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Addon & Mod Compilation List

This list sorts and organizes all the addons and mods on Armaholic into specific categories based on their subject.


As of November 2018 this list is no longer being worked on

see my last 2 posts for details.


Legend - (List Terminology)

  • The Menu below represents the menu you see HERE
  • The Titles in the menu are links such as Arma 3 Gear, or Arma 3 Packs for example are links that will take you to a post specific to that title.
  • The Date to the right of the Title represent the last time that section was updated.
  • The WIP to the right of a Title means that section is work in progress (being worked on).
  • The Spoilers under the titles list the specific categories for a given title.
  • The Categories sort and group content (addons & mods) into different sections.
  • The Sections are the groups of content separated by categories.
  • The Listings are the addons and mods themselves, 1 listing is one addon or mod.
  • The Descriptions are the information seen to the right of a listing.

Why is the legend important?

For the menu it helps you know what is what, as for the categories, sections and listings,

in my updates i use this terminology to indicate what was updated, added to or changed.


Downloads / Arma 3 / Addons

Arma 3 Gear

  • Altimeters, Compass, Earplugs, Flashlights, & Maps
  • Backpack Radios, & Parachutes
  • Backpacks, & Vests
  • Berets, Hats, Helmets, Headgear, & Masks
  • Glasses, Goggles/NVG
  • Insignia, & Patches
  • Optics, & Scopes
  • Equipment, Gear Packs, &  Uniform Retextures
  • Uniforms
  • Vehicle Insignias, & Marks
  • Vehicle Retextures, & Reskins

Arma 3 Packs

  • Choppers & Plane Packs
  • Civil & Police Packs
  • Factions
  • Retexture Packs
  • Units & Forces Packs
  • Vehicle Packs

Arma 3 Miscellaneous

  • [Alpha] & [Beta] Files
  • ACE, ACR, CBA, RHS, Compatibility, Event handlers, Patches, & Support
  • AI Command, Enhancement, Formations, Interaction, & Spawn
  • Aircrafts, Flying, Halo, & Parachutes
  • Ammo, Ballistics, Magazines, Tools, & Weapons
  • Ammobox, Arsenal, Gear selection, & Inventory
  • Animations, Cutscenes, Intros, & Poses
  • Backpacks & Launchers
  • Blood, Bodies, & Ragdoll
  • Boats
  • Cams, Camera, Zoom, & 1st/3rd person view
  • Clans, Squad, & Unit addons
  • Climbing, Jumping, Movement, Mounting, & Vaulting
  • Compass, Ctab, GPS, NVG, & Radio
  • Death & Medical
  • Dragging, Fastrope, Rappelling, Sling loading, & Towing
  • Drawing, Maps, Markers, & Notes
  • Driving, Tanks, & Vehicles
  • Editor Modules
  • Eden Editor & Missions, Mission creation
  • Explosions, Smoke, & Sound
  • Faces, heads, & Skins
  • Factions
  • Fatigue, Recoil, Stamina, & Sway
  • Fixes
  • Fonts
  • Grass, Maps, Terrain, & Water
  • Hud, Interaction, Menu, User Interface, Video Settings
  • Infantry Gameplay features & functions
  • Nametags
  • Scopes & functions
  • Server, Tools, & Code
  • Sky, View Distance, & Weather
  • Survival
  • Total conversion mods
  • Tracers
  • Zeus
  • Arma 3 Objects

  • Arma 3 Replacement Packs

  • Arma 3 Sounds

  • Arma 3 Terrain

  • Arma 3 Units

  • Arma 3 Vehicles

  • Arma 3 Weapons

Downloads / Arma 3 / Editing

A new compilation list will be established in Mission editing & Scripting section of the forum

  • Arma 3 Tools
  • Arma 3 Scripts

  • Arma 3 Templates

Downloads / Arma 3 / Misc and Utilities

Downloads / Arma 3 / Modules

This will be sorted according to country, and type

Downloads / Arma 3 / Scenarios

A missions compilation list will be established in the User Missions section of the forum

  • Arma 3 SP missions
  • Arma 3 Co-op missions

  • Arma 3 Multiplayer Gamemodes

  • Arma 3 Mission Packs

  • Arma 3 Campaigns


Authors of these addons, mods, need credit for their work, I would hope that this compilation
list will bring more attention and appreciation from the community to them.

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Hey this is super useful, thanks Gunter!.....the layout looks great too man.  :)

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Thanks guys, I hope that with this i can make locating addons, and mods more efficient, easier, and faster for you, it  will definitely help

me too for my WarMods i want to build ;)


Main reason I am building the list:

I love Armaholic, but imo the addons and mods sections of the site are to general with its listings. Aside using the search box, tags, alphabetical order, or reviewing each listing for a

given section trying to find what your looking for or get an idea of what your looking for is tedious.


Personally im lazy, and hate disorganization, i hate clutter, i hate everything in one place that has no place it should be.

Basically a closet full of shit and everything under the sun mixed in it.

Seriously it drives me mad, enough to do something about it.

I hate stuff spread out all over creation too, and i always view this sort of stuff like im new to the game and trying to find this or that.


After going through 22 pages in the gear section, opening each link (listing) in a new tab, and seeing what each addon/mod does based on description, pics, ect,.

i ended up creating categories based on them, as you can see already i ended up with 12 new categories just from the gear section alone.


