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  1. Ah - thanks for clearing that up mate - I'd never used the Titan to lock on a designated target...... pity .... sounds like a cool facility I've missed out on!
  2. Hi - Got to be honest - not happy about "Tweaked: Titan laser guidance has been removed" - if this means we can no longer "steer" the missile? How would one use an anti tank missile against a "cold target"? Also Anti Personnel missiles are presumably not used against "hot" targets (unless body heat counts?) I've done some limited testing and seems can still "steer" the missile...... am I mis-understanding something? (don't get me wrong - I want "steering" to stay!!;-)) cheers
  3. Must admit I personally use the titan with IR lock and manually guided - would miss it if changed (as above - engine cold still want to hit armor) Liking the changes - really looking forward to them expanding/refining
  4. the "Fixed: The RCO, MRCO, ARCO and ERCO had an artifact on the lens when the sun was reflected from them " Seems to have broken most of these for the magnified optics..... Seems okay in Arsenal with a few (the black and green hex ARCO for example) but others seem opaque
  5. Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Very nice so far!
  6. Sad times - thanks for all you've contributed Katie and good luck with everything. Take care
  7. Thanks for the feedback guys. Seems to work fine for pilots now. Still seems to be an issue that if you assign guided weapons to the co-pilot (gunner) and save it switches to right door gunner control. BIS is there a fix for this? EDIT - actually this just worked as it should ONCE - now it's back to as above! cheers
  8. All in all enjoying the campaign so far - different take on things - Bravo for something different (and of course the donation to the Red Cross) Does highlight to me 3 existing issues (apologies if a little off topic/or mentioned already:- Pop-in on the small trees on Altis is bloody awful (I swear it wasn't this bad when the game first came out!) For the love of God can we have a different animation for controlling drones??! The "I've lost my keys" schtick is unworthy ;-)) No women!!!;-) Keep up the good work BIS and thanks
  9. Can't Start Helicopter

    Hi it'll be whichever is now your "collective raise" - left shift in my case
  10. It existed but was removed due to some problems (can't remember specifics...). I also would like it back if possible
  11. Hi dragon01 - thanks for replying. The issue seems to be it reverts to the door gunner from the gunner each time. cheers
  12. Has anyone been able to use the new feature " Added: An icon to the pylons settings to change the owner pilot / gunner of a weapon" with the Hellcat? If assigned to gunner/co-pilot I can't change weapons to ASRAAM or skalpels so copilot can't use them? EDIT - actually seems to change the owner to one of the door gunners rater than gunner each time! Cool feature if functional - DARs back to the pilot as it should be and greater flexibilty. Other issue seems that if you assign DAGR to pilot of Blackfoot as soon as you lock to engage target your gunner will open up with the cannon even if ordered "hold fire" BIS Dev's - any plan to implement some form of aiming assist for the guided weapons for co-pilots without a targeting cam? Thinking of Pawnee and Hellcat especially - lot of guess work involved but glad of the ability. In third person we seem to get the "Diamond" so could that be implemented in 1st person? Cheers
  13. As always Team CUP thank you for all your hard work on this. It is much appreciated! Cheers
  14. Hi - I think you can select 32 bit .exe from the parameters tab on the launcher window
  15. 64 bit for me. Although arma3 looks better now than 4 years ago it's kind of annoying that performance for me is worse than it was originally and I'm now using a higher spec'd machine. cheers