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I´m pretty sure Bohemia will add a few sliders to their graphics menu sooner or later, but for the time being, be my guest :drinking2:


Preview Pictures:
with mod
without mod




A follow up to my Air Visibility Addon



This addon makes all wheeled and tracked vehicles in ArmA 3 visible across your set view-distance.
Originally these assets would only adhere to object view-distance, which for obvious reasons is no optimal solution.

In technical terms this addon puts all wheeled & tracked assets into "landmark" state.
(which is kinda underused anyway with only 4 or 5 objects taking advantage of it - the carrier being one of those for instance).

The engine hard limit on "landmarks" lies at 200 objects, according to the biki:

Disclaimer: I have´nt tested what happens when you put 201 entities :D


- Very high object viewdistance might not be feasible for the lesser PC´s out there.

Known Issues:
- Unlike my AirVisibility Addon, using this one could actually hurt performance due to
the higher ammount of vehicles affected by the change.
- Whilst this enables you to see vehicles perfectly fine, you still cannot see any objects between
you and your target (depending on your object view distance), this might lead to wonky situations.

Decide for yourself if the benefits outweigh the downsides.

- Put the addon .pbo included with this archive into any of your modfolders and load it as usual.
- For use on online servers with active signature file checking the .bisign file needs to be in the same location as the .pbo,
- Also the mrb.bikey must be allowed by the server owner (Note: the key file is not required by clients).

- readme.txt (you're reading it)
- mrb_a3_vehiclevisibility.pbo (the addon)
- mrb_a3_vehiclevisibility.pbo.mrb.bisign (signature file for online use)
- mrb.bikey (key file for server owners to allow usage of this addon)
- mod.cpp (needed for fancy main menu icons)

Version History:
- 1.0 initial release

Stay Alpha!


PS: megathx to .kju for allinone.cpp´s!




Get it on the Steam Workshop

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Well done! I really believe that this mod and the mod for air visibility should get more recognition. Far more important than other stuff.

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Thanks for the mod mate - much appreciated! TBH I'm still reeling that the BIS optimisation introduced last year had sucha devestating impact. Having v large buildings pop up at 1.5 km or so is hideous. Unfortunately I don't think there's a way to reverse this? The idea that I can place one vehicle and one unit on an empty VR map and the performance "optimisation" prevents the vehicle being rendered til 1.5km is ridiculous! Anyway... rant over and thanks again for the mods

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