Obviously i cannot change Armaholic's setup as im sure it would be a ton of work to sort the whole site, so I'm doing it here instead for the community, the thread cant take away from the site but

only add to it imo as all the links are from there, but I think that the list will help people get the chance to see some addons, and mods they never seen before.


What I wanted to do with the list initially is have a pic from the actual listing itself for each listing, so for example

the 1st listing at the top would look like this:



Helmet Mounted Displays Mod - changed helmet Mounted Displays for the Little Bird, Ghosthawk, Hellcat, Merlin, Comanche, Orca and Kajman.


Imo this isn't going to work, i would run out of characters in the list and end up with multiple pages for this, what i wanted to do is have it where when you hover your mouse cursor

over the name of the addon/mod that a pic would show but have no idea on how to do that, plus the added code whatever it may be would add to the character

limit for the post so i threw the idea out.


Also for the link itself to the addon/mod i use this site: http://tinyurl.com/which will turn a link into a smaller link, for example

the listing above ended up with this:



The following URL:

has a length of 42 characters and resulted in the following TinyURL which has a length of 26 characters: http://tinyurl.com/zrjzafs


So why is less characters important? Because you have a limited amount like 100,000 i think for a thread you can post, 1 word --->  word = 4 characters! do the math.

Anyways so the listings are what they are currently, as I get into further into Armaholic sections I may have it where 1 post will be one section, and then just link that to the first post,

and have it where you have Tier system we'll see.

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Following has been completed:

  • Reordered categories so they are Alphabetical (categories are blue btw)
  • Finished links and descriptions for both Insignias and Patches category
  • Separated Equipment Retextures, and Uniforms
  • Finished adding links to the Equipment retextures category

What needs to be done yet for the Arma3 Gear section:

  • add descriptions to the Equipment retextures category
  • separate uniforms based on country (already done in my bookmarks, just need to do it on the list)
  • add links to each listing for the uniforms (this will take god forever, would be faster if i can transfer text with embedded links in them like before)
  • add description to each listing for the uniforms category

Next step & Plans

Once the Arma 3 Gear section is done, i will to transfer it to a new post (a reply to the thread here) and link it to the main post,

as my plan is to have a category menu where you click on the subject and get a drop down menu of all the subjects, subjects will have a brief description as well

as list the categories under that title, you'll click on that subject and be taken to a reply (post) which has all the listings for that particular subject.


Menu Reason

I'm doing it this way as it takes to long to take a link, turn it into a tiny url(read my previous post) so instead and more specific to a given subject, i can just post a reg link,

but the issue will arise when i have all subjects with however many categories and then their listings within them, the page itself will reach its character limit and then I'll be forced to start

a new listing anyways, an example of this is my AI Compilation list where i reached the limit and had to start a new 2nd page listing.


A menu will be ideal anyways as it keeps subjects and categories specific and in one place without cluttering them among other subjects and categories,

yes ideally i want everything in one place as i dont care to chase for information.


Just to note at the bottom of the OP i have in red the last time I updated the thread aside my reply post here.

All for now.



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Small update, want to let you guys know what my plans are atm for this, currently I'm working on one of my mods to be released soon ;) so i may not get to this until thats done which is soon.

But for the list here, I still need to finish the uniform section which will take some time, however I'm going to wait on it for the time being as Im waiting for the forum upgrade aspect to enable

the function of embedding text with links, as on my bookmarks for my browser I have a whole compilation of sections sorted for the list.


And it is alot easier for me to copy n paste a whole folder of bookmarks (a category) then it is to individually paste a title of a mod then get the link and then add a description,

its extremely tedious and time consuming, so I am waiting on the uniforms part til i can do that.


Aside that my plan is to create reply posts to the thread with new sections, and these will be linked to the first post, the first post will be like a huge menu, atm Im not going to

start with the menu as i want to finish the gear listings i have there currently, which I want to move to a new post in the thread here and then link that.

    Problem with this idea is that if I copy n paste everything in a new post (reply) all the links will break as the forum currently dont support or is not enabled

embedding of links with text that comes from somewhere else. All for now.

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Some news and info for you guys, my mod im working on is almost finished, and as soon as i release that, I'll be back working on this.

I want to give you guys a better idea of what the menu on page one will look like and how it will be organized:

Downloads / Arma 3 / Addons

  • Arma3 Gear (currently working on)
  • Arma 3 Packs
  • Arma 3 Miscellaneous

  • Arma 3 Objects

  • Arma 3 Replacement Packs

  • Arma 3 Sounds

  • Arma 3 Terrain

  • Arma 3 Units

  • Arma 3 Vehicles

  • Arma 3 Weapons

Downloads / Arma 3 / Editing

  • Arma 3 Tools
  • Arma 3 Scripts

  • Arma 3 Templates

Downloads / Arma 3 / Misc and Utilities

  • This has its own section, there are no subsections or subjects with pages/listings in them, so this section will be sorted
Downloads / Arma 3 / Modules
  • This will be sorted according to country, and type

Downloads / Arma 3 / Scenarios

  • Arma 3 SP missions
  • Arma 3 Co-op missions

  • Arma 3 Multiplayer Gamemodes

  • Arma 3 Mission Packs

  • Arma 3 Campaigns


Menu Layout

  1. I will setup a menu on the 1st post looking like the above layout as it is on Armaholic.
  2. Then each section which is a title basically like this for example ---> Downloads / Arma 3 / Addons will have its own subsections.
  3. A subsection will be a title or subject again another example---->  Downloads / Arma 3 / Addons / Gear , so Arma3 Gear will be a subsection
  4. All Subsections will be linked on the 1st post under their sections, subsections will take you to a post in the thread where each listing for that section has been sorted and categorized into their corresponding subjects
  5. Each subject in a subsection will have their respective listings, they will have a title, and a description for them.
  6. All subject titles will be the links themselves which will take you to its page(listing) on armaholic.


