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5 hours ago, bludski said:

RHSPKL update is coming when I have time, I don't have much of that at the moment. Vidda was going to be moved to RHS but that will not happen now as I am way too sick of the project. 100s of DMCA sent to lifemod rippers who want to monetize it simply took away all the fun of making it as I spent more time having to deal with that than actually working on it.


I feel you on this. Map makers are the worst affected by the careless, childish behaviors of the lifemod communities. A mere shadow of how Life servers were before the rips. But your work has always given me some of the greatest visuals i have seen in Arma and your work has always been top notch. Keep up the good work in whatever lane you go down!

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Vidda is an incredible map. Thank you for this map. The performance is incredible on it and it still looks better than any map imo.

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