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  1. I want to try and add a billboard or any object with a script Example, "Click here to join our discord server" and then when you click it then you get onto the discord but i simple dont know how or if its possible, if so then i dont know how you do it, can anybody help me please? :i
  2. Yes it is, but some how i need BE to allow this script
  3. Well sounded like it, but the script works either way in a limitation, BattleEye does not like this 0 = [this] execVM "recruitment_action.sqf"; and yes i changed it to that line instead of the typo, servers without BattlEye it will work fine on but not with it on for some reason, no i idea how to make it enabled on our wasteland server as we got BattleEye enabled
  4. Just to point out " Edit: Ah, he copied it from mission.sqm directly " no i didnt, XianGrim gave me the line " call{0=[this] execVM ""recruitment_action.sqf""} " so stop trying to guess what i did and did not, before knowing it. Thank you. call{0=[this] execVM ""recruitment_action.sqf""} and 0 = [this] execVM "recruitment_action.sqf"; works both even tho there is a typo, so i don't see a problem carrying on this matter.
  5. Well for my sake, my case is solved so i don't need more help.
  6. I put in the mission link and wrote the whole script, not sure why your still posting on a solved thread tho. Btw i didnt get it from the mission.sqm.
  7. Well thats what you gave me mate xD Works aswell as the other, updating with this then.
  8. Am never deleting my files in dropbox so no worries.
  9. I understood that, and i asnwered mate, i dunno, got the script like this, cant really say, the script works as it is.
  10. Script was first made to make me able to do it in one object only, then i asked him how i could have it in multiple objects at once and this is the final. Why i dunno, as said 0 skillz, but that is how i got it, and works just fine either way :)
  11. Got a better and easier solution, this template mission teach you something or two Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/umfv7j6nkrmm1ix/concept_recruitmentBoard.VR.rar?dl=0 (WinRar file.) Put the recruitment_action.sqf into you're mission then copy and paste this line " call{0=[this] execVM "recruitment_action.sqf"} " into any object you may want to link the script to. I wrote // on one or more of them in recruitment_action.sqf to help you understand what they do. The mission.sqm is just for show, you will not need this for you're own missions, only the script (.sqf) Would have done it earlier but forgot about it right after, my bad. XianGrim helped me for this script, not that this is needed but some credits is better than nothing. If you dont want to download the mission "tutorial" then. Make a recruitment_action.sqf in you're mission. copy and paste this into it: Then inside the object paste in the init:
  12. I have 0 skillz in scripting, but forgot about this thread sorry, already have it sorted :)
  13. -= DesolationRedux Server Template =- I've been working on this project on and off, never really thought about releasing them as we should have used in our own server, but sadly our community has shutdown. Enjoy it! -= Credits =- I have used my own time on this little project, i've seen others work and got inspired (A2 DayZ & DayZ Standalone). Arma 2 DayZ Mod Military Camp Creators DayZ Standalone Military Camp Creators -= Don't Do It! =- Dont delete flag poles or replace the images in the picture folder! You can add you're own flags if you like but dont delete or replace current placed! -= Contains / Locations =- A bridge to the Nuclear Plant Island from Kamenka. Balota Arma 2 DayZ Military Camp. Custom made abandon Camps. Road Rock Tunnels. NW Airfield (DayZ Standalone) Reinforced Camps (DayZ Standalone) -= INFO =- This is just a template i've made, it only contains objects on the map. The spawn areas and spawn in objects is you're work to do. -= Next Update =- v0.4: West Kamenka Military Camp (DayZ Standalone) Staroye Military Camp (DayZ Standalone) - Maybe, if i can fit it. Berezino Military Camps (DayZ standalone) -= Want More? =- Comment down below if you want more camps or which A2 DayZ / DayZ Standalone Areas you want! -= Required Mods, Steam Links =- CUP Terrains - Core CUP Terrains - Maps DesolationREDUX South Zagoria Terrain Template Downloads Armaholic Steam Workshop
  14. C.Ritter

    Addon & Mod Compilation List

    Alright so i dont get this really, i can see on Armaholic and PlaywithSIX that my mod has been upload to their sites, even says my use name on the author, problem is i havent done this. Arma 3 Packs - Unit Mods = All Terrains Camo NATO Anyone know how i can see who actually posted it? cant search on =V=C.Ritter on Armaholic as i can only type in the search bar, =V=C.Rit .., anyway am confused as hell I have only uploaded my mod to the steam workshop, does it auto take mods from the workshop onto the sites?
  15. Hello i've recreated the Balota Arma 2 DayZ Military Camp, Zelengorsk Arma 2 DayZ Military Camp and the Stary Sobor DayZ Standalone Military Camp, but can only allow the Stary Sobor on the map, the other locations i see has been custom modified, free for you to put on the map if you like, just remade it out of boredom for these mods, made one original with the DesolationREDUX mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1166320239 , but here ya go :) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_rzwNxH36VEWHJMcUpvYWxfemc or to save time if only the terrain builder code is needed:
  16. C.Ritter

    ~ ArmA 3 Sound Modding 101 ~

    Would it be possible to create a sound mod with sound effects, i have already a mod out with equipments but a friend of mine asked me to make sound effects like "Alpha In Position" how would make that into a mod? or is it possible just to make a folder "Sound_Effects" PBO that and place it the Mod - Addons like any other mod?
  17. C.Ritter

    Game crashes to Desktop

    Hey wich folder do you delete and where, couse i cant see the easy in "searched the mapname folders: in my documents folder and in the arma2 system folder" what mapname? what arma2 system folder? :i