So everything above in the menu will be those subjects and subsections that I will be sorting, there are a few missing there as they have only a few listings on their pages.

The plan and goal is to complete a subsection a week, possibly sooner depending on what the subsection has and the size of it, also real life, energy, factors too.


All for now. :)

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Arma 3 Gear

Altimeters, Compass, Earplugs, Flashlights, Radios, Maps, & Watches



  • =ATM= Altimeter  adds a Altimeter (ASL -> above sea level) with the time and the bearing of your body.







Backpack & Equipment - (Functions & Tweaks)

  • DP A3 LongRifles In Backpacks - allows you to place any of the long rifles in ArmA 3 + DLC + APEX to be placed into your large capacity backpacks
  • ExoMod Remastered - adds a line of exoskeletons. Exoskeletons have a special ability of being able to jump with the help of special boosters or to fight with pomschi servos of the exoskeleton.
  • Gear Functions - Interact with your gear.
  • MRH Satellite - Satellite backpack that can be put on the ground and used to deploy a satellite control console.
  • Medic Bag - ACE3
  • Personal Insignia Extension - adds a new drop down box to Arma 3's profile editor allowing you to set a personal insignia that will apply to your in-game avatar.

Backpack Radios, & Parachutes


Backpack Radios


Backpacks & Vests




Berets, Hats, Helmets, Headgear, & Masks







Glasses & Goggles/NVG




Insignias & Patches




Equipment, Gear packs, & Uniform Retextures



Gear Packs


Optics & Scopes






  • Afghan Pack - 17 Afghan camouflage Uniforms and 4 standard,using the independent side uniform.












  • Colombian Pack - 4 Colombian camouflage Uniforms and 3 standard, 3 enemy uniforms which can only be worn by opfor units, Civs can wear any uniform, all using the independent side uniform.








Gameplay Tweaks






New Zealand


  • AL Forces - simulates the Portuguese uniforms and was designed to answer the need of having military uniforms and vehicles for the various types of terrain and maps.
  • PTSIMS Task Force Lite - contains Portuguese uniforms.





Vehicle Insignias & Marks


Vehicle Retextures & Reskins


Back to Menu

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Arma 3 Packs

Choppers & Plane Packs


Civil & Police Packs


Retexture Packs

  • 2035 Rearmed (Conversion-Mod) 2035-Rearmed is a conversion mod, which juggles with base-game assets and repaints them.
  • AAF Desert  a complete retexture pack which adds a desert style variant to the standard green AAF uniforms, units, vehicles and weapons.
  • ADF Vanilla - Arma 3 Vanilla Re-Texture to Australian Defense Force
  • After East Wind a retexture mod and hopefully in the future a set of missions set in the time a few years after the East Wind campaing on Altis, ending with a NATO victory.
  • All Terrains Camo NATO uniforms, vests etc are made for the NATO, INDEP and OPFOR factions.
  • ArmaReTex aims to retexture already existing models within arma 3, along with some big mods like RHS and smaller weapon mods; in the aim to create more playable factions for different types of scenarios and terrains.
  • Black Stag International Equipment A collection of altered RHS, vanilla, and apex content for use in the Black Stag PMC series by Borderline Tactical.
  • Bundeswehr ReTex Pack
  • CFB Skins Adds new skins for the base ARMA units inspired by Canadian Armed Forces.
  • Death Pack PMC A fictional private military corporation designed to ad more PMC flavor besides CUP's ION.
  • Dusty's RHS Project retexture as always and new sounds for uniforms and guns.
  • Eddie`s Content Pack contains retextures of vanilla Arma 3 assets. Mod is for those who always felt lack of neutrality in vanilla Arma 3. Now you can create various PMCs, Bandits and some neutral units
  • NATO EU + Other European Nations Retex Pack The aim of this mod is to interact between multinational Arma groups.
  • OPCAN - OPTRE Reskin Pack OPCAN Is a reskin pack for the halo mod OPTRE. It focuses on Multiplayer use as it contains more uniform variety (canon and fictional) to play in. Along with new vehicle skins.
  • OPTRE Z OPTRE_Z is a temporary standalone modification mean to give the community a early preview of new content from primarily ZephyrSouza
  • Rexture Project replaces all vanilla uniform and weapon textures with custom ones.
  • Tac Pack
  • Winter Overhaul adds winter camo variations most of the Vanilla weapons uniforms and vehicles/aircraft.
  • WY Snow Winter Effects Contains ParticleEffects Class to generate Snow Blizzard, and is a retexture pack.

