top bezel key. It will show on all MFDs at the same time, as it overrides a lot of rendering code.
This does not add any in-game relevant capability to the blackhawk, but is used for bug reports.


Full function SFM Autopilot:
The flight director now works on standard flight model. On SFM it also gains the additional features of the IAS and HDG hold modes. AFM functionality remains unchanged.


Navigation Display:
An MFD page meant for navigating. It displays RWR, waypoints, and hover symbology. Display mode can be cycled through one of the top bezel keys. The right bezel keys allow waypoint cycling.


ESIS Boot sequence:
The ESIS on startup will now play a little boot sequence - no functionality changed


Engine Cover Art:
Through the eden editor object properties, engine art can be selected, inspired by the 160th SOARs engine art in Mogadishu


MP Compatibility for waypoint cycling
There was previously a bug where if someone who isn’t the group lead changes the selected waypoint, it’ll reset after a couple seconds, this should be fixed now


The same engine simulation system as on the apache mod. Adds realistic engine readouts and torque limits to the helicopter. SFM+ takes helicopter weight in to account, meaning a fully loaded DAP will need a lot more handling care than an empty slick.


TAC Overhaul:
Improved maps for the map display
Improved iconography for blue force tracker
CTAB BFT integration - when using CTAB, your TAC map will show the same units visible on CTAB (other markers are not synced)


CTAB - JVMF Integration:
Any marker placed in CTAB(only tested on TF_Ghost_1_4_1 upload) will be sent to the JVMF system as a POSREP message, and as such waypoints can be created from it.


Minor Fixes:

Rotor collision bug fixed

General improvements to the MFD UIs

Improvements to materials used

EICAS page overhauled

AFM Landcontacts reduced to improve performance



Find the mod on steam - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1745501605

To discuss the release - join our discord! https://discord.gg/E3neUNMFc5

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Hey @yax


I saw your query about Romeo and Sierra pilots on Discord and responded but never saw a response.  Not even sure how I got the notification since I'm rarely on there.  But if you're looking for some Romeo/Sierra info, let me know.

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Patch 0.5.2 on the workshop now

We understand the previous build had some major flaws in it causing a lot of aircraft to be lost to overtorque and issues around the control handoff. We've worked hard to get a hotfix out on the workshop to make sure you'll all be able to fly as smoothly as you've always been able to!






- Fixed Debug messages now off by default
- SFM+ stab profiles tweaked
- Fixed EICAS - labels now show Np1 & Np2 correctly
- Fixed HMD - synced Q value displayed to EICAS
- Added HMD - Show Q1 & Q2 in both AFM & SFM
- Fixed PCL Idle detent missing in SFM+
- IVHMS moved to EICAS
- CCFS moved to EICAS
- FLIR moved to TAC
- SFM+ Torque tweaked
- Handoff to copilot fixed


Tutorial videos

Our incredibly handsome community manager River_6T (also know as Riverman on our discord) has started a series of tutorials to help out everyone who feels left in the dark on the features of this mod! You can now view his series on our SFM+ implementation, including the stabilator and torque functionality on youtube!




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On 6/20/2019 at 5:12 PM, robert31178 said:

I like it so far!! The cockpit looks a lot less laggy than the illegal Peral port that everyone is "not" using........

What illegal port are you referring to? I never released any UH60s, I was working with YuraPetrov to port his Arma 2 UH60s. Others have ported the Arma 2 UH60s to Arma 3 and I had no part of that.

This mod was stopped by YuraPetrov and myself and was never released. So please do not post that I have ported anything illegal or with out permission without any proof that I did so. Thank You. 


P.S. I just saw this because I have not be active on the forms for quite some time.

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