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Gunter Severloh

AI Facts & Myths Compilation List

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Hey guys we may have discussed this or its been mentioned before but while working on my mod doing some research

on commands and such, on the wiki page seen here https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Weapons_settings

I'll list what it says:



Several values are used for AI decision making and balancing AI skills against human player that thinks, makes mistakes and has got some experience.

When selecting ammo, weapon and its mode AI decision is affected by:

  • hit probability by range
  • ammo hit value
  • own weapon frequency of fire
  • ammo costs
  • target value
  • animation costs (how fast can he reload/change weapon)
  • threat (expectation how quickly can the opponent kill him)
  • lock possible (for weapons requiring lock)
  • target speed - ammo lead capability
  • indirect hit (how much the hit may damage other friendly / enemy targets)
  • crew damage (when unable to damage the vehicle, can we hit the crew?)

AI skill slider affects aiming precision (hands shaking) and reaction time (detection range, speed of movement). In Arma 2 it also modifies AIDispersion:

aiDispersionCoefX=1.0; aiDispersionCoefY=1.0;


Those values multiply weapon dispersion - AI chance of hitting target.

The bigger AI skill the more this value will go back to 1 = same dispersion as player.

aiRateOfFire=5.0; // delay between shots at given distance

aiRateOfFireDistance=500; // at shorter distance delay goes lineary to zero




Values that guide AI for each firing mode with expectation of hit. Basically think about players chance of hitting with this mode on given range.

Range values only guide AI what mode might be good to use at each distance it deos not affect firing simulation.

     AI will choose which model is better on given distance.


Several spelling mistakes btw on the wiki which i fixed here, but figured i'd post it here. Cheers!

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Need to actually pin this thread because anytime i go looking for it its not at the top or cant be found, unless i go to my Masterlist.

One of the most important subjects in the game unless your playing pvp in a scenario and you guys got Armaholic website not working anymore

thread pinned which cant be discussed in anymore and theres no website to go to its a dead topic.


Pin my thread please so new and regular alike can review what BI spent millions of hours on creating over the past 10yrs,

so folks can learn about what the ai can and cant do. Thread's been reported. Thanks!



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I ran a scenario and equipped all my NATO guys with SPARs and holos(bar the mg guys,no optics on their lmgs) and to my dismay,at a 230 meter range NONE of the SPAR users could shoot the enemy...except ONE guy using no holo on his SPAR. Why is the AI restricted by optic in this way?

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Welcome to BI forums!
Did you review the 1st post:



AI Grenades, Mines, & Throwables

14. AI can detect mines and avoid them if they have a mine detector - TRUE

  • AI Sapper reacts to all types of mines - TRUE
  • AI sapper commander of the group will lay a route for the group through the minefield, if the group is built in a column - TRUE
  • If the group is not built in a column, part of the group may suffer - TRUE
  • If the AI sapper is a member of the group, the sapper will not make a route for the group through the minefield - TRUE

Notes:  AI team members who are far from the sapper, do not have time to get information about the coordinates of the mines and may suffer.


Dont know and most likely the ai will not see the red triangles that the player sees when spotting a mine but again

if the ai has a mine detector then they should be able to spot the mine and avoid it.

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