Units & Forces Packs

Vehicle Packs


Back to Menu

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Arma 3 Miscellaneous - WIP

[Alpha] & [Beta] Files



ACE, ACR, CBA, RHS, Compatibility, CUP, Event handlers, Patches, & Support




Event Handlers



AI Command, Enhancement, Formations, Interaction, & Spawn

Accuracy & Skill



Formations & Movement



Patrol, & Spawn

Shouts, & Sounds

Aircrafts, Flying, Halo, & Parachutes

Actions, Interactions, & Gameplay functions





Ballistics, Magazines, Tools, & Weapons


Gameplay Functions, & Features


Tools, & Weapons

Ammobox, Arsenal, Gear selection, & Inventory



Gear, & Loadout Selection


Animations, Cutscenes, Intros, & Poses



Intros, & Loading Screens

Poses, & Postures

Backpacks & Launchers

Blood, Bodies, & Ragdoll






Cams, Camera, Zoom, & 1st/3rd person view




1st/3rd Person View

Clans, Squad, & Unit addons

Climbing, Jumping, Movement, Mounting, & Vaulting

Compass, Ctab, GPS, NVG, & Radio



GPS, Range Finder, & Trackers



Death & Medical



Dragging, Fastrope, Rappelling, Sling loading, & Towing




Sling Loading


Drawing, Maps, Markers, & Notes


  • 9Liners and Notepad
  • FHQ Map Draw

Maps, & Functions

  • [FAZ] 8 digits Coordinates A3
  • bhc_map_contour
  • Codings Blufortracker
  • Codings Opfortracker
  • More readable map
  • ShackTac Map Autobrightness
  • ShackTac Map Gestures
  • Tao Folding Map - Alternate

Markers, & Symbols

  • [=PUG=] Earmark
  • =ARC= Map Markers
  • 1st BBR EZ Markers
  • Andor's Nato Symbols
  • Bohemia Revive Icon Marker
  • Classic tactical ping
  • Enhanced Marker Placement
  • Extended Map Markers
  • GossamerSolid's Marker Colors
  • ILG Map Markers (Life)
  • Improved group map markers
  • Map advanced markers
  • Map Icons (Life)
  • NATO Markers+
  • OFP Markers
  • PLP Markers
  • SFP: Swedish Markers
  • SL Marker Service
  • Soviet Markers
  • Sweet markers system
  • TimeMarkers
  • WW2 Markers
  • WW2 Markers - Divisions of the Commonwealth
  • WW2 Markers - Divisions of the United States
  • WW2 Markers - German Divisions
  • Zeu MarkerLogging

Driving, Tanks, & Vehicles


  • Armor Improvement System (AIS)
  • Dusty stabilized turret
  • Real Armor Mod

Vehicle Functions

  • ArmaPlace: First person drivers
  • Boost/Thrust for Cars and More!
  • BoxLoader - Vehicle in Vehicle loading
  • Dust Wind Effect
  • dzn Vehicle on Fire
  • ESPI Car Tuning
  • FFV for Quadbikes
  • Fuel consumption - Addon
  • Fulton Recovery
  • G.O.S Quick Mount
  • Openable doors For A3 vehicles
  • Proman View For Vehicles
  • Vehicle Doors and Lights

Editor Modules

  • =VQI= SCAR -- Enemy Spawn System
  • =VQI= Core
  • =VQI= Diver System
  • =VQI= E.O.D System
  • =VQI= FUSE
  • =VQI= H.A.L.O. System
  • =VQI= Sniper System
  • Advanced JTAC TAB module
  • ALiVE - Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment
  • Earthquake Module
  • Karma Modules
  • Pwner's Ares Modules
  • Snow Storm Module (by ALIAScartoons)
  • Werthles' Headless Module
  • XLib
  • A3 Height Map Extractor
  • Arma 3 Animals Module - Extended
  • foxMod Configuration
  • Hunter'z Economy Module
  • Hunter'z Persistency Module
  • JSHK Contamination Area Mod

Eden Editor & Missions, Mission creation

Eden Editor

  • 3den Enhanced
  • 3den Module Informator
  • CompoT
  • CompoT_dev
  • E3DEN
  • FHQ EdenTT
  • Map shadow
  • Mission Editor Expansion
  • Show Object ID's Eden plugin
  • Suicide Bomber
  • T3DEN
  • Terra's 3den

Mission Creation Tools

  • Actionbuilder
  • ARMA 3 Mission Framework
  • Core Mission Framework
  • Custom Combat Patrol
  • Disable default BI missions
  • Dynamic Combat Generator
  • EUTW PVP Warfare Layout Editor
  • FHQ TaskTracker
  • Green Screen Mod - Mages_GreenScreen
  • MAD External Script
  • Mission Control Center Sandbox 4
  • Pomi - Allow Save
  • Red Framework
  • Revo's Music Pack
  • RHS Merge (RU) - EvroMalarkey Edit
  • Sand storm
  • SFP Multiplayer Map Editor - Atlas
  • Slaughter Assets A2 Import
  • Sparfell's Workshop - Missing Objects STDR
  • Spyder Addons
  • Stars Editing Suite
  • VDEBUG (Virtual Debug tool)
  • TAG I'M IT

Explosions, Smoke, & Sound

  • Arma 3 Aegis - Lens Flare


  • [EODS] Explosive ordnance disposal suite
  • [EODS] Explosive ordnance disposal suite - burnes15th edit
  • AFI Better Explosives
  • Blastcore A3
  • Blastcore compiled by neetch
  • Blastcore Edited (a fix version)
  • Blastcore Edited (standalone version)
  • Explosives attachTo Objects - [JTAC]
  • Extended fire (for Blastcore Edited)
  • WarFX only Blast


  • Better Smoke and Explosion (BSAE) / Blastcore Phoenix edit
  • Eusares FX
  • Splendid Smoke
  • Vanilla smoke (for Blastcore Edited)


  • FSS Immersion

Faces, heads, & Skins


  • 40ish Mean Looking CSAT faces
  • Camofaces
  • KGB Camo Faces
  • Man-E-Faces
  • Not So Man-E-Faces
  • SC Custom Faces


