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  1. See that the ship cannon now has artillary computer rather than direct....... can we not just ever keep both options so players have options? Seems odd that the mortar has more options than the VLS or the Hammer. Also has anything changed regarding identifying empty vehicles? Was messing about in the editor testing the new missiles etc.. and spotters only call out occupied vehicles so cannot be targeted.... Oh ....and thanks for the free Encore stuff..... not here just to moan ;-)
  2. petek

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Apologies for going off topic but this is how I felt about the view distance changes that were implemented before APEX. Making a change that removed the ability of the player to adjust to the performance they personally felt was acceptable by having the ghastly "pop in" for objects over 2 km away...... I always have to play with the "set view distance 2 scripts" or adding it myself. Generally the more control the player easily has about adjusting the game was one of the things I loved about the series......... Having said that I've not stuck with any other game series for 17 years so please don't go changin' BIS ;-)
  3. "Tweaked: AI helicopter gunners are now more prone to use DAGRs and Scalpels (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T128103) " Does anyone know how this works? I did a few "gun runs" as pilot of blackfoot and AI gunner still doesn't select and use guided missiles (loaded with DAGRs and Scalpels) even when the gun is empty - still only when I (as the pilot) switch to the missles and command fire when locked. More mixed results observing same scenario with AI as both pilot and gunner and a seek and destroy waypoint - still seemed to mostly engage with gun but missles do seem to be used..... cheers
  4. Asolutely +1 for the changes to the armoured vehicle crew loadouts! I've always hated the bandolier for these units - I was hoping the vehicle crews would get a re-work in Tanks DLC ..... still hopeful ;-)
  5. petek

    Firing from Vehicles feedback

    I'd love the return of shooting personal weapons from co-pilot seat of Hummingbird etc... I know it was in Dev build at one pint but there were issues? I'd still like the VBS-style ability to use personal weapons even if turned out at manned turret - especailly for grenades or switching to sniper rifles....... cheers
  6. Can anyone confirm the changed to ammo count for vehicles and the calibre changes mentioned in the update? Seems for me the MGs on APCs are still showing as 6.5mm and the ammo count still is 1 ready and 1 reload for MRAPs? cheers
  7. Thanks for the reply wattywatts - liking the DLC overall but always want "mooar" - Static Vorona and SPG-9 would be great if it made it. Would also echo the sentiment that final fixes / textures and NATO Pacific skins I hope are still on the cards at some point.....as well as features that were introduced and removed due to issues...... would love FFV from co-pilot of littlebird to return ..... and whatever did happen to single player Apex???? ;-) Thanks again BIS for keeping me entertained/hopeful/frustrated and appreciative over all these years!
  8. Is the armed prowler broken in Dev? Can't get in to the front MG gunner seat (shows 2 "gunner" positions selectable - did it used to show "commander"?? Also the actual gunner MG wont fire. Can anyone verify please? cheers
  9. Ah - thanks for clearing that up mate - I'd never used the Titan to lock on a designated target...... pity .... sounds like a cool facility I've missed out on!
  10. Hi - Got to be honest - not happy about "Tweaked: Titan laser guidance has been removed" - if this means we can no longer "steer" the missile? How would one use an anti tank missile against a "cold target"? Also Anti Personnel missiles are presumably not used against "hot" targets (unless body heat counts?) I've done some limited testing and seems can still "steer" the missile...... am I mis-understanding something? (don't get me wrong - I want "steering" to stay!!;-)) cheers
  11. Must admit I personally use the titan with IR lock and manually guided - would miss it if changed (as above - engine cold still want to hit armor) Liking the changes - really looking forward to them expanding/refining
  12. the "Fixed: The RCO, MRCO, ARCO and ERCO had an artifact on the lens when the sun was reflected from them " Seems to have broken most of these for the magnified optics..... Seems okay in Arsenal with a few (the black and green hex ARCO for example) but others seem opaque