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Cpl. Moseley

3rd ID | ArmA 3 WWII MilSim Recruiting

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3rd Infantry Division "ROCK OF THE MARNE" 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry Fort Benning, Georgia

ArmA 3 World War II MilSim


Looking for recruits interested in WWII realism unit.

Mic and TeamSpeak required, Primary language used: English

Located primarily in the East Coast of the United States.

Main Operation days are on Fridays and Saturdays with room for Side Operations on Sundays.

Looking for all skill levels, also all new recruits will go through Basic Combat Training (BCT) regardless of skill level.

All applicants will enter the unit as Privates, and upon completion of BCT will be promoted to Private First Class.

Also if applicants recruit (1) friend they are eligible to enlist as Private First Class.


Intructions for applicants

1. Fill out an application on www.3rdInfantryA3.com
2. Download mod collection in the modpack channel.
3. Join the steamgroup: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/3rdInfantryA3
4. Assign tags, have individual change their name in teamspeak to: "Pvt. <lastname>"
5. In-Game name should be "Pvt. <lastname>"


*TeamSpeak info in on our website

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