  • ASCZ Heads
  • ZiR - Headpack#1 (Africa)


  • Dawn of the Dead: Infected Skins


  • AAF Desert Extra
  • CPC Factions
  • CTRG Group 14 Faction
  • Soviet Armed Forces

Fatigue, Recoil, Stamina, & Sway


  • Basic Training
  • Drifter's Fatigue Remover
  • Extended Fatigue
  • Hand fatigue
  • Improved Fatigue System
  • L_armFatigue
  • Legacy Fatigue Mod
  • Lupo Enhancement Mod
  • Zero Fatigue
  • ZeroReal NoSway NoFatigue
  • ZeroReal Reduced Sway NoFatigue


  • GC's No Recoil, No Weapon Sway


  • [Q-Net] NoStamina
  • Arma 3 improved mod
  • Disable Stamina MOD
  • Drifter's Stamina Remover
  • NoUIstaminabar
  • Remove stamina
  • Remove stamina - ACE 3
  • ShackTac Stamina Bar
  • Stam Fix
  • StamiNOPE
  • Ultimate Soldier 3 No Stamina


  • Fixed Exaggerated Weapon Sway
  • Grace Sway
  • iFatigue: No sway and stamina
  • Reduced Weapon Sway
  • Reliable Sway
  • Revo's No Sway
  • Revo's Reduced Sway
  • VanZant's SteadyShot
  • Weapon Sway


  • A3 FreeAim FIX
  • Artillery Guided Shells Fix
  • Bamse RHS Blastcore Tracers - FoxFort Edit Smoke Fix
  • Chernarus Redux Water Fix
  • EricJ Taliban Units [RHS Fix]
  • Footstep Sound Fix - Thirsk Winter
  • Functional Swivel Targets
  • GLT Respawn Template Fix
  • JSRS SOUNDMOD - Dependency Fixes
  • Radar Fix
  • RHSxACE3 fragmentation fix
  • ruPal Lobby Fix
  • ruPal RHS M4/M16 UGL animation fix
  • XLA FixedArsenal


  • Arma 3 With Purista Font
  • Etelka for Arma 3

Grass, Maps, Terrain, & Water


  • [FAZ] Low Grass A3
  • GC's High Grass
  • GC's Low Grass
  • GC's Low Grass - No Apex
  • Lowgrass. Reduced Clutter For Arma3, CUP & CUP CWA Terrains
  • Nograss Mod


  • CH Bright Nights
  • Land Navigation Mod
  • Map Textures
  • Reduced haze


  • New lighting for CUP terrains


  • Altis Maxtide
  • Altis Tidesystem
  • Flood Altis
  • Malden Tidesystem
  • Pond Remover
  • Stratis Tidesystem
  • Tanoa Tides
  • Tanoa Tidesystem
  • Tanoa Tidesystem

Hud, Interaction, Menu, User Interface, Video Settings


  • @LevElite: Mini Clean Hud Mod
  • BlueHud - Enhanced Periphal Vision HUD
  • CZ75 Stance Indicator
  • HMDs CUP
  • Hud Vitals
  • LAxemann's Immerse
  • No more walk with overload
  • ruPal Headgear Modding (RHS and ACE3)
  • ShackTac Fireteam HUD (STHUD) and Group Indicators (STGI)
  • Status Hud
  • VPHUD (Virtual Pilot Head-Up Display)
  • Wolfpack's HUD Hider
  • XTacticalHud


  • ACE Interaction Menu Expansion
  • Action Button Mod
  • Arma Chess Set
  • Armed Tactics Mod Pack
  • Atlas' Hitmarkers
  • Beazley's No BLUFOR Radio Protocol
  • Bnae's Functions
  • d_finger: "Point a finger at" addon
  • DasCleverle's Logistics Pack
  • DP ArmA 3 Apex Door Locks
  • DP ArmA 3 Door Locks
  • Fluid Door/Hatch Opening [BETA]
  • GDSN Shoulder Tap
  • Ghost Recon CROSSCOM
  • justBuild
  • Keys - Enhanced Interaction System
  • Knock on Tanks
  • Knock People Unconscious
  • MOCAP Melee
  • MRHMilSimTools
  • R3F Advance Logistics
  • seelenlos Slay
  • Selective Hearing
  • ShackTac Interact
  • SP Control Module
  • Support Call
  • Tab My squad
  • Tactical Hand Signals
  • TBR Pointer
  • TimeXleration SP
  • WMO - Walkable Moving Objects


  • Arma 3 menu
  • Chief Wiggum's Actionmenu
  • Menu Extension
  • Rotation Menu System
  • Toni's Barrier Menu
  • UniAddonConf

User Interface

  • Athena mod
  • Dedicated Rejects Coop Enhancement Pack (Dr_CEP)
  • MGI Tactical Pack
  • Niipaa's Workshop - Real Time Script Engine
  • No Chat Mod
  • Real weapons and vehicles name (RWVN)
  • Revo's Mine Detector
  • Sahrani Rearmed A3 - UI File
  • Seelenlos Telegraphy Service (SLT)
  • ShackTac User Interface
  • SHOL's interface based utillities (IBU)
  • Skippy Team Roster
  • STUI Settings
  • Super Miller Land Files
  • Targeted Bug Handler
  • The Phone
  • The Super Soldier Mode
  • UIcorrections
  • XActionUI

