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ACTA2 voted today by EU

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plus matter that : someone burned Bible - no problem, other torn apart Bible - no problem

someone burned quoran - death, someone spit on torrah-  all police chase him, big sentence , many years in prison, huge money to pay 

someone wrote something on synagogue (jewish church) all police look for guy, politicians meet to set new laws, 

church has been set upon fire, church had windows broken by stones - not a problem

plus gays on "pride parade" played funn from catholic "holy mass" - not a problem ( https://ekai.pl/pseudo-msza-odprawiona-przez-znanego-dzialacza-lgbt/ - they were making fun and parody of catholic mass during "pride parade" ),  for doing the same with jewish mass they would be arrested, i wishe they do the same with islamic prayers, 

antifa attack reenactors in historical uniforms - not a problem, 

people started to beat antifa which attacked reenactors - riot police goes into action to beat and arrest those people - what the f... 


"corporate standards" - feminists demand "50% of managers must be women" etc. 

why corporations respect only jewish or muslim beliefs ?

why they are "sensivite" in Israel, Saudi Arabia ? https://www.rt.com/news/452581-ikea-israel-catalog-women/  https://niezalezna.pl/277749-w-polsce-gnebia-za-biblie-w-arabii-saudyjskiej-usuneli-z-reklam-kobiety-hipokryci-z-ikei  https://tysol.pl/a34138-Nie-maja-dobrej-passy-IKEA-podpadla-takze-lewicy-Usunela-kobiety-z-katalogu-dla-Arabii-Saudyjskiej  - they removed women from catalogue , it is okay because it is not christian... yeaaa

why ? 

vandals which smashed windows in catholic church - never persecuted, vandal which used spray to paint on jewish synagogue - prison, sentence, police raids etc 


why the hell christian in his own fatherland is worse treated than jew or muslim  ? media, corporations, governments under pressure of big business and foreign affairs ministers (US, Izrael etc) etc. 

why company which is place to work makes "LGBT events" ?  it is about furniture  not about culture !!!  https://www.polskieradio24.pl/5/1222/Artykul/2332599,IKEA-zwolnila-za-stosunek-do-LGBT-Pracownik-zdradza-szczegoly  why their managers openly call for abortion, lgbt, bringing muslims and... they support communist party "razem" (which has 3% support alone) but they punish christianity ? and yes it is very conected with ACTA - cause if they would say "those are our copyrights" - than noone would hear about it even one word , it would be CENZORED 

the same with car company - what "diversity is good, multiculturalism is good" has to cars ?? ?



we must do anything to stop any cenzorship which may work like ACTAs "this is our quote, our copyrights, remove content" etc. 

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to be clear, i may dispute some of the facts above but i'm not disputing the existence of the problem.My mate worked for a local university; nearly daily he'd have some story of BS like this,. Most alarming was the time he had to spend a day explaining why hard-coding the university admission database with gender/race bias was deeply unethical. It didn't happen cos he refused to do it but yeah, that is  dangerous with far reaching consequences and people are right to mobilise to correct this.


But its an oversimplification to assume from this that everything is biased towards those minorities, i've seen far more evidence of racial or homophobic persecution on a much more local and physical nature than i have against me or other white males.


* This is one of a few incidents, some guy just walking along the street with his kid and a car load of people drive past yelling slurs at them. he went from chill dad having a walk with his kid to looking frightened, picked up his kid checking behind him. how often have you yourself in your own community been subjected to abuse from random passerby's for being a white christian? not on twitter mind but right to your face as your walking down the street with your kid? to me it was messed up but i realised its probably not the worst the guy's had to deal with. grim.


* Or the group of Syrian refugee's that requested to use a dis-used local community center to learn english and meet the local community, they were unanimously rejected because terrorism.


* my muslim mate gets a ton of shit i have never had to deal with. he was pushed off his bike and broke his arm once. though to be fair he said at the time some people just really don't like cyclists, it might have been that 😉


* ask any of your female friends for a tale of the creepy dude at the bus stop. they ALL have them. when was the last time that happened to you?


this is not the government or some organisation, this is persecution by members of your own local community! i'm only reporting what i've seen myself, i can't ignore these things, what would you conclude from seeing this?


So i agree we got issues we want to deal with but the gut reaction to belittle the plight of others because we are having trouble getting our point across is counter productive. There are other people who have it worse than us, i refuse to buy into the populist white male victim culture. its unmanly godammit! ;)


5 hours ago, vilas said:

why they are "sensivite" in Israel, Saudi Arabia ?


there are huge oil and weapons deals with these countries, (in UK there are also aristocratic ties, interesting links with this and our ongoing conflict with Iran too), that ain't the left though, that's very firmly conservative.


5 hours ago, vilas said:

and yes it is very conected with ACTA - cause if they would say "those are our copyrights"


then they get PAID! copywrite and legislation is big money to... the same conservatives.  Celebrety culture is kinda the fluff on the real money in media.


ACTA is about "The agreement aims to establish an international legal framework for targeting counterfeit goods, generic medicines and copyright infringement on the Internet". ACTA should have zero impact on freedom of speech if you meme using original content. Not saying you won't get censured but it won't be because of ACTA, it'll be because of 'hate crime' laws surely?


If you post a mod on BI forums using ripped content the moderators will remove it. is that censorship?


anyway i don't wanna bang on about this forever as i'm away camping (ffs it just started raining as i type that), i agree that this is an issue @vilas or i wouldn't keep reading your bloody threads, but i do think you guys are leaning towards some extreme conclusions, dare i say common among propagandists. We got to keep the fight real or it'll be a lot harder to win.






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