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Hi, looking for a scripter to solve this Flowchart Theoretical Framework', via use of scripts.

I am a videographer, not a scripter or anything technical.

Basically, using what apex has given us, have put down a load of modules and triggers in a planned manner, all related around tasks and briefings, along with scripts within triggers filling in the gaps which will make the changes when certain conditions are met.

The hypothesis is that these modules should be able to add up/correlate so an objective can either be completed or failed, with the (missing) script in triggers making the missing links.

Why do i not do it?
1) Not a scripter
2) It would take me a decade to crack it

If you take it on and crack it;
- include a 'noob' definition of how it works
- Add me on steam
- Will give you credit in my video for theory, with possibly more rewards

Check the link for a image of the theory, along with mission.sqm

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