Video Settings

  • Arma 3 enhanced tactical ping
  • Enhanced Video Settings
  • Enhanced Visuals
  • HA Forced shadows
  • Moduload — Save-Game Mod Initializer
  • Real Light - ReShade Preset
  • Revo's Simple Quicksave
  • Simple Single Player Cheat Menu
  • TPW Settings
  • True Ultra Shadow settings

Infantry Gameplay features & functions

  • CH Rebalance Pack
  • Custom function "CurrentGrenade"
  • Cyprus Autorun
  • Dynamic Cover System
  • Enhanced User Suppression System
  • Fly Anywhere
  • Forced AFM Settings
  • Hidden Snakes
  • Improved Melee System
  • JumpMF
  • No Idle (Standing)
  • r0dx864 tweaks
  • Rested Weapon Movement
  • RS - Rain Textures
  • SlowMotion 2.0
  • Suppress
  • Switching weapons while moving
  • tort_escape


  • =TSS= NameTag
  • A3C: Name Tag Mod
  • Axy Recognition
  • DTAG - A simple dogtag addon
  • Seelenlos Marker Service (SLMD)
  • ShackTac Group Indicators
  • ShackTac Name Tags
  • ZAM - ShowNames

Scopes & functions

  • =TSS= SLOVETIR - Scopes Love TrackIR
  • Ace NO Scopes Advanced
  • ASDG LightSwitch
  • L_Align
  • LAxemann's Mount

Server, Tools, & Code


  • BetterChat
  • iniDBI
  • Killing Grounds Client
  • Killing Grounds Server
  • MumbleLink
  • No Chain
  • NoRemoteExec_Server.pbo
  • Server Forced Difficulty
  • Server side smoke (for Blastcore Edited)
  • Server Transfer System
  • SHOL's no manual respawn (NMR)
  • SRU - Persistent Database and Resupply
  • Sunday Revive
  • Wasteland & Life Persistent Databases


  • arma-ws
  • ArmaRAMDb
  • ArmaRedisClient
  • Athena AAR - An AAR Solution for Athena
  • Automated After Action Report Generator
  • BASIX Serverside Anti-Hack / Administration Mod
  • Dictionary
  • eConz - The Easy Console
  • GAM DataPlot
  • NSS Admin Console
  • Simple debug console
  • STrAC Export Tool
  • XEAT AdminTool


  • ARMA C# & JS (NodeJS) Extension
  • zeu tkLog

Sky, View Distance, & Weather


  • Ambient Birds (Complete Pack)
  • Ambient Birds for Altis, Stratis and Malden
  • Ambient Birds for Bariga
  • Ambient Birds for CUP Terrains
  • Ambient Birds for Malden
  • Ambient Birds for Namalsk
  • Ambient Birds for Stratis
  • Ambient Birds for Tanoa
  • Blastcore: Skies
  • Observation Night Sky
  • Sullen Skies (Complete Pack)
  • Sullen Skies for Altis, Stratis, Malden and VR Map
  • Sullen Skies for Bariga
  • Sullen Skies for Chernobyl Zone
  • Sullen Skies for CUP Terrains
  • Sullen Skies for Esseker
  • Sullen Skies for Malden
  • Sullen Skies for Napf Island A3
  • Sullen Skies for Prei Khmaoch Luong
  • Sullen Skies for Tanoa
  • Sullen Skies for Taunus


View Distance

  • CH View Distance Addon
  • Dynamic View Distance
  • Lowlands Warrior - Enhanced PiP Viewdistance
  • Mao Visibility
  • Mk 1 eyeballs
  • MRB Air Visibility
  • MRB Vehicle Visibility
  • TAW View Distance - Addon



  • Dynamic weather
  • Dynamic weather 2
  • NAS Wind
  • Real World Weather
  • TF Dust Storm Menu
  • TF Snow Storm Menu



  • Heros Survive
  • Kurt's survival system (KSS)


Total conversion mods

  • Authentic Gameplay Modification (AGM)
  • Combat Space Enhancement
  • Group Link 5 Special FX Edition
  • The Italian Division project - Core
  • TMR Modular Realism
  • TMR Modular Realism - Alternate
  • TMR Modular Realism - CSO (Client Side Only)



  • ACE Optionals - Particles & Tracers
  • ACE Tracers
  • Blastcore Tracers A3
  • Blastcore Tracers A3 - FoxFort Edit
  • ruPal Tracers Mod
  • Tracer Mod
  • Tracer Mod for RHS: AFRF
  • Tracer Mod for RHS: USAF
  • Tracer Mod: ACE version



  • [FOX] Admin
  • 3CB Kill Zeagle
  • Ares - Modules expanding Zeus functionality
  • Ares Mod - Achilles Expansion
  • ASCZ Custom Post-process Effects
  • Client's FPS, Displayed for Zeus
  • Code Sample: Custom Curator Waypoint Type
  • Curator Presets Mod
  • Custom Zeus Compositions
  • DXX Compositions
  • Extra Groups
  • KGB No Zeus Mod
  • OCAP Export Zeus Module
  • seelenlos Zeus
  • Zeus Integration with Servers and Headless Client

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thank you for doing this Gunter Severloh!

Real helpful since one just starting to build missions for my communities, so this will help finding good mods to build missions with. And skip the headache to stroll through armaholic long list and need to go in and check what they do

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Hey your welcome!

Thats the point of the thread to help people find what their looking for alot quicker, tbh it only makes sense to me to do it this way, and imo its inefficient to have alot of listings piled into one section.

