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  1. Hey, I have just successfully imported my first headgear! 🎉 Besides that, I'd like to add some effect so when you're in the first person that it's somewhat dark (you can't see anything or very little). I have tried to look it up but without luck, as I have no idea what it would be called nor am I very good at figuring out codings. If someone who knows could help me out and potentially be patient with a noob like me would be much appreciated 😄 The effect would be a little bit like how ACE changes the Blindfolds from Contact DLC https://imgur.com/sfDtVJ8
  2. Hey, i am fairly new to scripting, where would I put these sections in? init.sqf ? And "(getPosATL player) vectorAdd [0,0, HEIGHT ABOVE SEA FLOOR]" on the player? (Assuming this still works after 4 years)
  3. Trigger: Activation Type: None Activation: BLUFOR Activation Type: Present Repeatable: Ticked Server Only: Unticked (For both triggers ^ Start/End Trigger) It works alright, no errors coming up, neither did it before. Was just more about how to add the timed message and make it disappear after some time which you showed me how to and works perfectly now 🙂
  4. Dunno mate I've got it setup like this, Works just like i want it to 🙂
  5. Hello people! It has been out for about 3-4 years now with no additional work on it since release. I am thinking of starting up the project again which means that v0.4 and v0.5 will hopefully be out sometime next year. I am soon to move out which means I will have more time and more focus to do what I wanna do in the future, unfortunately, I won't be doing anything until then. Sad to see Armaholic shut down, and play.withsix, unsure when they both closed, however, the Steam Version will then be updated as usual. Besides the new locations, I will have new pictures on billboards and on flags, though I will ask you, to leave them be so you can credit me for my work, I don't mind if you want to add your own billboard/flags and billboard/flag textures but please just leave mine on it. I will be making a discussion thread on my Steam Workshop mod for your servers! If you wish to advertise your servers with my template on them.
  6. The Time Trial will be repeatable, the condition box doesn't have anything other than "this" as default. Thanks for your help, however! Worked perfectly!
  7. Hello, so I was thinking of making a sort of Time Trial course however this black box is a little annoying when it doesn't go away after a few seconds. I was thinking if it was somehow possible to change the duration, I've seen this post Time Trial where i am referring to this black box, the script works perfectly..just need that little detail to hide it again. I did also see Hint Timer? where they refer to https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/hint though I don't really get the "Example 3", doesn't work on the trigger at least. EDIT:I've tried these combos: On Activation Whatever i do with those a "Error generic error in expression" comes up I have also tried placing the sleep and uisleep (not together) in the On Deactivation
  8. Yes it is, but some how i need BE to allow this script
  9. Well sounded like it, but the script works either way in a limitation, BattleEye does not like this 0 = [this] execVM "recruitment_action.sqf"; and yes i changed it to that line instead of the typo, servers without BattlEye it will work fine on but not with it on for some reason, no i idea how to make it enabled on our wasteland server as we got BattleEye enabled
  10. Just to point out " Edit: Ah, he copied it from mission.sqm directly " no i didnt, XianGrim gave me the line " call{0=[this] execVM ""recruitment_action.sqf""} " so stop trying to guess what i did and did not, before knowing it. Thank you. call{0=[this] execVM ""recruitment_action.sqf""} and 0 = [this] execVM "recruitment_action.sqf"; works both even tho there is a typo, so i don't see a problem carrying on this matter.
  11. Well for my sake, my case is solved so i don't need more help.
  12. I put in the mission link and wrote the whole script, not sure why your still posting on a solved thread tho. Btw i didnt get it from the mission.sqm.
  13. Well thats what you gave me mate xD Works aswell as the other, updating with this then.
  14. Am never deleting my files in dropbox so no worries.
  15. I understood that, and i asnwered mate, i dunno, got the script like this, cant really say, the script works as it is.