Foxhound told me that he'd prefer it the way it is but would rather have a filter system which can work too but thats not really possible on the forums here, so i do the forum part for you guys :)


When i have no updates dont mean im not working on this as there is 2 parts to this:

1st part is going from page to page on armaholic for the section im going to add and sorting it and creating categories for the list and saving them to my browser (bookmarks).

2nd part is the actual update to the thread itself with added categories.


So during the week i do the sorting and categorizing, and weekends i do the actual adding to the thread, smaller sections will take alot less time to sort.

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Understandable that this will take time, it is a huge project that you are doing. I do some research for my communities, so we can do better missions. And finding info and then process it for people takes time, especaily when you need to translate it. 

Its kind of what you are doing, but what you are doing is so much bigger.

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Nice, yes, really all im doing is going from page to page in a section and looking for something common for the listings, once i see theres 3 or more for a particular subject of a listing

then i establish a category, then keep doing that until its finished, thats probably the tricky part of the whole project, once i have that then its a matter of putting everything in Alphabetical order,

getting links is easy as i just copy n paste them from one of the sorted browser folder that i established for a category, then the time consuming part is adding the descriptions to everything.


Next section will be the Arma3 packs.



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Gear packs was listed here previously, i have moved it to the post under Arma3 Gear.

edited - May 4th, 2018

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Arma 3 Packs completed!

Menu on first post now has added a link to the arma3 packs page.

The next addition is the Arma 3 Miscellaneous section of Armaholic website.


This section will take a bit more amount of time then the previous section. Stay Tuned!

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Edit an hour later....

The Miscellaneous section is a mess, im 5 pages into sorting so far out of 38 pages! :shock:, and I've ran into probably a pages worth (15 listings) of listings that belong

in other sections of the site, like you have decals and patches that belong in the Arma3 gear section which is where all the other insignias and patches are.

Then you have tools, utilities, mp misc stuff that belong in the arma3 tools section, and utilities, wtf :face_palm:  no wonder people have issues with finding stuff on armaholic!


You got things submitted and placed in the wrong sections, if theres a section for tools, why would you submit a tool to be thrown into the section I call clusterfuck which is basically armaholic;s closet,

it comes down to people have no clue where it goes, so just throw it into the miscellaneous section.

I actually hate the word miscellaneous, its another word for i have no clue and dont give a shit, if you dont care then why submit it!


That whole section is like garbage can of tools in a tool box, you have wrenches mixed in with screwdrivers, misc sockets that are thrown in that have a box where sockets are missing from,

might as well spill oil and gas on it too, seriously this section is a monument to disorganization, holy fuckme!


Well not to worry, for those that dont belong i have reported them being in the wrong section, and so far from where im at I have created 21 categories, yes from 5 pages of sorting!

What this means is, a category represents a subject basically, so for example lets say you have a listing (addon) thats for night vision, well i create a folder named night vision on my browser in

the browse's library, and then bookmark the link to that folder.

Just to give you an idea of how big one of the categories are so far from the sorting, i have a folder titled "Modules for the editor" and theres 11 listings so far i found out of 5 pages that are in there.

The miscellaneous section orders its listings Alphabetical order, so unless an addon has the same letter or a letter close to its listing which dont mean nothing really, or the same name then theres a

99 percent chance that its not on the same page or some other page.


Even if you use the tag system which imo i find to be a needle in a haystack, or the better sorting method the sort by letter, its ok too but you still have misc listings that will show up, if you had no idea

what the name of a listing (addon) was that you were looking for, you would be screwed imo, so my list here aims to solve that by putting those listings in their respective places based on what the addon (listing)
does, and then for a subjects category that its in all listings in that category is sorted by Alphabetical order.


I like doing this sort of thing, i find it fun, plus it helps me out for finding stuff for my WarMods i like to create, overall when i see something like this it moves me to a point where im actually irritated,

and frustrated, i mean it really bothers me, and i love the site its like a huge toybox!

I'm sure most people would just complain and say i wish this was organized or this or that, but they leave it at that, and call it to much work, or i dont know how, or what to do ect,.

Anyways i thought i'd bring that to your attention showing you how much a mess it is and what you can expect from me. Stay tuned for more additions & updates to come!


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  • Added bullets to the Arma3 Packs section - somehow i forgot to add this
  • Added 2 listings from the Miscellaneous section on Armaholic from where i am at with sorting to the Arma3 packs section and 1 to the Arma3 gear under Patches


Just to note the Miscellaneous section on armaholic is massive, i have taken a break from it in the past week only because im caught up with other projects,

but my plan which i just started today is to get at least a page a day worth of listings sorted.

When i mean sort, I mean i open each listing to see what they are and try to get an idea of what subject or category i create or add them too if i have one existing,

so 1 page is about 15 listings of addons ect,. and the miscellaneous section is 38 pages deep, if you go here this is the section im currently working on, if you look

at the top right, to the right of the page numbers you will see this:


Page: 1 of 38 / 15 lines per page / 569 lines in this section

so this means there is 15 lines a line is basically a listing imo and theres a total of 569 of them in total of 38pages, currently i have sorted the first 5pages, ran into a handful of listings i had to report,

and 2 that did not belong there which were moved and they were sent to arma3 gear and packs where they should be hence my update, now i continue.


So my goal is to sort at least a page a day, i can do more but this is my base work to at least keep the project moving, lastly when im not posting updates here im basically sorting the listings.

All for now.

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Hey guys,

Wanted to keep the community informed of my progression, I am still working on it, give or take a break and other things going on, the start of this past week I had

finished sorting the miscellaneous section of Armaholic.


Heres the results so far:

sorted 570 addons into 38 categories

Currently I am going through each folder of each category and sorting them based on the category title as most of the folders

I have setup for categories have more then one title to them. Once I get done with that i will be posting each category (folder) in alphabetical order, each folder has all the addons in them, once I post them,

all I will need to do is add the descriptions for each, which will prob take me another week to do. All for now.

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Alright so i dont get this really, i can see on Armaholic and PlaywithSIX that my mod has been upload to their sites, even says my use name on the author, problem is i havent done this.


Arma 3 Packs - Unit Mods = All Terrains Camo NATO


Anyone know how i can see who actually posted it? cant search on =V=C.Ritter on Armaholic as i can only type in the search bar, =V=C.Rit .., anyway am confused as hell

I have only uploaded my mod to the steam workshop, does it auto take mods from the workshop onto the sites?

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The thread here is just a compilation list of addons and mods that are on Armaholic, it just better sorts, and organizes it so people can find

addons and mods in detail and more specifically, I haven't worked on this thread since February as i got to busy with other things.


As for your addon which is this on armaholic ---> http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31631

Most likely it was one of the Armaholic team, or Foxhound himself who runs the site only they have the ability and access to create listings on their site,

best to ask him on the site as he can best give you the correct answer, send him a pm here:


you might have to register and or login into the site in order to pm him.


I cant help you aside the info i just gave you here, this thread is just my personal work for the Arma3 community, in no way am i affiliated, or work with or for Armaholic, or

am I being paid by them, or being supported by them, again just my own personal project as i love to compile and organize.


Lastly in the future goes for you and anyone else:

This thread is not the place to ask about issues with your mod be it uploaded wrongfully, or by mistake, needing an update, or whatever, all the links i have listed

are from Armaholic i have no way to edit, remove or update anything on the site itself other then report an addon in the wrong section which i have done in the past.

So please contact Foxhound or one of the Armaholic team to sort out whatever issue or needs you have.


As for my thread here i wish to update and continue my work on it, but right now im working on 2 video projects, and a new WarMod

so this project is on the backburner for now. Hope that helps.

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Whats up everyone, its been since February since i last worked on this, not fully back but heres a little something.

               A small update on the Gear section, heres what was done:

  • added titles to the Altimeters,Compass, Earplugs,Flashlights, & Maps section, the titles are the names of the section, just added to divide the listings, which will make listings more specific to a given subject.
  • added the word Parachutes to the title of the section - Backpack Radios & Parachutes - section as i want whats listed to have what the titles say
  • Bolded all the country names for the uniform listings

About it, i plan to get back into this soon, i will have to go through the 2 subjects i have already listed and update them as im sure some new addon

and mods have been listed since i was last working on it. 

     Very sorry for not staying on this and being consistent like i have been with my AI compilation list, but alot of things came up over the past year, I'm planning to come back to this,

but right now i have something else to compile ;)


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  • Equipment Retextures to Equipment & Uniform Retextures


Equipment & Uniform Retextures

  • Added and Divided section into equipment and uniforms

added - new listings under

uniforms - under USA

  • 1st SFG Uniforms - A collection of uniforms used by the 1st SFG

uniforms - under Russian

  • 345th SGVAR - Mod Contains a set of M69 VDV Field Uniforms (Ranks Ryadovoy to Major) and a set of M69 VDV Barracks Uniforms (Ranks Ryadovoy to Major).


added - new listing under
Equipment & Uniform Retextures

  •  2000 Era US Smocks - retextures of gorka suit model made by PuFu. There are 7 variations.
  • 201st Blufor Retexture Pack - This is the 201st JTF official re-texture pack for Blufor forces in ArmA 3.
  • 4th Battalion 7th Marines Modpack - mod containing custom equipment for the 4th Battalion 7th Marines OPTRE unit.

Misc updates

  • Fixed misspells
  • reordered some listings not in alphabetical order
  • Fixed/changed all links under Altimeters,Compass, Earplugs,Flashlights, & Maps section to tiny urls
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Whats up everyone, its been since November since my last post here which was my last update to the list.

I wanted to give you guys some information on where and whats happening with this thread and why i haven't been working on it.

1st - Real life

This situation is i work a full time job in a warehouse on the night shift (9pm - 5,7am), during the winter season between November - March

the company i work for enters the busy season, and i end up doing 10-12hrs a day 5 days a week.

Thing is my job is very physical, i am pulling, and lifting freight all night long, during this season because of the demand i end up doing less if any projects at all for my favorite game ;)

only because im tired, lacking energy, motivation and desire, well the busy season is almost over here, the workload is getting lighter and lighter,

so the clouds are parting so to speak.

This means i get home earlier, if not earlier at least not as tired and burnt out as before because of the demand.

2nd - Plans

I plan on continuing this starting soon again, some good news is, i have a few new methods (tools) that have been brought to my attention

in a conversation i had with kju over the past winter.

These new tools will may make it possible for me to sort, and list the listing faster, right now im looking into these tools to see

how they work, function, running some tests, and going over some ideas based on the results.

3rd - Community Feedback

I would like to ask the community for some feedback on how what im building here can help you, vs just going to armaholic,

what im looking for is a perspective on how you would use the lists, and or what you use or would use it for.

This feedback gives me an idea of how i can better sort, label, title, and or set it up so things are quicker and efficient.


All for now.

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